19 December 2017


Like most people, I am driven to purchase by the way things look or smell. This is exactly why a trip to Lush is always dangerous for me. Anything from Lush is always a winner when it comes to gift buying and that is why those exact words: 'anything from Lush' is always on my Christmas and Birthday wishlist. It rarely disappoints.

I was recently treated to some new Lush goodies...
My shower is now a haven of winter scent

I gave up on the gym a few weeks ago, after all it is Christmas and I do intend to pick it back up again in the new year. Lol. When that time comes, I have a little weapon in my shower arsenal to assist with the vile burn that sneaks up on you 2 days after leg day.  93,000 miles is a shower jelly, now these slippery buggers are a little tricky to use but once you get a grip on them, they are so so lovely at the same time. This one is especially treaty it contains eucalyptus and mint as well as peppermint and cinnamon leaf oils. It smells divine and really helps out with aches and pains. It's super spicy and when kept in the fridge, it feels so zingy when applied in a steamy hot shower - you know the kind where your skin turns pink.

I'm pretty sure Lush have reformulated the iconic Olive Branch as it no longer separates, requiring a good shake. Anyway, it remains a firm favourite of mine and is the only shower gel I want to use. Ever. Pity it's pretty spenny but so so worth it. Packed full of citrus notes, Lush say that: "Israeli and Palestinian farmers from the Sindyanna women's co-operative in Galilee work together to hand harvest the olives which a cold pressed into a fair trade oil." - I'd say that makes it worth the pennies and the pounds right? Featuring vine leaf and mandarin as soon as Olive Branch hits your skin it is a powerful and evocative journey through the senses.

* Post contains gifted items

13 December 2017


Often, i'm really late on the bandwagon, whatever the zeitgeist is, i'm late in getting the memo. This was the case when skincare brand, The Ordinary started doing the rounds. Parented by skincare giant, Deciem - The Ordinary is built on honesty and integrity with sensible pricing strategies - whats more, The Ordinary don't test on animals and their products are free of parabens, sulphates and mineral oils along with a number of other nasty chemicals which you can read about on their 'About' page. If you're interested in the brand, I also really recommend checking out Caroline Hirons' post which features a candid and informative interview with Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem and The Ordinary.

 I really like this brand and what they stand for.

Having been lured by the back-to-basics ethos and science experiment packaging, I headed to The Ordinary's website to take a look at which products might be most suited to my skin. Now, I must say the names of the products are quite scientific so I had to do a lot of reading on the site and other beauty blogs to work out exactly what I needed. There's a whole library of other products that I would probably work really well for me and want to try, I am just not quite sure yet, what they do! 

The best part about the brand though, is the price! It's so so so affordable - so don't worry if you can't afford high end skincare, The Ordinary is your saviour to get quality products without breaking the bank. Both products here cost under £15! Although all products are individually priced, you can bag yourself 15ml for around the £3.90 mark and 30ml for around the £4.20 mark! CRAZY! 

The first product that went into my basket was the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%  - yeah I don't know what that means either. But this website helped me decide that it was one for me to try. This product falls under the 'Vitamin C' family and is great for people like myself trying out Vitamin C products for the first time. Vitamin C products are brilliant for brightening dull skin and minimising any discolouration. This water-based solution glides onto the skin beautifully and can be used on all skin types. I use mine in the evening before applying my night cream. I've certainly noticed that my skin looks so radiant and bright - a particularly good one for the day after a few glasses of red.

My skin is fairly normal at the moment however, when the time of the month hits my skin tends to break out in one or two blemishes. Because of this, I headed to the 'Direct Acids' section of The Ordinary's site and chose the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution. This product contains that fantastic ingredient, Witch Hazel and helps exfoliate the inside walls of your pores to fight blemishes for better skin clarity. I mainly use this on problematic blemishes as opposed to all over my face.

It's worth mentioning that you should not use these two products together, instead separate them as one for AM, and one for PM or, just use one or the other!

