31 March 2017


Beauty products i've been loving in the month of March...

Scent: When it comes to perfume, I am currently coveting an old fashion scent, strong and powdery and reminiscent of the inside of a Nana's handbag. The latest addition to my perfume shelf is 'Blue Grass' from Elizabeth Arden. One of the original fragrances' from the iconic Arden line of scent, it was developed in 1936 and contains warm spicy notes, with top notes of white floral (no surprises there ey?) It's heady, powdery and pungent and certainly makes a noise. But there is something about the nostalgia of it, and the fact it no longer sits on the Elizabeth Arden counter and is instead bottled in cheap packaging retailing at £12 in Superdrug. 

Skin: My skincare routine is so simple, you'd laugh. I wash my face with a warm flannel and a cold cream before applying Kiehl's Midnight Recovery oil and my moisturiser, the 'oil of evening primrose' formulation from Boots. It costs a couple of quid and does the job of making your skin supple and nourished, effortlessly. Rich in Vitamin E, the cream is light and non-sticky or greasy and keeps my skin seriously hydrated overnight. 

Also in skincare this month, I have really enjoyed the Glam Glow 'Youth Mud - Tingle Exfoliant'  which helps to keep my skin clear and bright, especially around the T-zone where I am much more oily and prone to large pores and break-outs. I use this formula once a week or on targeted areas if required and I cannot fault it.

Hair: Having discovered Allison Mcnamara, my heart is calling out for auburn, red hair. I know, I know I will find myself headed down a dark path if I start dabbling with hair colour again. However, I have only dyed my hair once (L'Oreal Preference in Brooklyn Auburn if you're interested) and have been looking after my tresses intensively for the last few months, I promise. The Preference dye's are now offering colour shot conditioners to help boost your colour and the number 4 treatment is amazing. A totally fresh, copper tint lies on my mahogany base in a matter of 5 minutes. Simply shampoo, apply conditioner, wait and rinse! All without the nasties inside a developer solution that dry out the hair.

Body: I have really been enjoying oils at the moment, oils for my hair, oils for my skin and oils to burn in my flat. For my birthday I was gifted a wonderful set of massage oils which included relaxing scents and variants for achy muscles. The ones I have are from Naissance which you can get on Ebay and I highly recommend them. They are great for dry skin as well as giving the ends of your hair abit of a treat, or if someone is feeling generous to ease up achey shoulders. 

Home: I love room spray, whilst it is probably a huge waste of money, for me buying it, it is a complete guilty pleasure. My favourite is from M+S - specifically the 'Grapefruit and ginger' variant. Every night before climbing into bed, I spray some on my pillow and throughout my bed linen for a seriously refreshing, aromatic scent - there's just something so pleasing about it. I also have the same scent in liquid oil formula to burn in my oil burner and that really fills the room. I also highly recommend the lavender variant if you're interested.

Life. TV. Music and More...

Music: Saw Blossoms this month who were supported by Cabbage at Liverpool Olympia, I can't believe how far they have come, even since seeing them at Parklife last year with only 3-4 songs. The guys put on a really good show and of course as soon as Charlamagne kicked in, the whole place was bouncing. My March playlist has also been going strong this month, I was having a serious Britpop moment earlier on in March and was listening to Blur and Suede on repeat, so you'll find a lot of that in there as well as 'Passionfruit' one of Drake's new ones that I really like.

Life: Of course this month I visited the pretty city of Bath which you can read all about here - one of the highlights was discovering Anthropologie in real life...I am only just paying my credit card bill off for the things you'll be seeing in a haul soon. 

Reading: Kicking off with a seriously geeky article I read about why everyone hates Comic Sans, typography nerd at heart but it always reminds me of school newsletter and weirdly, my friends' MSN font back in the day. I have also been really enjoying the photography from 'New Darlings' - I am sure their lives isn't as perfect as it appears in the Insta-shots but my, my they are a pretty cool couple. 

This article on The Pool (sorry nothing new there guys) is also a corker, it's all about how some men simply do not see dirt, and how irritating and tiring it is to be someone who constantly feels an urge to clean and keep order in the house. Totally relatable for me.

