Friday, 3 March 2017


I recently blogged about my past experience with SHOW Beauty - the premium haircare brand created by Tamara Ecclestone. And whilst their Lux Volume Shampoo + Conditioner duo didn't work for me, I have been really enjoying the results achieved from their 'Sublime Repair duo and mask.' The condition of my hair is vastly improving as I rock a bob and keep my colour fairly natural however, I do think that part of my slowly restored hair is thanks to these SHOW Beauty products.

So first up, the hero product - The treatment mask which contains Hydrolysed Pea and Quinoa protein as well as pro vitamin B5 and the classic, SHOW ingredients 'Caviar and white truffle.' I apply the mask every Sunday and leave it on for as long as possible and I notice time after time that my hair is feeling super soft and looks incredibly silky and shiny - nevermind the fact it smells incredible! At £40 I do believe that it is worth the pinch as you get 200ml of product which is lasting me (I have short hair) ages with weekly use that isn't sparing on amount.

I use the shampoo and conditioner duo every 3 days or so and I have been consistently impressed with how light they leave my hair feeling and not leaving a sticky residue which I found the volume range did. They work by reinforcing the hairs fibres and provide protection from cuticle abrasion improve strength and

At £32 each, we're talking at the top end of the market however, for the magical properties within - they're worth the splurge.

Have you ever tried SHOW Beauty? 


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