I've got a long way to go swotting up on how best to combine and use The Ordinary skincare - but i'll be sure to keep you posted. For now though, I am seriously impressed by the range!

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6 December 2017


I recently talked about my first dabble with Glossier. And whilst I love the concept - skin first, makeup second, the minimalistic branding and natural, company ethos, I couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed by the product selection that I initially tried. 

This was mainly due to the size of the products against the cost

I knew that I wanted to try more from the range and I had a particular interest in the skincare side of the brand. Luckily for me, the birthday fairy dropped off some pretty pink zip pouches last week and I was able to try more from the highly coveted Glossier brand. It really is a breath of fresh air away from the full coverage, high contour looks we see adorning our Instagram feeds.

I was lucky enough to be treated to the Glossier Phase 1 Set which includes the famed, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dot Com and the Priming Moisturiser. I have to say, I like this package a lot and I feel each of the products in this set warrants the £35 price tag.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser is really nice to use, though I must add that this is one for when your face is a little fresher and not caked in layers upon layers of eyeliner and a heavy contour, as the muscle power at removing stubborn makeup simply isn't there. It is however a lovely, creamy gel formula that doesn't leave your face feeling tight or stripped and leaves your skin looking and feeling dewy, plump and clean.

At the moment I am a sucker for primers and rich moisturisers, in fact, my acrylic drawers (which house my hero products) are filled with 80% primers and 10% moisturisers. The Priming Moisturiser is my favourite Glossier product that i've tried so far. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and a soothing mix of tea and honey extracts, you get that sassy plumped, hydrated feeling once the formula has been applied to the skin. I use this in the morning before applying my makeup, but is is rich enough to use at night.
In my birthday bundle, I also received the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack.  Glossier describe this as a 'juice cleanse' for your face and it really is. I use this mask once a week when i'm having a soak in the bath - it is especially required after a busy week and a lot of stress. I'm currently in the process of getting ready to move house and I am SHOT. The mask contains kaolin clay to draw out impurities whilst feeding the skin with vitamins, fruits and leafy greens. I love that this mask doesn't dry super hard and horrible, it's not a pain to remove and leaves you face looking like you hit reset!

And finally, the Stretch Concealer. I've heard A LOT about this little pot of goodness and I was very interested to see how it fared against tried and tested classics such as 'Lasting Perfection Concealer.' Yeah - I love it. Taking a nod from this article 'The Frenchest Things You Can Wear' the Franco-phile in me discovered that French beauties only use a dot of concealer for their base. Now, I couldn't go this minimal, BUT I love to dot the creamy Stretch concealer over any redness and imperfections before giving my face a dusting of the original Bare Minerals foundation.  This concealer is entirely build-able and can be blotted with powder to give a more matte effect.

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30 November 2017


Life. TV. Music + More...

November 29th marked my 24th birthday and it really is starting to dawn on me that I haven't actually been 'messing about' for a while now. I have an interesting and varied job, Adam and I are waiting for the keys to our new house and I always remember to use SPF. Lol. Who am I kidding? 10 years ago, I thought i'd be married with 3 kids and a cat by now. Maybe in another decade eh?

Listening to: I have a reasonable commute to work and so this makes for the perfect time to enjoy devouring my podcast list. Every week I get super giddy for the latest instalment of 'Femme' by Daisy Lowe.  I really appreciate the way Daisy conducts and produces her podcast. My favourite episode this month has to be the interview with her mum, Pearl Lowe. I love Pearl's voice - is that weird? I love her style and i've read her book 'All that glitters' - I found it so frustrating as Lowe outlines, warts and all, her tempestuous battle with Heroin addiction - however, I am glad to hear in the podcast she is something like, 12 years sober! If you want a different guest to listen to, give Mel C's episode a whirl, Mel had me adding 'Never be the same again' to my Autumn playlist and revisiting my favourite Spice Girl songs.

