Products i've been loving in the month of May...

S K I N C A R E: Since taking an active interest in what it is that i'm putting on my face to take off 8 hours sat in fluctuating air conditioning, my skin has never looked better. Okay, I still get the odd blemish when mother nature sends her monthly gift or i've over done it on the chocolate, but my skin is looked bright, dewy and clear consistently for the first time in a long time. My full skincare routine can be found in this post and whilst I love all of the products that I use, my stand out this month is the KORE Pearl Revitalising Toner. I use it on a clean cotton pad after cleansing or as a quick refresh throughout the day with a spritz or two on my forehead.

F R A G R A N C E: Having switched up my heavier scents for lighter more summery fragrances, I have been reaching for 'Rose Radiant Gold' by Michael Kors as it is such a beautiful scent. It is a florally musk scent that seems to really attract the opposite sex, whenever I wear it I always get compliments from the male species, I don't know what you put in it Mr Kors!?

B O D Y C A R E: Oh deodorant how un-glamorous yet so needed you are! As the weather begins to crank up in temperature, I have been looking for a reliable and long lasting deo to keep any b.o at bay. My weapon of choice is the infamous roll on Mitchum 48hr deodorant which smells super fresh and clean and gets the job done. No messin'.

N A I L S: Who says that a little gold sparkle can only be left for the festive season? Not me, I have been rocking the shade 'Gold Goddess' by Nails Inc feat: Alice + Olivia it's a super olive toned gold that looks pretty lovely with a tan. The staying power is damn good too!

C H E E K S: My go to cheek product for well over a month has been the Maybelline Face Studio Master H-Light cheek combo. With one swoosh of a Real Techniques brush, your face is transformed with a lit from within highlight, a babein' bronze and just pinched cheeks. I take this compact everywhere with me as it saved packing a whole load of other face products.

F O U N D A T I O N: I couldn't not rave about the ah-mazing 'Universal Fit Foundation' by KIKO it's super hydrating, super dewy and gives a flawless finish, especially when applied with a Real Techniques Expert Face Brush whereby the formulation can be really worked into the skin and built upon. If you want to see a full review of the product, click the link above and it'll take you there.

E Y E S: I couldn't not mention the w7 'Chunky Eye Stick in the shade 'Coffee' - I know it was a favourite last month too, but I really can't live without it and how easy it makes applying eye make-up in the morning! Here's the look I wear every day using the creamy crayon...

Which beauty products have you been loving in the month of May?



At the beginning of the year I wrote in the front of my diary: 'Wear bright lipstick every day' and this is something I have stuck to since the start of 2016. Wearing bright lipstick makes me feel ready for anything and my current bright lipsticks of choice are from Avon.

I've long since loved Avon, ever since I was a Saturday girl at the local greasy spoon and a lady I worked with named Elaine brought the catalogue in once a month. I would find myself thumbing through the beauty products whilst chowing down on a chip butty with gravy before making a swift order to the extremely purse friendly retailer.

I love how insanely moisturising the Avon lipsticks are whilst being super pigmented and matte in formulation, though not over drying that is for sure.

I have four shades in my collection which I rotate on a day to day basis. 'Absolute Coral' is a punchy orange/peach shade that makes blue eyes pop and brings out any 'sun-kissed' areas of your face.

'Marvellous Mocha' is the nude shade in my Avon lipstick collection and looks especially good when paired with the 'Cappuccino' lip liner from Collection. 

Every girl needs a bright, bold red in her lipstick collection and 'Red Supreme' is a wonderful choice. I like to wear it with a simple, winged liner and lashings and lashings of mascara.

My favourite lipstick in my Avon collection is 'Ideal Lilac' which is a cool lilac, adding futuristic vibes to your make-up look. I like to wear this with a simple LBD to let me lips do the talking!

Have you ever tried lipsticks from Avon?

Which is your favourite?



I'm a total sucker for really great content, of course, cool stuff for people to consume and *hopefully* enjoy its my bread and butter and what puts food in my belly therefore some interest (lol) is required however, I have a real penchant for quality video content - I always have done. 

In my eyes the British Vogue Youtube Channel is an outright trailblazer when it comes to factual, interesting and creative content (Jee's how many times do I want to say content!?)  I particularly love the 'In the wardrobe of..' series with Bay Garnett and of course how could I not mention Alexa Chung's business of fashion series.

Here are 5 of my favourite videos...

Caroline De Maigret On French Style And How To Dress Well

Alexa Chung Sings Stevie Nicks On Karaoke

Josephine de la Baume: How To Dress Like A French Woman

Alexa Chung Uncovers Fashion Industry Secrets - Full Series One

Poppy Delevingne At Home in London

Have you ever checked out the British Vogue Youtube Channel?