Watching: If you watch one thing on Youtube today, make it 'Life lessons from 100-year-olds' - some really endearing takeaways from those who really have seen it all over the last century.

Just in case you missed any...

What have you been loving in the month of March?

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28 March 2017


Outfits i've been wearing recently...

Outfit 1: I've been feeling seriously floral recently, something to do with spring perhaps? But anything with a floral print has found a space in my wardrobe. The shirt i'm wearing is from Primark and is a gorgeously soft material with a faded, print and wrap around detailing. My PU leggings are also from Primark and were a steal at £5 so I bought two pairs. My statement, coral necklace (also floral surprise, surprise!) is from The Happiness Boutique and I blogged about it here. My sunny mustard headband was a splurge from Anthropologie and will be popping up in a haul soon. On my lips i'm wearing L'Oreal Colour Riche in the shade 'Magnetic Coral.'

Outfit 2: I was actually wearing this outfit on International Women's Day and decided to make a statement with my look to mark the day. My ripped jeans are from American Eagle and the striped polo neck, crop-top is from Primark and is long sleeved. My patterned bomber jacket is from Zara and is the perfect throw-on-and-go piece for those in-between days when you don't want to wear a coat or jumper. My beads are all vintage, some were my Nana's, and some were from a charity shop in Wakefield. My skinny yellow belt was a hand-me-down and on my lips is 'Brick' by Elizabeth Arden.

Outfit 3: I really love this outfit and wear it quite a lot, my black turtle-neck is from Primark - a great basic and my floral skirt is vintage, I think it was originally H+M! I wear it with opaque black tights and layers of beads that i've collected on my travels. My lips and nails are the iconic 'Cherries in the snow' lipstick and polish duo from Revlon and they match the fuschia in my skirt perfectly.

Outfit 4: This is my favourite outfit that i've been sporting recently, it feels like the perfect spring look. I'm wearing my American Eagle jeans again with a paisley top from Boho Moon (At TJ Maxx in the USA) that I didn't stop wearing when I was away last summer as it goes with everything. My shrug is again, Anthropologie (as is the headband, which I rarely take off!) On my lips is one of the MUA Sweet Sheen Balms in the shade 'Coral Reef'.

What have you been wearing recently?

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24 March 2017


Having felt a little frazzled over the last few weeks due to one thing or another...(not all bad mind, my boyfriend and I actually had a lot to celebrate) a long weekend escape to the Somerset city of Bath was spontaneously booked.

We stayed at a gorgeous inn called 'The Hunter's Rest' just outside of Bath and only 9 miles to Bristol in Clutton Village -A very quaint, country pub / lodging that was the perfect retreat.

The surroundings and local feel reminded me so much of Midsomer Murders and anyone who knows me well in real life will know just how much I love that programme. (Not at all ashamed to admit). It reminds me of sleepovers at my Nana's when I was younger and tucking into a box of chocolates that my Papa had sneakily stowed away whilst trying to suss out whodunnit.

With a country, kitsch interior vibe and a beautiful traditional bathroom complete with claw-foot bath and tiny floor level windows, the inn really was a dream for a countryside lover like myself.
And having tucked into a delicious candle lit meal in the pub downstairs could there honestly be anything more comforting than sinking into a hot, luxurious bubbly bath followed by getting snuggly in a big ole' bed, listening to nothing but the sound of countryside silence after a long drive and an even longer working week? 

Before we embarked on the 4-hour road-trip which even has its own playlist which you can find here, I did a little research reading blogs and watching my favourite vloggers The Michalaks, who often visit the city and know it well.

With a packed Wunderlist and a little room left for spontaneity, all that was left was the wing and a prayer of a few sunny, crisp Spring days...which of course didn't happen!

S i g h t s...

We began our touristy trip at the roman baths which costs £15 and includes an audio guide to explain everything. Interestingly, Bill Bryson also provides an audio commentary of the baths from his point of view, which I ended up listening to for the most part. 

The walk through the museum is pretty interesting and features a sacred spring, a roman temple and of course the main bath house. The outdoor bath is also pretty photogenic and you can almost forget you're in the UK, the architecture is seriously breathtaking, especially as you look up over the pillars and over to Bath Abbey.