In other podcast recommendations, try Sara Tasker's offering: 'Hashtag Authentic' I recently listened to the episode with writer, Laura Jane Williams. I don't normally really resonate with Laura however, she did share some valuable nuggets of wisdom in her episode that had me nodding along. Yes, I found her a bit OTT, but I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed her episode. Definitely, check out other episodes in Sara's catalogue, they're must listens for any creative soul.

Watching: If like me, you also find Grace Coddington to be not only an enigma, but also a legend then watch this video she did for British Vogue. You'll see Grace wandering through a leafy, British setting bathed in Autumn light. In a candid discussion with Michael Roberts, he and Grace talk about everything from couture to her vivid orange hair.

I also LOVED Charlotte Tilbury's live stream with the Pixiwoo sisters. I have long since admired Sam and Nic and I find Charlotte Tilbury such a hurricane of energry that I could only long to exhume myself - what a sales woman too! Anyway, Charlotte did Sam and Nic's makeup whilst in conversation and you can catch it here.

If you have Netflix, give the Joan Didion documentary 'The centre will not hold' a watch, particularly if you are interested in her work. The Guardian sums it up better than I could: "The documentary is arranged around Didion’s best-known writing. There are segments devoted to her reporting from the Haight-Ashbury district of San Francisco in the late 1960s, as well as Didion’s political journalism from the 90s, her essay on the Central Park Five, the screenplay Panic in Needle Park, and her later autobiographical works."

Reading: I know, i'm sorry but what kind of favourites round-up would it be without an ode to Sali Hughes? It's coming up to a year since I met her at a book signing and I still think she's fabulous. Sali recently wrote for The Pool discussing how clothes evoke memories. I particularly loved the part where Sali shares that yeah, it's okay to keep things and no you don't HAVE to throw things away, especially if they mean a lot to you - just don't have them out. You can revisit them in their box at a later date and feel all the feels associated with them all over again.

A mention of the Daily Mail here, sorry. I really, really enjoyed their nostalgic examination of popular fragrances through the decades. I am a perfume hoarder and I love knowing what was popular for Christmas gifting at a particular period in time. If you love fragrance, I recommend giving it a read, if for no other reason than to pour over the perfume bottle porn alone!

Writing: I've had my pen and paper out again this month. Having seen a tweet that Lily Pebbles shared about the term 'Influencer' it inspired me to investigate why: 'The term influencer has become a dirty word' - For my sins, I have a content and influencer marketing manager by day and of course, I muse on this very blog by night. As I see both sides of the coin, it's very interesting to think about the needs of both the 'influencer' and the brand you represent. And if you've read it already, thankyou! And finally, if you want to have a nosey at a piece my boyfriend, Adam wrote about transitioning from a designer to a business owner, he has shared his thoughts in this very honest piece.

Beauty products I've been coveting in the month of November...

Eyes: It's not very often that I stumble across a large palette of eye shadows that caters to every colour I love to wear / experiment with, is excellent in formula/pigmentation and doesn't cost the earth. Well, that's what you get when you're not paying for a big brand name. Step forward the City Eyes palette from Miss G Couture. I mentioned it a while ago in its own, dedicated post and since then I have almost run the burnt orange shades down to pan. Such buttery, opaque shades that last all day long on the lids.

This month, I also dabbled with Natural Collection cosmetics again. They seriously are underrated in this weird place called the Bloggersphere. Super cheap, we're talking under £3 here, great quality and easily replaceable. I have recently been using the 'Definition' mascara which features a long, bristley brush for amping up volume and definition. My only qualm? The formula is a little runny and wet for the first few applications. I unscrewed the lid a little to let some air get to the formula and since then, it's been stella.

BrowsI know what you're thinking. I moaned about the 'Boy Brow' brow mascara from Glossier and for seriously questioning the size of the product against the cost, I have no regrets. It is however, a lovely product that can be called upon for effortless, groomed and no fuss brows. I use a brow pencil from HD brows to fill in any sparse areas, before stroking the Boy Brow wand up and through the hairs to thicken them out and set them in place.