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It's no secret that I absolutely royally ruined my hair a few summers ago when I decided to bleach it blonde. Now don't get me wrong when it looked it's best, it look pretty darn awesome but keeping up with super dark roots and an obsession with achieving an 'ice white' blonde, my hair like many others soon fell into serious disrepair. 

I openly admit that I am addicted to hair dye and it's an issue, far more complex than getting bored easily, changing my hair colour is a real obsession, to which my hair has suffered...badly. 

These days I am really trying to become a reformed character. (lol) I visit a salon every 6 weeks for a trim and a semi permanent colour 'glossing' - you can read more about the salon I go to in this post.  I do not tinker with hair dye in-between!

The colour I have glossed is more or less a match to my natural colour (minus the greys wtf i'm 22!?) on the root and I flitter between a warm chestnut / auburn on the tips where my ombre once was. Since the beginning of the year my hair is in much better condition already but I knew I wanted to do whatever it took to grow my hair longer. 

I've been on a hair growth programme before with Viviscal and my hair grew like grass! I've always had a fast growing hair as have my Mum and Dad, but the breakage and damage has caused my hair growth to slow considerably. I headed into Holland and Barrett to see if there was a natural way to revitalise my hair in some way.

I found the 'Mega vitamins for the hair' tablets and was super intrigued, I knew that they wouldn't suddenly make my hair grow to my ankles, but for condition, promotion of new growth and restoration, they were worth a punt.

They weren't massively cheap at around £15 for 90 capsules and you can take 3 every day for a month. I took my tablets with breakfast (along with my other daily supplements) lunch and dinner which is recommended on the bottle and they are hefty things, if you have trouble with swallowing tablets this is definitely something to be aware of!

I'm not going to pretend to get science-y so for a full list of ingredients in the vitamins, visit the Holland & Barrett site here... I will note though and I apologise if this is TMI, because of the presence of vitamin B2, these suppliments make your wee look a little radioactive! Think Mountain!

So have I noticed any difference? 

In hair growth? Not any more than normal.... In the condition of my hair? 100% yes! I had a lot of breakage around my temples and at the side of my hair. This breakage has now grown thicker with loads and loads of new hair growth. My hair feels considerably softer, it's super, super shiny and the overall lustre and strength of every strand has improved. Even my hairdresser Zowie told me that she could notice a difference in the quality and condition of my hair...before I told her what i'd been taking. 

I have decided to continue with the supplements, though I found taking 3 a day a little bit much so I bought the 'normal' variant of the same vitamins by which you take 1 a day and cost around £7.= for 60 tablets. I will report back once i've completed another month or so of taking the suppliments to show you any results i've noted.

Do you take suppliments to promote healthy hair?



Who said dark, vampy talons were left reserved for the Autumn & Winter seasons? Not I, as I am a huuuuge fan of deep purples, merlot reds and brown burgundy shades whatever the season. Since toning my hair a slightly deeper brunette, I have been reaching more regularly for deeper shades of red when it comes to my nails.

My current favourites in rotation are all by Nails Inc (Surprise Surprise!) and I have a full Nails Inc nail polish collection post right here if you want to a have a nosey. The shade at the top of the trio was a Glamour magazine collab and the shade is 'Hanover Square.' I've been rocking this shade on my toes for a little while now and whilst it looks pretty light in tone in the bottle, it dries a super dark burgundy/purple shade. 

The little guy on the left is 'Regent Street' - though this is old Nails Inc packaging so i'm sure the shade will have been renamed. I like it because it is a true brick red / brown shade that looks super snazzy with a tan (real or faux) and great on shorter nails if you're a nibbler like me. 

Finally, one of my all time favourite polishes is 'Ruby Night Sky' from the Alice + Olivia collab it is super dark and is a great shade for the toes. I would go as far as saying that this shade is probably in my top 5 favourites as it goes with any outfit and any make-up pretty well. 

Which is your favourite nail polish of the moment?



There's many things that my Mum instilled into my mind (obvs) but one that has certainly stuck is the importance of using heat protectant on my hair prior to styling with the hairdryer, curling wand or straighteners. 

To me, there's nothing worse than the smell of burnt hair, back in the day when GHD's became bae circa 2006 i'd walk into my friends bedroom and be engulfed by the scent of frazzled hair. I try to avoid that where possible and always reach for a heat protectant.

I haven't spent a lot of money on my hair care recently, as you know i'm terribly fickle with my hair but I do have to say that my head has been permanent dye free for five months now and I only ever colour my tresses at the salon, using a semi permanent 'glossing' technique. To help care for my hair prior to using heat, I use the Argan Oil 'leave in spray' which has been specially formulated using oil from the fruit of the Argan tree. The weightless, non sticky formula is a joy to apply to damp hair as it doesn't leave a residue and it smelly fantastic. 

