5 May 2016


It's not secret that I am absolute wild for finding a bargain in the charity shops. This particular shopping spree was no different, as I B-lined straight to the vintage rails as soon as I entered Oxfam on Bold Street, Liverpool. (The BEST Oxfam to visit if you're looking for a new read.) 

I bought this seriously sparkly crop top after seeing the sequins give me a cheeky wink when the light hit them.. I love pairing this with black skinny jeans in the office (yeah I wear this to work) or with a bodycon skirt for a night out. I kind of feel Ziggy Stardust-esc when rocking it and that only makes me love it more. 

I spotted this scarf in the window and my passion for leopard print and cats set alite, I knew I had to have it. It's no secret that i'm a bit of a scarf junkie and I love to wear them in all kinds of ways. This one is usually see tied in a big bow around my neck in the style you can see in the picture.

Which is your favourite thrift store?



  1. Oh my gosh I LOVE the scarf!! Great finds - my local charity shops never have good things in unless you like kitchen things! I think it's time I find a good one :)

  2. Fabulous post! I love a good bargain and the two items you picked up are such great statement pieces. The sequin top is so eye-catching, a perfect way to jazz up any outfit. I like how you styled the scarf too! :-) xx

    Helen | Helens Fashion & Beauty Blog


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