Skin: Clarins are one of the most trustworthy beauty brands around, in my opinion. Their Beauty Flash Balm is certainly a firm favourite amongst many people. I use it everyday to give my just-woken-up-skin a boost and to create the perfect canvas for applying my make-up. If you're looking for a priming, moisturising hybrid that will give dull skin a new lease of life (especially after a few Aperol Spritz') - give it a go.

Lips: My lips have really taken a beating this Autumn, in-particular the corners of my mouth. Super cracked and sore. Whilst this doesn't look very nice at the best of times, it certainly doesn't look very nice when sporting one of my signature bold lip looks. I've been using the Glossier 'Birthday Balm' which is an oil based salve that smells so distinctly of birthday cake! It's really nice too, super moisturising and gives a new lease of life to dry lips. I'd quite like to give the tinted, red version a whirl too! 

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21 November 2017


So Glossier happened here in the UK. With millennial pink branding, a social media led marketing strategy and a capsule collection of minimal, no fuss beauty products all spearheaded by Girlboss, Emily Weiss, it's no surprise we've all gone bonkers for it!

I've been holding out on trying the products as I put a few Glossier bits and pieces on my birthday present wish list, but couldn't resist splurging on 1 or 2 just to see what the hype was all about. I bought the Boy Brow and Haloscope duo in brown and 'Quartz' respectively as well as a Balm Dot Com in the flavour 'Birthday' - sure, it was the holographic sparkle that did it.
Me, not covered in slap for once, here i'm rocking the 'Glossier' look with Boy Brow on my eyebrows,  Birthday balm on my lips and the Quartz Haloscope on my cheeks

First and foremost, Glossier isn't that cheap, all 3 of these products racked up to around £34 quid (Would have been £38 without the 10% introductory discount!) and thank god for the free shipping on orders over £25. The products are teeny tiny, genuinely, I was so surprised at how small they were when they arrived. The Boy Brow reminded me of something that my old Barbie doll would come with!

So the brow and highlighter duo is £28 and in my option, both aren't worth that kind of cash due to the size of them and the nature of the product. The Boy brow is nice, not at all gloopy, not sticky and glides through the brows nicely for an uber natural, polished look. However, you can totally achieve the same look with a clear mascara and a bit of pencil as the formulation is so subtle. 

The same goes for the Haloscope highlighter, I had high hopes for this balm infused glow and yes, the formulation is dreamy and creamy, but again the payoff is very very subtle. On the pic above, i've swatched one of my least 'out there' highlighter sticks from Natural Collection against the 'Quartz' shade from Glossier, you can still visibly see the NC product, but Quartz is super faint. 

Finally, the Balm Dot Com in the shade/formulation 'Birthday' - I admit, I bought this for the hype, Youtube made me do it kind of thing...It's not worth a tenner but it is nice, not too glossy, very moisturising and smells like birthday cake, to me it's nice...but nothing to call home about.

I am open to trying more from Glossier to give more of the range a chance, (I REALLY like the Glossier 'You' Fragrance) and I am especially interested in the skincare. However, on first impressions from the 3 products I did buy, yep it's really nice but that's about it, I wouldn't go out of my way to buy it again but would be extremely grateful if I received it as a gift as it is spenny!

I understand this might be an unpopular opinion as the blogger-sphere has waxed lyrical about Glossier per say, but you know me, gotta say it how I see it. I understand the concept, I understand the digital commerce strategy, just make yo' products bigger Glossier!  Ps. loved the stickers.

Have you tried anything from Glossier?

What did you think?

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17 November 2017


Oh hello there, my ugly mug and my actual body are making a rare appearance over here as i'd like to tell you about my latest wardrobe addition that I kid you not, has not left my shoulders since I received it a week ago.

