Beauty products i've been loving in the month of July...

Eyes: I have been absolutely head over heels for a warm/peachy smokey eye this month and my newest beauty bag editions are 'Mythology' a lustre finish shadow and 'Texture' a matte finish shadow, both from MAC that I made a little duo out of. The perfect combo for amping up the drama with winged liner or for keeping softer for a day in the office. 

Nails: I must admit that i've had nudey/beige acrylic talons on my fingernails for the whole of July but on my toes i've been opting for a shade a little brighter and fun for the summertime i've spent in the US. My colour of choice for July was 'Bond Street' from the Nails Inc Gel Effect line, a gorgeous blue tone purple that stayed pretty much chip free for two weeks despite my feet playing in the sand on the beach.

Skin: After a long haul flight this month my skin was feeling a little lack lustre and drained of moisture and so I knew that it needed a little TLC. Step forward 'Wild Argan Miracle Solid Oil' -my favourite natural beauty product from The Body Shop. Warm the oil between your fingers and massage into the skin, within minutes you're glowing and your skin has been treated to the drink it needed.

Lips: Nude lips? On my blog? Yep you read right, i'm a nude lip enthusiast these days and 'Velvet Teddy' a 'your lips but better' matte shade has been my weapon of choice for days when I wanted to work up the sassi-tude on my eyes and keep my lips low key.

Lifestyle: I couldn't have a monthly favourites without mentioning the most beautiful candle I have ever had the joy of smelling, the 'Pomegranate + Mint' candle from Etta French has filled my flat with the wonderful scent, not to mention the piece of dainty jewellery that I discovered inside my candle. 

This month I read 'Shop Girl' by Mary Portas, I absolutely love Mary and I study her career closely, it was a really insightful and (at times) hilarious read and the hardback cover is absolutely stunning, a real coffee table book, but most importantly very interesting finding out more about the Queen of shops. Blogs wise, I think Laura Jane William's brutally honest post on working through depression has to be one of the most helpful and interesting blog posts i've read all year, never mind this month. 

Playlist for July on Spotify  Everything from Dusty Springfield to TLC. The songs that have been on repeat in my car this month have been 'Don't dream it's over' by Crowded House and a slightly newer track named 'She's in love with the weekend' by Jodie Abacus, both are on my playlist if you want a listen.

What have you been loving this month?



Believe it or not for a long time and up until very recently I wore nothing but a smokey eye (think 'Green Smoke' from MAC) and liquid eyeliner was something I never dabbled with. 

These days my daily look is all about a winged cat eye (albeit wobbly) and wearing complementary eyeshadow to make my blue/grey/green eyes pop. I am also dabbling with nude lipstick, I know I don't recognise myself either! 

The latest additions to my make-up bag are from MAC and were well and truly enabled by the gorgeous blogger Megan Ellaby. The day I bought these treasures was a huge and I mean huge turning point in my life and I now associate them with a new chapter, a new look and new me. 

I decided it was going to be more cost effective to create a little duo palette rather than buy two separate eyeshadows. I knew that I wanted a 'look' that could be reached for in one place so I opted for the beautiful shades 'Mythology' and 'Texture.' The former is a gorgeous pinky toned nude shadow that belongs in the 'Lustre' family and I dust it all over my lids, it looks great when worn on it's own but you really want to amp up the drama, work a little 'Texture' through the crease and blend. Texture is a matte orange/terracotta shade that compliments the pinky orange tones of Mythology, together you have dynamite for light coloured eyed.

I am a bold lip girl through and through with 'Russian Red' and 'Girl About Town' (Also from MAC) up there on my list of all time favourite shades to adorn my lips with. However, since my universe shifted and I am dabbling with a more natural look, I have been rocking a more nude, 90s inspired lip. Step forward 'Velvet Teddy' an infamous lippy, I know but it is just a gorgeous matte beige lippy that make you look good to go in an instant. 

Which are your favourite MAC products?



Living in a studio flat I like to bring as much colour into the space as possible, don't get me wrong I absolutely love bold colours and prints, but I think it's especially important. I usually buy my bedding from Primark as they have a lovely array of trend led homewares and accessories, and a good 90% of what they have in store at the moment is very much up my street think exotic prints, tribal and far eastern colour palettes. 