On that note, a visit inside the beautiful Bath Abbey is also recommended, it is such a bright and happy church and I felt compelled to make a donation and light a candle in memory of my grandparents who I mentioned earlier.

As the weather changed in typical springtime style from windy and overcast, to extremely rainy, windy and overcast, we made our way towards the Circus and the infamous Crescent to the No.1 The Royal Crescent museum. I love period history and especially loved seeing The Georgian era home which costs £10 to visit, set up as it would have looked. I have to say the volunteers situated in each room which includes everything from the servants quarters, to the lady's bedroom are all very sweet and knowledgeable. I wish we could have spent more time around the Victoria park and crescent hilltop area, but the weather was just far too nasty to hang around.

F o o d...

Wherever I go, food is always at the forefront of my agenda and seeking out new and interesting places is one of my favourite past times. As part of our trip was a special occasion I booked afternoon tea for 2 at The Pump Rooms which on-looks the roman baths. 
The dining hall is dominated by a beautiful chandelier and a pianist sets the mood as you eat. I have to admit, I wasn't as impressed with the surroundings as I thought I would have been, of course, it was lovely and the food truly scrumptious but not only did the pump house not process my booking (which could have ended very embarrassingly), the atmosphere was very busy and the room didn't have the ambience I was hoping for. Alas, at £25 each this was just one of those occasions where expectations overruled reality, but 10/10 for the macaroons and scones.

We also walked past a few very interesting places, safe to say the food scene in Bath is thriving. We found a Lebanese restaurant called Comptoir Libanais which can I just say, is decked out to my taste through and through, everything from the mosiac tiles to the morrocan silver teapots stuffed with flowers.  The food is pretty ah-mazing, if you go try the Batata Harra, spiced fries with coriander and garlic - also and the home-made lemonade? DELICIOUS!

I also recommend Dough just outside of Bath market hall for pizza and Absurd Bird for drinks, the fried chicken looked pretty delicious too. And finally, how can any blog post dedicated to Bath not mention the infamous Sally Lunn's buns!? Something of an enigma, the infamous eating house is one of oldest buildings in Bath and the buns? They're kind of like a toasted tea-cake that can be eaten sweet or savoury - I had the cinnamon and chocolate butter variants complimented with a Jane Austen coffee.  How delightful!

Have you ever visited Bath?


21 March 2017


I have a slight obsession with beauty products, I love the packaging of them, I love the smell of them, I love the way they work, I love they way they are (mostly) marketed and in short I just LOVE everything that makes a beauty product what it is.

I think this is why Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes really tickles my pickles, it is wholly a retrospective of cult beauty products from a bygone era, focusing on how they shaped pop culture and reading it instantly makes me happy. A little while ago I touched upon 'The beauty products that best define me'

And today i'm talking about the beauty products that make me feel confident and happy....


It's no surprise that perfume is up there when it comes to products that make me feel happy, this is something i've spoken about very often over here on GGMH, and if you're interested, my current collection has been documented hereI love a strong, punchy scent - my favourite notes being white floral and amber and I am currently sporting the iconic 'Blue Grass' by Elizabeth Arden which features heady notes that are aromatic, warm spicy and yep, you guessed it white floral. A spritz of perfume before I walk out of the door is a ritual for me, and I love the instant lift a gorgeous scent gives me. I especially love nostalgic scents that take me back to a time in my life, think Burberry Body for my time working in London or Coty L'Aimant which makes me think of my Nana.

Bright lipstick...

When it comes to lippy, i'm team bright 'n' bold all the way, I don't believe that nudes suit me and so I always opt for a red, pink or coral lipstick. Lipstick is a serious statement and bold colour especially gives me confidence as I feel ready for anything. My current squeeze is the Color Riche line from L'Oreal which gives a gorgeous creamy finish and a burst of intense colour payoff.


At 23 years young, I have finally begun to understand my skin better, using products tailored to the needs of my skin and partaking in a slightly better lifestyle than my student days when it comes to the fundamentals such as diet and exercise. Every now and again a big spot that deserves it's own postcode will appear, or I notice my skin pigment is more uneven than normal, thanks to the time of the month and so my trusty 'Lasting Perfection Concealer' by Collection is a handy product to have in the old make-up bag for any skin complaint that needs a lil' attention.