With the dark nights drawing in at 3pm and a very distinct nip in the air now we are passed Halloween and Bonfire Night, I am starting to feel a little swirl of excitement for the pending festive season! The end of November marks my 24th birthday and following that, the Christmas tree will be up and i'll be in full on Chrimbo mode!

It's never too early to start thinking about Christmas!

It occurred to me the other day, following a conversation about our office Christmas party that I don't actually own a Christmas jumper, usually I rock a red lip and a bit of glitter but that's no fun is it? So when the team at Rokit Vintage contacted me to see if i'd like to have a look at their Christmas jumper collection I bit their hand off!

I've collected vintage treasures from Rokit over the last 5 years and it is one of my genuine go-to stops whenever i'm down in London (Camden shop specifically!) to scour for something unique and sassy.
If you're not familiar with Rokit Vintage yourself, since 1986 they have channeled their passion for awesome clothing into sourcing hundreds and hundreds of one-of-a-kind vintage pieces before repairing and laundering them ready to be loved again. Suitably, they started off in Camden market before expanding out further into London and of course online!
History lesson done, I want to show you my new, festive winter cardigan from Rokit! I found it in the Christmas section of the site which is home to loads and loads of vintage Christmas jumpers from the twee, to the classic. They regularly update the section too so you'll be sure to find something you're looking for and every piece is one of a kind, so there will be no worries of your colleague turning up in the same jumper on Xmas jumper day at work!

Now, you might be wondering why I didn't choose a classically tacky awesome Xmas jumper and the simple answer was, I was sad that I could only wear it for a few weeks of the year! So instead, I went for a more versatile, festive winter cardigan that features sprigs and spruces of Christmas tree on it! This uber cute and very comfortable box cardigan is from the 90s, and as a 90s kid I like that it's been around as long as I have! I have to tell you though, it doesn't smell like it is, if you're concerned about that 'preloved' scent, I can assure you Rokit's clothing doesn't have it. Though, for me there is something a little endearing about the foisty, musky scent of vintage clothes

One thing I must also mention is that Rokit's delivery is super, super speedy and their products are packaged beautifully and inclusive of a free printed tote bag! Always handy if you ask me!

Looking for an awesome Christmas jumper? 

Check out Rokit Vintage's Christmas collection


14 November 2017


A little while ago I introduced you all to the Complexions makeup line from the fashion e-tailer Miss G Couture. I hinted that more exciting products were due to launch from the line, extending the collection to cater for lips and eyes as well as base. The Complexions collection is now much more established, bringing a range of awesome quality products for a premium drugstore price point. No breaking the bank here, but the quality is far from sub-par. In-fact, it rivals some high end products that I use.

Complexions cosmetics part 2...

My favourite piece from the extended collection is the City Eyes 35 shade eyeshadow palette as pictured above. Never before have I come across a large palette that includes not one shade that I wouldn't wear, usually you have one or two shades that just don't work for you, but that is not the case here.

This £20 palette  is totally in keeping with the warm-toned hues that are not only bang on trend right now (hello Naked Heat!) but also are my favourite shades to wear on my bluey/grey/greeny eyes. The shades are a mix of matte and shimmery and are so heavily pigmented, you won't find any wishy-washy chalky shadows here, only buttery, blend-able neutral and bold colours that stick around all day and look seriously striking.

Back in the day, the more layers of gloopy lipgloss I could smear on my lips, the better. I haven't really touched gloss since I was around 15 and I must admit, I am always sceptical of any kind of gloss product. Complexions have launched their Model Behaviour Lip Collection which comprises of 4 highly pigmented glosses for £12. These lipglosses are so smooth to apply and are velvety in texture with a high shine finish. Absolutely not sticky in the slightest and stay put on the lips without moving around or feathering. My favourites shade is surprisingly 'Demure' a brown toned nude that is perfect for everyday.

