27 April 2016


I've told you before about my little soft spot for Revolution perched on Liverpool's infamous Albert Dock. I can be found in there pretty often chowing down on a dish (usually a pizza) from their delicious food menu, or slurping on a funky cocktail. (Usually something coco-nutty.) 

I've shared with you my thoughts on their main food and drink offerings in this post which I urge you not to read if you are feeling particularly peckish. 

Last Sunday I was very kindly invited back down to 'Revs on the docks' to try their brand new breakfast menu*, totally exclusive to Revolution on the Albert Dock. Of course, as a regular I was delighted and brought along my oldest pal of 17 years who lives out of town, along for the ride.

The breakfast menu is served between 10am and 12pm and is inspired by a relaxed, sharing style of dining as seen in the New York and San Fransisco food scenes. The selection is pretty mouthwatering if I do say so myself and is inclusive of everything from traditional full english' to more elaborately flavoured breakfast Bennies and of course, pancakes. 

We settled in with a few early morning brews of tea for my friend and cappuccino for me. We'd had devoured a few cocktails the night before so a strong, hot coffee and a pot of tea was just the ticket on a rainy Sunday morning and a slightly sore head. 

For breakfast I chose the: 'Mushroom, spinach and halloumi Bennie' which is made up of garlic and thyme mushrooms with spinach, pan fried halloumi, poached eggs and hollandaise sauce. Truly scrumptious and not at all heavy. The mushrooms were my favourite part, super sweet and garlicky. My friend Charlotte opted for 'The bacon Bennie' which was similar to my dish but with rashes of crispy bacon. The portion sizes are just nicely sized not leaving you feeling overfull and certainly not too small.

If you're in Liverpool and looking for somewhere to grab a delicious breakfast cheaply and stylishly, I really recommend giving Revolution Albert Dock a try.

Where is your favourite place for breakfast?

* Our breakfast was complimentary, but as always my opinions are completely my own.


26 April 2016


I have to admit that I am seriously late on the whole 'contouring' hype. The closest i've gotten is probably sucking my cheeks in like a fish and popping a dusting of bronzer in the hollows. I've never tried the 'baking effect' and messing about trying to make face look thinner seems like too much hard work for a day in the office. 

I stumbled across the Technik 'Conour Stix' in a discounted beauty store in Liverpool, a pack of three sticks was £2.99 and I must say I was pretty intrigued to see what they could achieve for me. The box comes with a guide on where to use each stick on the face but generally the darker bronze stick is used for the areas you'd like to create a shadow and 'chisel,' the cream stick is for brightening and accentuating areas such as the under eyes, chin and nose and the pinkier stick is for highlight. 

I applied the super creamy, contour stix using the guide and blending with a MAC 130 'Stippling brush.' I have to say, I noticed a result on the photos i'd taken but not when looking in the mirror and I really, really like the results. These sticks are ridiculously easy to blend and super light on the skin, no cakey skin to be seen here!

Not that i've incorporated the cream sticks into my everyday routine, I swerve concealer and bronzing powder, I must prefer the dewy look that these beauties give me. 

Which products do you use to contour?

14 April 2016


It's not often that a new beauty release gets me terribly excited, don't get me wrong I LOVE make-up but more often than not, the shiny glossy releases are well out of my price bracket and I have to wait for them to become less popular OR find a drugstore dupe.

The new Juicy Shakers from Lancome were the only releases so far this year that really interested me when I saw them popping up on beauty blogs. Perhaps its my adoration for Lisa Eldridge, the new Lancome creative director of make-up, or the truly wonderful vintage looking packaging in the shape of a cocktail shaker? I'm not sure, but I love the concept. 

A few weeks ago I had won a competition to try a a juicy shaker but unfortunately it never arrived *le sigh* i'm hoping it wasn't just a marketing stunt to widen the Lancome email database however, my chance to own a juicy shaker was to be successful. Recently, my lovely landlord and friend Jody had left me something in my pigeon hole to try that she thought might be useful for this very blog. Little did I know it was a juicy shaker!

