Who said dark, vampy talons were left reserved for the Autumn & Winter seasons? Not I, as I am a huuuuge fan of deep purples, merlot reds and brown burgundy shades whatever the season. Since toning my hair a slightly deeper brunette, I have been reaching more regularly for deeper shades of red when it comes to my nails.

My current favourites in rotation are all by Nails Inc (Surprise Surprise!) and I have a full Nails Inc nail polish collection post right here if you want to a have a nosey. The shade at the top of the trio was a Glamour magazine collab and the shade is 'Hanover Square.' I've been rocking this shade on my toes for a little while now and whilst it looks pretty light in tone in the bottle, it dries a super dark burgundy/purple shade. 

The little guy on the left is 'Regent Street' - though this is old Nails Inc packaging so i'm sure the shade will have been renamed. I like it because it is a true brick red / brown shade that looks super snazzy with a tan (real or faux) and great on shorter nails if you're a nibbler like me. 

Finally, one of my all time favourite polishes is 'Ruby Night Sky' from the Alice + Olivia collab it is super dark and is a great shade for the toes. I would go as far as saying that this shade is probably in my top 5 favourites as it goes with any outfit and any make-up pretty well. 

Which is your favourite nail polish of the moment?

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