Two new highlighter palettes have also launched in the new collection for £15 each and are much more up my alley than Complexions' original offering which tended to be a little warm for me. The formulation of the highlighters is velvety and buttery without producing any fall out. No shimmery mess to be seen here. Just a sassy glow fo' sure.

For those who like to get experimental with their highlighter, the Fearless Glow Collection features 6 unique highlighting shades that are suitable for a range of skintones. The pigmentation of this formula is next level and a little certainly goes a long, long way. My favourite shade to wear is the rose gold hue.

If you're looking for more of a natural highlight, I recommend you start off by trying the Natural Glow Highlighter palette, made up of 6 really wearable neutral hues you can play with the pigments on both your cheeks and your eyes. My favourite shade is the icey/pearl shade which is my go to hue most days.

One product I was most excited about is the Universal Bronze and Glow duo palette which you can buy for £10. One one side you get a lovely mid-tone matte baked bronzer and on the other a duo brick featuring a highlighter/bronzer shimmery duo. Both are lovely and work well against my pale skin. I'd advise applying the shimmery side liberally, as is the case with the highlighting palettes a little really does go a long way.

What do you think of the newly extended Complexions range?

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31 October 2017


Beauty products I've been coveting in the month of October...

Hair: This summer I went on my jolly holiday's to Portugal and decided to buy all the beauty essentials while I was out there to save on luggage weight. Whilst I couldn't understand what the packaging said, I recognised the Garnier 'Ultimate Blends' range of hair-care in a small shop next to our villa. However, it was orange in colour with a maple leaf on the front, a style I'd not seen here in the UK. I have to say, using it was hands down the nicest hair washing experience ever, for scent, for performance, for softness and manageability. I couldn't find it here for ages, but I recently saw that Boots started stocking the 'Maple Healer with Castor Oil' range. Targetted for very damaged hair, if you want to try a new shampoo and/or conditioner and you're looking for a little extra something for your hair, I highly recommend. 

Makeup: I've always had a soft spot for the Natural Collection range of makeup at Boots. It's super cheap and the quality is always top notch. It's a basic line, but one that shouldn't be forgotten about against the more glossy brands. I recently bought the Highlighter Stick in the shade 'Rose Glow' which is a very pearly, white, cool-toned shade - no rosy pink pigments to be seen here. For under £3 you get a product that applies lovely, sticks fast and stays put all day long. Looking for a fuss-free highlighter? Give it a go.

This month I headed to dupe city with the Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks. I have the shade 'Triumph' which is a gorgeous dusty rose, nude. Yep, these lippy's are a copy of the iconic Charlotte Tilbury line and the shade is reminiscent of 'Stoned Rose' albeit without the price tag - you can bag yourself one of these for £4.
Skincare: I gotta admit, I was late on the Micellar water hype. I bought the Garnier Skin Active Micellar Cleansing Water in Boots on a whim as I wanted an alternative to face wipes for those days when I get in from work and head straight out to the gym. I have to say, I like how refreshing this cleansing water is and how it doesn't dry out my skin or make it look redraw. It's also pretty alright at removing the layers and layers of eyeliner that adorn my eyes.

Candles: Throwing two candles in here for fun! When it comes to candle scent's I'm not a sweet kinda gal, I prefer herbally, slightly sour scents. My two favourites are from Home Sense but made by DW home. Both are laced with a thyme scent which smells divine. The smaller, thyme and juniper candle is gorgeous and perfect for placing in your kitchen after making a stinky meal, or in your bedroom when you want to zen out. For candles, I always shop at TK Maxx.

Life. TV. Music + More...

Listening: The new Jessie Ware album 'Glasshouse', like a warm hug on an Autumn day. Top tracks 'Thinking about you' and 'Midnight' BEA-UTIFUL. As for other things to listen to, i've been really enjoying Sara Tasker's podcast for creatives: 'Hashtag Authentic' - Sara recently interviewed Dolly Alderton (who I love) and they discuss some really interesting points on editorial trends and newsworthy trends - what exactly is news and what corporations want to sell as news. You can catch it on Acast or Soundcloud. Speaking of podcasts, Daisy Lowe's newly launched podcast 'Femme' is also really good, the basis of the show is all about female empowerment and a safe space to share opinion and thoughts. I really enjoyed episode 1 with Laura Weir, editor of Evening Standard mag. 