I have the shade 'Berry Tale' which is a gorgeous, punchy pink. I've read that most of the Juicy Shakers are pretty indifferent when it comes to shade variation but they are incredibly moisturising and lovely to wear on the lips. They aren't gloopy, or sticky, and despite being part oil based, they don't make your lips feel greasy, they are just comfortable and dare I say create the illusion of, your lips but better. 

The cushion applicator is pretty lovely too. Ruth Crilly of 'A Model Recommends' describes it as like applying the formula with "a teddy bears nose or a marshmallow" which is SO true and makes applying your gloss super lovely.

To purchase they are £18 which I wouldn't normally pay for a lipgloss / lipbalm hybrid however, I do think that I would have invested in a Juicy Shaker, had I not received one for free, as I love everything about them. 

Have you tried a Lancome Juicy Shaker?


12 April 2016


On Saturday I found myself watching The Grand National at Aintree racecourse, having lived in Liverpool for coming up to almost 4 years now (eeep!) it is one of those staple things to do if you live in the area and I figured it was about time that I attended. 

Now, I have no interest in betting and the idea of horses jumping fences makes me feel slightly uncomfortable, but I instead went for the spectacle of the event and of course, an excuse to dress up fancy. The weather wasn't too great sadly and we were treated to a lot of wind, rain and even hail. By the end of the day I was freezing and wished I had gone for a pair of Primark wooly tights.

[ d r e s s ]

I didn't want to buy a brand new outfit specifically for the day as I always buy dresses and never find the occasion to wear them again. Serious old grandma here who would rather go for cocktails in a pair of skinny jeans and a leather jacket than a dress. For the races I did decide I would channel my inner girly-girl and opted to wear a cream dress from Primark that I bought years and years ago for a sports ball when I was still at university. It's a plain little number featuring a fitted upper body and a more flared skirt. It also features a front zip which is hand for gals like me who live alone and have nobody to help zip up your dress! 

[ j a c k e t] 

As it is April and notorious here in the UK for having such unpredictable weather, I paired my dress with a faux fur bomber jacket from TDS. I talked about it in more detail here, if you're interested. It's super fluffy, and warm which is essential and whilst it's oversized, it still makes my outfit look a little more dressy and put together.

[ s h o e s +  b a g ]

My heels are from Office @ Topshop and are quite possible the comfiest heels i've ever owned. All hail the platform wedge! Yes, they are a little clumsy looking but so am I. Incase my feet decided to cave after a few hours stood in high heels, I packed my glittery, gold Spanish sandals which are soooo darn comfy. I lasted around 4 hours in heels before whacking out the comfies for the walk back to the train station.My bag is of course my ever trusty, Just Cavalli number, perfect for storing my lipstick, essentials as well as my sandals and of course a brolly for those April showers.

Have you ever been to the races?


7 April 2016


Outfits i've been wearing recently...

O U T F I T  1

On a lazy weekend I love nothing more than wearing comfy clothes. I have on a pair of plain, black Topshop Jamie jeans which I find to be the most comfortable as they're sooo stretchy. I paired this with a barely there cami from Primark and a beautiful paisley kimono (From the Primark beachwear section) which I layered over the top for a spring, boho feel. My necklace is from Oxford flea market and is an 'ohm' symbol on a long chain.

O U T F I T  2
My absolute go to outfit that sums up my style, I am again wearing my trusty Topshop Jamie jeans but this time paired with an oversized Rolling Stones band tee and my new favourite coat, a leopard print number from Mango. My 'ohm' necklace has made another appearance and my faithful red lippy is 'Russian Red' by MAC.

O U T F I T  3
All black errrrythaang going on here. Here i'm wearing a bodycon skirt with tights layered under a super floaty top from Zara and my trusty embellished waistcoat (also from Zara) that is years and years old but I still LOVE it. My rings are an assortment from Topshop and Primark and oh look, that 'ohm' necklace is back.

O U T F I T  4
On this particular day I was feeling adventurous, i'm wearing a polka dot dress that i've had years, it was from a cheapy throw-away fashion store and i'm wearing it with black tights and a white crochet cardigan. My coral, statement necklace is from The Happiness Boutique and adds an extra pop of colour to the full outfit.
Which outfit is your favourite?

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