It was only a few weeks ago that I was thinking how these days Primark never seem to have any stock that tickles my pickle. I remember a time when I was a Saturday girl at the local greasy spoon and I would get my wages every week in a little brown envelope. At bang on 5pm I would run down to Primark and spend it all...Ah those days when rent and petrol were just a sparkle in my eye!

My slump with Primark has however been turned around since I went in the Liverpool store on a whim to buy some tights. I didn't end up buying any tights but I did end up with a few goodies.

L E O P A R D  P R I NT  B O D Y S U I T

Bodysuits are really not my thing...Or so I thought. I have that weird exaggerated pear body shape whereby I have a small chest and super child bearing hips that makes it look like I have a rubber ring around my midriff! #Sassy! Therefore anything tight and bodycon is strictly out of the question for me. I do however stand corrected as I bought the little leopard print bodysuit number and absolutely love it. I pair it with high-waisted skinny jeans or a plain black, bodycon skirt and I love how it looks. Yeah I have the odd roll popping out when I sit down but aside from that it makes me feel super sassin'. 

P I N K  E M B E L L I S H E D  S A N D A L S

I love the Birkenstock style of sandals more than any other style of summer shoe including gladiator sandals, flip flops or espadrilles. They are super comfy and I had a leopard print pair from Primark that I bought in 2008! They're still going strong, though i'm no longer a size 6...Oddly my feet have shrunk and so I can't wear them to walk around in anymore. This of course called for a new pair. I found the beaded, embellished pair in store and new I just had to have them. I haven't taken them off my feet as they are just so darn comfy and cute!

L E O P A R D  P R I N T  S U N  D R E S S

This has to be my favourite purchase and I can already tell i'll be wearing this all summer and all winter with tights. The sundress is a cute pattern / tone of leopard print that looks great with a tan and really lovely with a bright red lip. It sits nicely on the shoulders and hangs to just above the knee/ the mid thigh area. I like to wear mine with chunky gold heels for a night out or keep it casual with knackered converse.

Have you spotted anything nice in Primark recently?

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