Nail polish...

I have to admit, nail polish hasn't been all that high up on my agenda recently as my nails are so bitten and shit that its' not worth preening them. When my nails are indeed a little more than a stub, I again love a bold pop of colour such as Revlon 'Cherries in the snow'  it's cheery and helps make any outfit look a little more put together.


For me, blusher is a recent dalliance and something I have never bothered with when it comes to my daily make-up routine. I am now forever loyal to the iconic Bourjois Little Round Pot blushes - I have the shade 'Rose Coupe De Foudre' which gives the most beautiful, subtle glow and really bring some interest to my cheeks, effortlessly pulling together my eye make-up and lipstick.


Of course, no blog post talking about beauty products that makes me happy/confident could be written without and ode to eyeliner! Having seriously small, hooded eyes you wouldn't think i'd be in to a rock 'n' kohl look, but it is my favourite and the smudgier the better! I have recently been loving the Laura Mercier 'Kajal D'Orient' liner which is seriously buttery and packed full of pigmented. My eyes are one of the (few) things I celebrate about myself so I like to enhance them with colour and definition.

Which beauty products make you feel happy and confident?


17 March 2017


Swatches of the Rimmel - Brow this way brow shake filling powders in the shades '002Medium Brown' and '003 Dark Brown'

Brows are pretty important when it comes to how you're perceived and how your face looks generally. Plucked too thin and you can look aged, filled in far too heavy, and you could be mistaken for Wakey lass Chloe Mafia, pre Khan surname and million dollar bank account.

I myself have been through many, shall we call them 'developmental' stages of my brow evolution, from seriously non existent, to caterpillar and everything in-between. These days, my brows have thankfully grown back and are looking pretty sassy on a daily basis all thanks to Antonia at Woodlands Beauty Clinic, Liverpool. I love having my brows tinted, and I always feel a million dollars when they've been done however, between appointments, I have some filling in to do.

Naturally brunette, my brows are a muddy, dull shade of brown and benefit from a little work every morning.

And here's what I use...

I start by filling my brows in with an angled brush and the Rimmel 'Brow this way' duo which features a powder and a setting gel, as well as a useful spooley for combing unruly hairs, and an angled brush for filling in brows on the go. For everyday in the office, using this duo is usually enough however, I sometimes like to spend a little longer working on a more maintained brow.

Step forward the Rimmel 'Brow this way' Shake Filling Powder* which is a new launch from Rimmel for SS17. The line offers 4 different shades; '001 light brown', '002 medium brown', ' 003 dark brown' and '004 soft black'. I don't actually think the shade offering is completely bob on - fairer haired girls would have a problem as the lightest taupe shade is still pretty dark and the dark brown variant is far too warm / chocolatey to mimic a natural brow shade. Background info aside, I use '002 medium brown' for filling in the tail ends of my brows to keep them sharp and opaque in pigment.

The rounded applicator (shaped similarly to a Q-tip) is surprisingly effective at creating a precise brow and they stay in place pretty much all day long, give or take a little smudging, but nothing too horrendous. I do have one issue though, the dreaded fallout... the fallout is pretty terrible, and due to the nature of the highly pigmented powder, if any drops onto your cheeks it can spoil a beautiful base, as it stains. These guys are £5.99 and available in all the usual haunts, Boots + Superdrug if you're interested in giving them a whirl.

On other occasions, I like to use the Essence 'Make me brow' tinted gel for setting my brows in place and the HD Brows 'Brow Define' pencil* for a much more lightly filled look. I also love this for creating the illusion of little freckles around my nose on more sunkissed days.

So there you have it, what I like to use on my brows to keep them sassy.

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14 March 2017


Where I can be mostly found on a Saturday morning...

I've found myself to be seriously immersive recently, making time for reading, listening and watching stuff, more so than ever before. It's all too easy (for myself at least) to get caught up in a daily cycle of going to work, eating, working out in the gym, or more accurately... binge watch soaps and going to bed. However, recently I have been trying to be a little more active and a little less passive when it comes to what i'm consuming online.

I'm very guilty of mindlessly scrolling Instagram and Facebook, but it's never really a healthy thing to do, all thanks to the joy-kill that is self-comparison.