Now, I love a good colour clash as i'm sure you can tell! You may also know that I absolutely love palm print too, so when I saw this gorgeous palm print bedding I had to have it. The reverse side is striped so it's nice to mix and match up the vibe of my room depending how i'm feeling.

My cushions are a recent purchase and I think they are just adorable and super cheery. They were between £5 and £7 each and I mix and match them with other bedding (some of which is plain!) but as I said, I love a clash and if pink and green can't go together then the rules need breaking!

Have you ever shopped at Primark's home section?



If you're a long time reader of my blog you'll know how much of a fiend I am for a good cup of tea, whether that's a builder's tea with a Yorkshire tea bag (Obvs) and milk or a herbal or fruity tea. When I lived at home and was feeling overwhelmed, my Dad would always make me a cup of tea to help me feel calmer. It always worked! These days I work in a bustling creative agency whereby the kettle is never not boiling and somebody is always swinging by to make a tea round.

I was recently introduced to Begutea, creators of specialist lifestyle teas aiming to promote a healthier inner self through 6 speciality teas. They're all naturally and ethically blended for all situations from a pang of anxiety to those moments when you're craving a sweet treat but don't want to indulge in a chocolate bar. 

The main purpose of Begutea is to aid weight loss through a healthy lifestyle however, targeted weight loss isn't a priority for me for me at the moment therefore, the Beguteas are perfect for enjoying whenever I feel like cleansing my system or i'm winding down before bed. I am quite satisfied by the fact that there is a tea for every mood or occasion. It's worth noting that all of the teas come with free access to Beguteabutrion and Begufitness, online services that are designed to work perfectly with your new selection of lifestyle tea, I haven't tried them myself but I think it's a great idea to help support you on your journey to a healthy mind and body through tea.

Each Begutea comes in a biodegradable pyramid and is enjoyed with boiled water, my favourite is the 'Calm' variant which is specially blended with Rooibos, Peppermint, Chamomile, Gotu Kola, Lemon Balm, Lime Flowers, Passion flowers and Calendula Petals. I enjoyed a nicely brewed cup whilst sitting in the garden seeking some inspiration from my favourite coffee table books. Bliss.

Have you ever tried a lifestyle tea, what did you think?



Outfits i've recently been wearing...

Outfit 1: This season my wardrobe has been taking on a new colour palette, i'm not sure if it's something to do with my darker hair or the fact sumptuous olive and golden green shades are all in. This outfit was actually put together by my boyfriend after an hour in Primark looking for a rain coat for Parklife Festival. The faux suede waistcoat is a piece that i've barely taken off since purchasing it, it just seems to go with everything. The oversized plain striped tee is possibly the softest garment I own. I teamed it with a leopard print A line skirt from Primark and tights. My choker is from River Island and my ring from New Look.

Outfit 2: Talk about making a statement! I must have been feeling extra sassin' on this particular day at the office. My mustard dress is a sun dress from Primark and i've layered a Zara tee underneath as it was a little nippy. My earrings are Siamese cats from one of my favourite antique shops in Liverpool and my headscarf is Zara...Going all out on those 70s Bianca Jagger vibes. My little gold chain was inherited from Nana and adds a nice vintage twist. 

Outfit 3: It was super hot and sunny when I decided to wear this paisley print sundress from Primark. This dress has a real boho feel and I paired it with a skinny, braided belt from Zara. My jewellery is assorted from Primark, Antique markets and pieces I inherited. On my feet I was keeping it casual in a pair of snake effect Vans.

Outfit 4: On this particular day I was told that I looked like I was going fishing. The trusty green waistcoat makes a return and I am wearing it with a floaty dress from Zara that is one of my absilute favourites. My charm necklace is from Topshop and my feathered Trilby is from TK Maxx, many, many years ago. I love this look as it is very country-chic, fisher-woman-esc if you like with a rock-chic edge.

Which outfit is your favourite?

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It's a classic here in the bloggersphere! 'What's in my bag?' - the TAG that has kicked off some of the most influential Youtuber's channels...Including mine if you want to go and seek that out in deep depths of the interweb! 

