Monday, 31 October 2016


Beauty products i've been loving in the month of October...

Skin: I was de cluttering my beauty drawers when I stumbled across an old favourite skincare product, 'The Wheelie Good Cleanser' from The Greta Bridge Garage Spa. Once an ancient stopping station used as a refilling and repairing point for the country's finest motorcars, The Garage in Greta Bridge, County Durham, has been transformed into a quintessential English Spa with an abundance of character and they make pretty lovely skincare too. I used this cleanser in the mornings, the extract of Teesdale honey, fig and vanilla are a dream to wakeup to and it's gentle on my combination skin and allows my skin to remain soft without that yearn to be immediately slathered in moisturiser post use.

Tanning: For as long as I have been using fake tan, St Moriz lotion if you're interested, I have repeatedly stumbled across the same old problem - the patch of skin between my shoulder blades remaining tan-less, which as you can imagine looks awesome in a backless dress or cami top. That was until I found a solution in the form of the 'Bronzie got your back tanning mitten.' You use this band like contraption to get to those difficult areas on your back by creating a side to side motion as you would if you were drying your back with a towel. The high quality mittens are quilted in film too to avoid your hands getting covered in tan where it usually seeps through the mitten. It's robust washable and re-useable which is must more efficient and effective than the countless number of 99p mittens my finger has popped through.

Hair: Aveda is a brand that I am time and time again introduced to by my aunt. My first ever whiff of the iconic herbally 'Shampure' was memorable and now whenever I find myself in the Harvey Nichols Beauty Baazar I unscrew a lid to have a sniff. This month I have really enjoyed using the 'Brilliant Spray On Shine.' As my bleach ravished hair enters its first month dye free in 6 months, this product has helped dramatically increase shine, tame frizz and make my hair on the whole a lot more manageable.

Nails: If there is one polish I have been repeatedly sporting this month it's 'Rainbow Colour Flip' from ORLY which is a gorgeous duo-chromatic purple, gold, green and blue shade that popped up recently in this post on Autumn nail polishes you need to try.

Scent: I have a ridiculous amount of perfume, a love affair that was provoked by my Nana and has continued to blossom throughout my early adult life. There are scents that I go to everyday, there is my signature scent, there are scents that remind me of places and people, and there are those in pretty bottles. 'Poppy' by Coach is one of my favourite fresh, daytime scents that is not overpowering but evokes a 'just got out of the shower' clean scent.

Lips: Whenever my hair is darker, hot pink lips are my go too and 'As you want Victoria' by Rimmel London is a super pigmented, super moisturising lippy that lasts all day, is glossy and comfortable to wear on the lips.

Lifestyle: If you follow me on Twitter you will probably be wise to the fact that beauty writer and general all round awesome person Sali Hughes is one of my people that i've never met. Having seen her new book 'Pretty Iconic' launch this month, I was on my way down to Waterstones to buy it when a brainwave occurred. Why not download the audiobook to listen to on my commute too and from work? Sali talks us through every beauty product on her roster from those that are iconic household staples such as 'Matey bubble bath' (yep nostalgia EVERYWHERE) to revolutionary products paving the way of beauty with a few interesting facts thrown in along the way.  I guarantee you'll be nodding along. 

I also saw 'Supersonic' the Oasis docu-film at FACT picture house. Eff me it was ah-mazing and is a must see for any lovers of Oasis, the Gallagher brothers or rock 'n' roll in general. 

Playlist for October on Spotify: This month there is a dedicated section to all things beauty featuring 'Crush with eyeliner' from REM, 'Lipgloss' from Pulp, 'Makeup' by Lou Reed and of course Bowie 'Oh you pretty things.' Of course there is a whole load of new and of course old tunes on there as well including 90s Mariah and quite a lot of Sade...Have a listen here.

What have you been loving in the month of October?


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