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Beauty products i've been loving in the month of February...

Hair: Continuing to treat my tresses well, I have been dabbling with more products from SHOW beauty, this time with the 'Sublime' Repair range which I will be talking about in more detail soon. The conditioner is an absolute stand out product from the range and has really transformed the dry ends of my hair. It not only smells delicious, but it also makes my hair super soft and silky. I have also been revisiting an old favourite, by way of the Garnier 'Ultimate Blends' strength restoring serum which I apply through the lengths of my hair, every night before bed. Not only does this keep it shiny and supple but also super manageable. 

Scent: Whilst I never stray from my classic favourites, when it comes to daytime scent I like to shake it up every now and again with something new. As Spring is on the horizon I have been wearing a lighter, fresher scent by way of the DKNY 'Be Delicious - Fresh Blossom' Eau so intense which is a gorgeous feminine scent with floral, woody and rose notes.

Eyes: I couldn't write a monthly favourites post without giving a nod towards the amazing Laura Mercier 'Kajal D'Orient' eyeliner in 'vino' I spoke it's smudgey, creamy formula earlier this month and whilst it is pretty spendy at £22, I absolutely love it. 

Lips: Since watching '50 Shades Darker' I have been super inspired by Ana's red, stained lips. Nothing too fancy just a pinched, red lip that looks super chic! To create the look i've been using the Soothe.Me red berry lip tint which stains the lips beautifully without too much effort. The formula is 100% natural too which is lovely and feels super comfortable on the lips. 

Life. TV. Music and more...

TV + Film As you can probably guess from my comment above I absolutely LOVED 50 Shades Darker, much more romantic, much less creepy and Ana's styling in it is gorgeous...Jamie Dornan is still an absolute dream and under the new directorship, the second film is royally much, much better than the first one.

I also saw T2 Trainspotting which was bloody amazing also, it really is the same...but different and the references to the original film are so cleverly done. The soundtrack is ace too, a must see even if you haven't seen the first one. It's seriously moving with a gritty tone and I hope it stands the test of time as well as the first film has.

I was also really gripped this month by 'The Moorside' which was a BBC drama featuring the fabulous Sheridan Smith re-creating the kidnap of Shannon Matthews in Dewsbury, West Yorkshire. Whilst the Yorkshire accents were seriously questionable, the story and writing was very good, though I do agree that it was too soon ( just 9 years) since the incident happened and Shannon herself will be a young adult at 18 trying to pave her life, my question is if it was entirely ethical from that point of view? 

Lifestyle: I don't think i've ever worried as much as I do now i'm in my 20s! I really appreciated this article by Cosmopolitan on '11 things all 20 somethings need to stop worrying about' - most of it really resonates with me, especially the 'I don't own a house yet', 'I feel guilty for feeling sad without a proper reason' and 'i've barely seen any of the world.' 

I also loved Marisa Bate's article on The Pool which discussed loneliness and how it is interpreted. I particularly liked this quote: 

"Loneliness in the presence of others is not only near-impossible to see or articulate, but it can be sharper, more humiliating."

I have to say I was also wowed by Rosie Londoner's ' 24 hours in Paris' proposal blog post, yeah I admit i'm an absolute sucker for anything remotely romantic and a proposal in Paris? You had me at hello. 

Music: As a long time Erykah Badu appreciator, I loved BBC 6 musics '20 years of Baduizm' celebrating Erykah's style, music and influence. 

This months playlist features a lot of George Michael, i've been listening to his 'Ladies and Gentleman' album non stop in the car, best tracks? Of-course 'Fast Love' and 'Too Funky'. There's also a ton of pretty alternative stuff in there including 'Jessica' by Major Lazer and Ezra Koenig, as well as some awesome newer tracks from Lady Gaga including 'Hey Girl' which features Florence and the machine.

In-case you missed them this month...

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What have you been loving in the month of February?

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