I have decided to keep things more low key by sharing with you what's in my bag... blog style. My Rowallan handbag is a leather satchel style bag that I found in TK Maxx.  I was really drawn to the distressed material paired with gold studs that add a bit of attitude and edge. Inside the bag consists of one simple compartment and is lined with a green gingham material. TK Maxx stocked two sizes of this bag, this one which was the smallest and there was also a larger bag, which although it could haul more things around, looked a little bulky against my small 5 ft 3" frame. 

Inside my bag as you can see are a fair few items that I tend to lug around on a day to day basis when i'm at the office. My current favourite magazine is 'Red' as it covers a whole host of beauty, style and lifestyle features. With this particular issue it came with two Rodial kohl liners that are ah-amazing. I love them that much that they featured in my June 2016 'Monthly Beauty Favourites.' 

I also have my diary which is covered in cute cats, i'd be lost without this diary as it keeps me in check with bills, occasions, appointments etc. Whilst we're on the subject of boring essentials, my purple glasses are from French Connection and I wear them everyday for work. I spend almost ALL of my life in front of Mac screen so they are needed or i'd have a permanent headache. My sunglasses are brandless but I love them so much, again found in TK Maxx, they are seriously oversized but look awesome when paired with a floppy summer hat on the beach.

I also have a leopard print Tangle Teezer in my bag to give my barnet a little brush throughout the day and I use the 'Wild Argan Oil' from The Body Shop if my skin or the ends of my hair are feeling a little dry. (Air conditioned office problems) I also have the 'Sunkissed' spray from Victoria's Secret to give myself a little refresh throughout the day if I don't want to haul a glass perfume bottle around. It smells of summer, think coconut and honey.

My purse is from BIBA and was an investment purchase I made a few years ago when I was working at a concept store in Leeds, I love the Biba brand and I couldn't imagine not using this purse, even if it's looking a little tatty these days. In here I just keep my cards and any loose change as well as tablets such as paracetamol or Buscopan (Essential for fellow IBS sufferers.) Finally, I just have my house keys (not pictured as they're hung on my door handle when i'm at home) and the keys to my little car...Of course there's also an umbrella present as I live in England and it always rains, if you're interested it was a cheapy from B+M.

If you've shared a 'what's in my bag' post leave me a link in the comments, i'm a nosey parker so i'd love to see what you haul around!



For me, two small pleasures in life consist of beautiful jewellery and the scent of a candle. Combine the two and you have something pretty special in my eyes. It's no secret that fragrance can transport us to a happier place. It can evoke heart-warming memories, help us feel relaxed, happy and luxuriated. I for one, like to light a candle to fill the room with scent when i'm in the bath.

I was recently introduced to Etta French, who create bespoke jewellery candles, having heard through the grapevine that I am a fiend for sparkly jewellery and luxury candles, they kindly treated me to three candles* from their range.

If you're not familiar with the concept of jewellery candles, as you burn your candle and the wax melts down, a silver packet containing a piece of jewellery is revealed, Etta French include jewellery sourced by independent jewellers Pearl + Queenie and the pieces include necklaces, rings, bracelets and charms made from semi precious stones, silver and silver gold plate.

The Etta French candles are £30 for a 20cl candle and they burn for up to 50 hours, my handpicked favourites are...

'Pomegranate and Mint' - Fresh and fruity with notes of pomegranate blended into sweet mint giving an uplifting, refreshing fragrance to rejuvenate the mind, body and soul.

'Wisteria + Orange Blossom'  - Which combines floral notes of wisteria with the citrus scent of orange blossom transport you to a calm, relaxed and sunny place.

I found a beautiful, dainty necklace in my candle which features a very cute Hamsa hand...perfect for a self confessed boho babe like me! The silver packed lifted out of the wax really easily and the necklace was wrapped in a number of layers to protect it, it was like Christmas morning...a little gift to yourself.

These candles make the perfect gift and I have treated my Mum to the 'Bluebell' candle for her birthday as she will receive two gifts, pretty lovely really. If you would like to treat somebody special to an Etta French candle, use the code ETTABLOGJUL16 for 10% off your jewellery candle throughout the whole of July.

Have you ever tried a jewellery candle?

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