Reading: Surprise, surprise! Here's an article by The Pool. I really resonated with Clare Thrope's piece on it being a taboo for a women to declare she doesn't want to reach the top. We don't all want to 'learn in' we don't all have a yearning to be a #girlboss. My favourite quote of the entire piece:

"Our identities feel so wrapped up in what we do for a living. But our jobs aren’t us – they’re just a part of who we are."

Two other recommendations for your lunch break reading list come from Vogue online. The first being an incredibly raw and interesting interview with Susie Cave who discusses the tragic death of her son as well as her label 'The Vampire's Wife' and her marriage to Nick Cave. Also from Vogue, Sali Hughes and her wedding beauty story. With Mary Greenwell on your makeup and Sam Mcknight on your hair - how much better can it get? As usual, Sali writes with flair and without snobbery, she is aware of her privilege but doesn't gloat. 

Watching: Stranger Things 2 kicked off on Netflix this weekend so I've been easing myself back into the water and trying to remember what happened last summer. Two things though 1. Millie Bobbie Brown's acting and the soundtrack. Epic. Aside from #GBBO i've been enjoying The Apprentice, one of the contestant's Joanna was a friend from college so it's ace to see someone flying the flag for Wakefield. I've also devoured Sue Perkins' documentary on the river Ganges, it's a really raw, vivid and honest piece of television - I usually find her really annoying "Baaaayke!" but not here.


27 October 2017

L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss '443 Auburn Henna' // My hair before + after

 L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss '443 Auburn Henna'

If you're a regular around here, you'll know that I talk about the semi-permanent Casting Creme gloss hair dyes from L'Oreal quite a lot. Whether it's the red tones of 'Chili Chocolate' the warmness of 'Chocolate' or the babein' blonde tones of 'Light Iced Blonde' I like what the range has to offer and there are very few shades that I haven't tried.

When I discovered that L'Oreal were bringing out the 'henna' range of dyes to join the Castings family, I was super delighted as I've been trying to achieve a warm auburn tone through henna bricks for quite some time now. The range includes 4 shades ranging from black shade 2, to a blonde shade 5. Each of the dyes are suitable for dark brown/brown hair which makes them perfect for brunettes wanting to add gloss and shimmery red tones to their natural or coloured hair.

I tried the shade: 443 'Auburn Henna'...

 L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss '443 Auburn Henna'

443 is a dark brown colour level and is supposed to add warm orange toned red flecks with a brown base to your hair. My hair, as you know is coloured with some areas of damage so it is worth noting that the colour outcome is likely to be different to how the formula settles on virgin or barely processed hair.

The 'henna' shades are perfect for Autumn though I am not entirely sure the capsule collection includes any henna ingredient. I had a look on the back of the box but couldn't see it listed. On the Superdrug site, the listing states:

"Inspired by the warm and delicate copper tones of henna, Auburn Henna combines the rich and lively reflects of henna with an auburn twist. Give your hair the boost of visible henna reflects, but without the commitment. The henna collection is powered by your favourite Casting semi-permanent formula."

I feel this is a little misleading and I wish it was more obvious that the colourant is inspired by the tones of henna - maybe I'm just a little naive, but of course, any dye containing hydrogen peroxide couldn't be a natural colourant like henna. 
 L'Oreal Casting Creme Gloss '443 Auburn Henna'
As you can see my hair has taken on a lovely warm, auburn tone. The picture above is after 2-3 washes as I always find the colour result is not accurate and much, much darker. On the darkest points of my hair the shade is a true red tone and on the lighter, more damaged parts, it is a lighter orange shade.
Have you ever tried the 'Henna' shades from Castings?


