When payday rolled around I figured that having spent more than enough pennies on things going wrong on my car for the past few months, it was time to treat myself to some pretty things. Most of this stuff was bought in a few trips to the shops but altogether I am really pleased with what I managed to find.

[M A N G O]

I have been after a leopard print coat for some time now and whilst I have coats with a leopardy trim or lining, I didn't actually own a full flown Bet Lynch number. Having been inspired by the likes of LLYMLRS working a cute ASOS leopard jacket I hopped onto ASOS to seek my own. I wanted a lighter jacket, not a full blown winter affair, something to tide me through spring and autumn, snug enough but not too thick. I found this jacket in Mango and they had ONE left, in the sale and  in my size, it must have been meant to be.

[ P R I M A R K  +  T K  M A X X]

I love paisley print, anything with a wild print in bold colours is right up my street. I found this long kimono in the Primark beach section, it's a beach cover up but I knew it would work snazzily as a cardigan of sorts for the spring. If you want to see it on, head over to this picture from Instagram. I love that it is a perfectly transitional piece that I hope to wear both on and off the beach this year.

The Primark candle section is just a wonder, the brand have really stepped up their candle game with some really interesting and beautifully packaged candles. I found this pack of jewelled tea light holders for a bargainous £3. I love the coloured glass and the embellishment, they make for a really lovely addition to my windowsill. 

The make-up bag is from TK Maxx and I found it in the clearance section, I love the print and the cut little tassel, it fits in all of my daily face and room for a few extra cheeky lippies.

Ooh sparkle! I had seen a black pair of these beauties in TK Maxx a while ago however, they were sadly just a little too big for me. :( Some weeks later I spotted the gold pair and whilst they aren't quite as cool as the black pair, they will look super lovely in the summer or paired with skinny jeans and an oversized tee. They're a traditional menorcan sandal and are made in Spain by Avarcas, I hope to browse online for similar pairs to take on holiday with me as they are oh so comfy!

Which piece is your favourite?

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