... and quite frankly, I've been desperate to stimulate my mind with things that packed a little more punch and are a little more creative.

documentaries: It's taken a while, but thanks to my boyfriend I have access to  Netflix and yep, I feel like i'm 3 thousand years late on the bandwagon. Anyhow, with the attention span of a gnat when it comes to films, yet I can quite easily plow through a three hour episode of Midsomer Murders without blinking, I have been dabbling with documentaries. Abstract: The art of design is absolutely brilliant, the series is compiled of 8 individual stories and focuses on influentials within areas of the design space, there is Ilse Crawford on interior design, Paula Scher of Pentagram oust on graphic design and Christoph Niemann on illustration, with other profiles included on architecture, footwear designing, stage design, automotive design and photography.

Not only are the stories excellently put together, but the stories shared are really, really interesting - especially for me, and my fella whose bread and butter comes from digital design. My favourites include Ilse Crawford's insight on how she helped form the Cathay Pacific first class lounge using juxtaposing materials, and Paula Scher's opinion on typography.

music: So it's no secret that the Oasis documentary, Supersonic was one of my favourite cinematic releases of 2016 and then along came  BBC 6 music's 'What's the story' feature lead by Mark Radcliffe and including interviews with everyone who is everyone...Gallagher bros included, obvs.

Sure, it tells the same tale as Supersonic, but there's something about hearing the interviews and songs through earphones that makes the whole experience a little ASMR, not to mention when that stolen riff of Cigarettes and alcohol kicks in.

In fact, the whole thing has turned me a little Britpop nostalgic, I particularly like how Noel Gallagher states he was about a month away from writing Suede's iconic, 'Animal Nitrate' - how can you know you'd have created a song like that? It's also unleashed regular daily plays of Definitely Maybe, in the car, at work, at home - you name it. After all, it is an album written about being young and working it all out and having fun, which is a place I am currently very much at.

podcasts: I've always enjoyed Pandora Sykes' ability to combine fashion with relevant pop culture and genuinely clever journalism, and I have really enjoyed her past articles: 'we need to stop our obsession with lifestyle buzzwords' and 'the murky world of SPON'  and now, freshly freelance Pandora is back with Dolly Alderton for 'The High Low' a new pop culture podcast that follows the same rigour as their original 'Pandolly' podcast for The Times.

The new show is a complete mix of trivia and political chat, and the balance is right and if you like the whole CTRL ALT delete vibe, you'll probably like this too.

I have to give a late shout out to Marian Keyes' desert island discs for BBC Radio 4. It's a real tonic, Marian talks openly about her episodes of depression and how writing only authenticates her true self.

reading: It's no secret that I bloody love The Pool, I feel like it is a news, lifestyle and opinion outlet that gets the kind of woman that I am and what I stand for. Yeah, it was founded by journalist Sam Baker and DJ, Lauren Laverne who are kewl AF and Sali Hughes writes for it, which make it clearly a winner in my eyes but it's also bang on the money in all areas that women care about. One of their recent articles 'What happens when a man switches work emails with a female colleague' was both terrifying and insightful in the way it is shedding light on what we already know to be true about gender equality in the workplace, but is often swept under the carpet.

I also found the Thordis Elvia, Tom Stranger's story 'Can I forgive the man who raped me' piece on The Guardian absolutely harrowing, especially watching them tell their story so accurately and vividly for a TED Talk. Some real takeaways from the video and well worth a watch, but requiring of a sensitive content warning.

If you're looking for a great new space to feel inspired and digest interviews from 'girls in real life' check out the: "space for talented women to talk about what they do and how they do it." "Where all interviews published are real conversations and feature original commissioned photography."I particularly like Gynelle Leon's interviewthe owner of PRICK - London’s first cacti and succulent shop, she has some gorgeous things to say and the imagery is pretty Pinterest-able also.
I hope you found something interesting? I'm always tweeting stuff I like, follow me there @holliebradbury 
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10 March 2017


I've been interested in GlamGlow skincare ever since a sample of their original launch formula was popped inside a goody bag that I received at a bloggers event, this was sometime in 2012 and i'm sure it might even have been this Leeds meet-up - Wow, talk about nostalgia right there!