24 October 2017


I really did need some knitwear - or so I told myself as I exited Zara and then Primark some time later. There's certainly a pinch in the air now and having had a wardrobe clear out not so long ago, I wanted some knew pieces to play with. Naturally I turned to my faves, Primark + Zara.

Without sounding cliche and super unoriginal, Autumn is my favourite season and I love dressing for Autumn even more. Chunky knitwear, layers, ankle boots, thick scarves and jeans, without having to resort to the faff of huge, heavy Winter coats, hats and gloves.

I'm really loving primary colours at the moment, mustard shades being my hue of choice (And everyone else!) I love the vibrancy they add to my everyday looks, nevermind how cheery they make me feel.
First up are a pair of slippers from Zara Home. Yep, you might be thinking what on earth are those Crocs esc, clogs (#clothesmyboyfriendhates) but I LOVE THEM! They're a Birkenstock base with a velvet cover so as you can image, wearing them is like walking on a cloud. I like that I can wear them in the garden and round the house all thanks to grippy soled bottoms. I have barely taken them off my feet since I got them...not matter how insulting people are about them!

I haven't worn anything with a dip/asymmetric hem since my year 13 prom however, I can confirm that I was suckered by the vibrant, sunflower yellow shade. The oversized shirt is from the TRF collection and is a really thick, sturdy shirt that I like to layer under jumpers. I've mostly been going to this as a throw-on-and-go piece with faux leather leggings and boots to keep things simple, but tailored.

I have an obsession with chenille as it is super soft and luxe - but also washes really well without going to shit. I found this navy blue, oversized jumper in Zara for around the £30 mark . I got mine in a size medium however, it is so oversized that it fits like an XL. If you're contemplating this jumper, that's a factor to be aware of.

Also, a chenille jumper is this gorgeous mustard number. This one is from Primark and was about £14 something like that. It fits true to size and again, washes super well. The purple one, pictured above is also from Primark and the quality rivals similar styles I've seen in places like M+S.

What are your favourite pieces of Autumn clothing? 

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20 October 2017


Having taken a holiday to Zante in the middle of September, when I returned it felt like the middle of Winter. Hello darker mornings, hello dark nights. I tried to hold on to my sunkissed glow for as long as possible - read, 1 week. It was then that I called upon the...

St. Moriz Advanced Pro Formula - Velvet Finish Tanning Gel

Like most people, St. Moriz beckoned me into the world of false tan when my Saturday nights were all about going clubbing and looking sassy. After many, many, many mishaps, disasters and embarrassments, it's only in my 20s that I realise where fake tan has a place in my beauty routine. 

St. Moriz say that the Velvet Finish Tanning Gel is made from salon quality formulations to create a neutrally scented, natural looking tan. With no guide colour (green smears anyone) the formula is ideal for everyone that doesn't want to ruin their bed sheets or p-jays.

One layer of the Velvet Finish Tanning Gel on my usual, pasty skin.

The tan develops over 4-6 hours, so I leave mine on overnight. I apply the clear, gel formula using a latex glove. Now, I must admit I love the concept, however, the clear gel caused me to be a little lax with application, not really taking the time to see how much I was using and where I was putting the lotion - take it from me, you must take some care with this or you can find yourself in streak city.

The formula still does have that infamous biscuity scent, especially after an hour or two of development time, however, it's nowhere near the levels of the Dark Lotion and is easily rinsed away. The colour pay off is nice, subtle without being too much which is perfect for pale gals like myself.

 I tend to re-apply the formula every 3 days or so to keep my colour looking fresher as the colour sticks around evenly for that amount of time anyway before it fades gradually with the odd bit of bobbling that requires a good old exfoliate.You can find the formula in Boots for £7.99, I'll certainly be picking up another bottle. The velvet finish tanning gel is on a par with my all-time favourite gradual tanner from Dove.

Which is your favourite St. Moriz product?

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