Once I have dried off my hair a little, I use the 'Oil Hair Treatment' from the same range. The oil is formulated with the same ingredients as the heat defence spray but also contains Vitamin E to revive dry and damaged hair. I apply a few pumps of the oil into the palms of my hands and run through the lengths of my hair. Sometimes i'll pop a fair amount in and leave it as an enriching treatment before washing my hair. Most of the time I will dry my hair through with the oil in the ends. 

What I like about these products is their nourishment and also their affordability they retail at under a fiver and can be found in most home discount stores such as Home Bargains and B+M. 

Have you ever tried the Argan Oil range?



I've been in the market for a new 'everyday' foundation for a while now. I tend to use my beloved 'Studio Fix Fluid' from MAC for the evening time, or if my skin needs a serious pick me up er hello late nights. For everyday wear i'm looking for something light on the skin with the ability to cover up redness, dark circles and imperfections in one easy application.

I recently found myself in Reading where they have a stand alone KIKO make-up store. As a northern monkey (A name a London cabbie once called me on the way to Shoreditch) i've not seen a stand alone make-up store quite as awesome, sure thang we have the Harvey Nichols Beauty Bazaar and John Lewis in Liverpool, but we don't have an affordable to mid-range price point make-up store.

I headed in store on the hunt for a new everyday foundation for work and ended up leaving with the KIKO 'Universal Fit Hydrating Foundation.' As the KIKO foundation range goes, the Universal Fit is the cheapest offering at just £6.90 and it comes in a seriously travel friendly tube. This foundation also comes in 20 shades which are split into cool, warm and neutral variants. I was colour matched by an in-store make-up artist who hooked me up with the shade 'Cool Rose.'

KIKO describe this foundation as build-able medium to high coverage but I wouldn't say that it is, it is certainly on the light to medium build-able scale and is comparative to the MAC 'Face + Body' foundation in both coverage and consistency.

The application of this foundation (with my Real Techniques 'Expert Face Brush' ) is elasticated and the formula is super easy to work with. It's  also hypoallergenic, non comedogenic and fragrance and paraben free for those looking for skin friendly choice. 

Overall, I really like this foundation it is comfortable to wear, extremely hydrating and wears well when set with a finishing or translucent powder. I recommend giving it a try if you're in the market for a new, affordable foundation.

Have you ever tried make-up from KIKO?

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It's not secret that I am absolute wild for finding a bargain in the charity shops. This particular shopping spree was no different, as I B-lined straight to the vintage rails as soon as I entered Oxfam on Bold Street, Liverpool. (The BEST Oxfam to visit if you're looking for a new read.) 

I bought this seriously sparkly crop top after seeing the sequins give me a cheeky wink when the light hit them.. I love pairing this with black skinny jeans in the office (yeah I wear this to work) or with a bodycon skirt for a night out. I kind of feel Ziggy Stardust-esc when rocking it and that only makes me love it more. 

I spotted this scarf in the window and my passion for leopard print and cats set alite, I knew I had to have it. It's no secret that i'm a bit of a scarf junkie and I love to wear them in all kinds of ways. This one is usually see tied in a big bow around my neck in the style you can see in the picture.

Which is your favourite thrift store?



Outfits i've recently been wearing...

[Outfit 1]

Purple is my favourite colour and this crushed velvet style dress from New Look is one of my wardrobe staples. You know those days where you simply don't know what to wear? I paired it with tights and a contrasting statement necklace from The Happiness Boutique and a bright pink lip which is actually L'Oreal Color Riche in 'Fuchsia.'  My bracelets are an assortment from my travels and some are from Primark, they do the best packs of bangles!

[Outfit 2]

To say this outfit was a last minute decision and kind of 'thrown together' I absolutely loved wearing it. My LBD is from 'And other stories' and my gold, lace cardigan is a thrift shop find, I just tied it at above the waist to break up the all black bottom half. My head scarf / turban is from Zara and on my lips is the ah-mazing Heroine from MAC.

[Outfit 3]

This was one of the first days after dying my hair back dark and it's safe to say I was adjusting with my wardrobe since reverting back to the bossin' brunette side. My chequered shirt is from Primark and i've layered my favourite wardrobe essential, my sequin waistcoat from Zara over the top. My 'Ohm' necklace is from Oxford flea market. On my bottom half i'm wearing my black Topshop 'Joni jeans' with a brown studded belt from ASOS. On my lips is 'Russian Red' from MAC.

[Outfit 4]

Who says you have to be going to a disco to wear sequins? Not me! This sparkly number is from Oxfam and will be popping up in a post of its own very soon. I'm wearing it with a black bodycon skirt and tights to balance out the brightness going on up top. My layered necklaces, which you can just about see are from Urban Outfitters, same bracelets as always and my statement rings are from Primark. 

Which outfit is your favourite?

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