Tuesday, 21 March 2017


I have a slight obsession with beauty products, I love the packaging of them, I love the smell of them, I love the way they work, I love they way they are (mostly) marketed and in short I just LOVE everything that makes a beauty product what it is.

I think this is why Pretty Iconic by Sali Hughes really tickles my pickles, it is wholly a retrospective of cult beauty products from a bygone era, focusing on how they shaped pop culture and reading it instantly makes me happy. A little while ago I touched upon 'The beauty products that best define me'

And today i'm talking about the beauty products that make me feel confident and happy....


It's no surprise that perfume is up there when it comes to products that make me feel happy, this is something i've spoken about very often over here on GGMH, and if you're interested, my current collection has been documented hereI love a strong, punchy scent - my favourite notes being white floral and amber and I am currently sporting the iconic 'Blue Grass' by Elizabeth Arden which features heady notes that are aromatic, warm spicy and yep, you guessed it white floral. A spritz of perfume before I walk out of the door is a ritual for me, and I love the instant lift a gorgeous scent gives me. I especially love nostalgic scents that take me back to a time in my life, think Burberry Body for my time working in London or Coty L'Aimant which makes me think of my Nana.

Bright lipstick...

When it comes to lippy, i'm team bright 'n' bold all the way, I don't believe that nudes suit me and so I always opt for a red, pink or coral lipstick. Lipstick is a serious statement and bold colour especially gives me confidence as I feel ready for anything. My current squeeze is the Color Riche line from L'Oreal which gives a gorgeous creamy finish and a burst of intense colour payoff.


At 23 years young, I have finally begun to understand my skin better, using products tailored to the needs of my skin and partaking in a slightly better lifestyle than my student days when it comes to the fundamentals such as diet and exercise. Every now and again a big spot that deserves it's own postcode will appear, or I notice my skin pigment is more uneven than normal, thanks to the time of the month and so my trusty 'Lasting Perfection Concealer' by Collection is a handy product to have in the old make-up bag for any skin complaint that needs a lil' attention.

Nail polish...

I have to admit, nail polish hasn't been all that high up on my agenda recently as my nails are so bitten and shit that its' not worth preening them. When my nails are indeed a little more than a stub, I again love a bold pop of colour such as Revlon 'Cherries in the snow'  it's cheery and helps make any outfit look a little more put together.


For me, blusher is a recent dalliance and something I have never bothered with when it comes to my daily make-up routine. I am now forever loyal to the iconic Bourjois Little Round Pot blushes - I have the shade 'Rose Coupe De Foudre' which gives the most beautiful, subtle glow and really bring some interest to my cheeks, effortlessly pulling together my eye make-up and lipstick.


Of course, no blog post talking about beauty products that makes me happy/confident could be written without and ode to eyeliner! Having seriously small, hooded eyes you wouldn't think i'd be in to a rock 'n' kohl look, but it is my favourite and the smudgier the better! I have recently been loving the Laura Mercier 'Kajal D'Orient' liner which is seriously buttery and packed full of pigmented. My eyes are one of the (few) things I celebrate about myself so I like to enhance them with colour and definition.

Which beauty products make you feel happy and confident?


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