5 years later, as a 23 year old as opposed to an 18 year old whereby my skin actually needs attention, I am still using GlamGlow as part of my skincare routine and I have recently discovered another gem from the range. Step forward the Youthmud 'tingle exfoliant'* - created for all skin types, it provides a solution for 'fine lines and wrinkles', 'dryness' and 'dullness' I use this mask once a week as the ingredients are pretty powerful and the results are fantastic. It is also worth noting that the formula is created without parabens, sulphates and phthalates.

The tingle sensation is insane and starts to fire up as soon as you apply the formula, I have to admit around the more sensitive areas of my face, such as my cheeks, the sensation was borderline stingy and uncomfortable, but everywhere else (especially on the T-zone) it was fine. From that day onwards I reserved the mask purely for my more 'problematic' areas.

Having applied the mask for around 10 minutes (usually when i'm in the bath) my skin is brighter, smoother and clearer - I always feel so fresh and my skin is definitely tighter. I look like i've been make-up free all my life and have the skin of a Victoria's Secret model. GlamGlow is definitely a skincare brand perched on the higher end of the scale, but so worth it and you can buy it on Feel Unique for £39.

Have you ever tried Glam Glow products? 

Which is your favourite?


7 March 2017


One reason why I certainly miss home...this cat!

Hi i'm Hollie, i'm 23 and I still get incredibly homesick. I've touched upon this subject before when I was at uni, but the whole thing feels a little more embarrassing given that i'm now a proper adult who repays her student loan, coughs up council tax and partakes in other such grown up things like checking when bin day is. lol.

So here's the thing...I've lived on my own and away from 'home' (which to me, means Wakefield where I grew up and where my family are) for almost 4 years now. I moved to Liverpool for university when I was 18 and despite a stint in London, have made my life here ever since. My career is based near Chester, my boyfriend is a through and through scouser and my closest friends, that I see regularly were all collected from my uni days. My life is 100% in the North West, so why after all this time do I still get episodes of crippling homesickness for a place that technically isn't even 'home'?

My life hasn't been in Wakefield for a long time and besides, it's only a tiny market town that to a stranger probably looks like a bit of a dive.  I don't have any friends in Wakefield anymore, almost everyone has moved on and the only thing that ties me to the place is my family and memories.  I don't want to move back to Wakefield, I love living in a big city where there's life and adult me found her feet, but there's definitely a missing piece to my puzzle whilst i'm no-where near the people who sound like me and know what I mean by; 'Argos corner' and 'the pie shop'.

My homesickness appears when I haven't been back 'home' in a while and I feel sad that I can't just meet up with my parents for a coffee, or pop in and give my Grandma a hand with my Grandad who is really, really unwell.  Whenever I feel this way, and a home visit isn't on the cards anytime soon,  I tune into Ridings FM, our local radio station, if nothing but to hear the ads and news talking about places I know. Sound crazy I know, but your mind is weird place and can take somebody like me who has Asperger's Syndrome down a dark old path.

I try to make the 76 mile journey 'home' as often as I can, but sometimes it's not possible and up to 8-9 weeks can pass without seeing my family in the flesh. We're quite a weird bunch whereby a text once a week is sufficient and we crack on with our own independent lives. And then because life has moved on since the days when I lived with my parents in the house I grew up in, when I do see them it's rushed and it's sometimes strained because we all desperately want this 'big visit' to be perfect. But one thing is always for sure, I return to Liverpool feeling energised, with a sense of identity again and remembering who I am! I think the problem is that i'm living an 'inbetween life' at the moment, where i'm not old enough to settle down and I haven't got the money to whizz off on a world tour - which i'd very much like to do. I don't really have anywhere to call home and my sense of community where I live, is lacking.

I guess what i'm trying to get across here is that home is where you are, but home for me is where the heart is. It's my identity and it affects how I feel. I'm not sure what the solution is, i've tried a better balance, but life gets in the way. But it is normal to feel this way, i'm a great example of moving away and setting up a life elsewhere, but it has come at a cost. So if you see me and I look a little forlorn, it's probably because I haven't stepped on Yorkshire turf in a while.

Have you ever suffered from homesickness?

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