31 August 2017


Beauty products I've been loving in the month of August...

Skincare: Whenever I have my eyebrows waxed, my forehead erupts into a red, angry cystic landscape. I do not know why, as I apply aloe gel and cleanse immediately after. (Any tips VERY welcome) I have to suffer through for about a week before it clears up. One thing that really does help, and it will probably be no surprise is the Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. Obviously, this is a miracle ointment that helps just about every skin complaint - but for these instances, it really does work.

Tan: I started going out clubbing at 16 and I would douse myself in a unforgivable amount of fake tan, usually St Moritz Dark Mousse. My fake tan obsession, borderline addiction got so bad around the age of 17 that my parents had to take a stand. Everything was covered, the towels, my bedding, the bathroom grout you name it! I discovered the infamous Rimmel 'Sun Shimmer' about 3 years to late when I was in my last years of uni. Why, oh why did I not discover it sooner? The Rimmel 'Sun Shimmer' Instant Tan in medium matte is honestly my favourite product for giving myself a sun-kissed glow without the orange commitment. These days, I rock my natural, pale skin but I always call upon the Instant Tan for when i'm going out.

Nails: Red nails - A classic! Whilst my nail polish drawer is bursting with lurid purple, glittering gold and azure blue shades, these days I find myself calling upon a ravishing red for my toes! My favourite red polish of choice for colour and longevity is from the Rimmel 'Super Gel Beach Ready Nail Polish Collection.' The shade 'Flamenco Beach' is a fire engine, true red and is my favourite. You can buy it for a couple of quid in Superdrug, give it a whirl.

Lips: It almost felt wrong to mention nude lips on my blog. As you know, i'm a bold lip advocate through and through and the nearly there nudes just feel...bland. In recent times, I have been reaching for 'Velvet Teddy' from MAC. A browny, nude it suits for everyday in the office and pulls together a polished make-up look.

Eyes. It's no secret that I love the Maybelline 'Great Lash' mascara  I mentioned a little while ago that I discovered there is a Great Lash with a chunky brush named the 'Big' variant. This is the perfect 'finishing' mascara to really amp up those lashes.

Life. TV. Music + More...

Listening: I love radio 2. Yup I said it. Whether it's Sara Coxs' 'half wower' or the Simon Mayo show answering those questions you've always wanted to know the answer to - i love it. I have been working my through the 'A long walk with Janice Long' episodes. Basically Janice takes a singer/musician on a walk around their home town to catch a glimpse of their musical influencers. My favourite has been the Alison Moyet of Yazoo and as I write this 'Don't Go' is playing loud on the Sonos.

Reading: Shameless plug here, but I recently wrote an article entitled 'the truth about brands, influencers and #sponsored content' - If you find the whole blogosphere/celebrity/social media landscape interesting, I think you'll enjoy this one.

I also LOVED reading 'Life lessons by Jacqueline Wilson' which appeared on Stylist online. As a Tween I LOVED devouring a JW book and would often by found arm wrestling other kids out of the 'quiet corner' so I could get get my hands on 'Double Act' or 'Suitcase Kid' (My favourite.)

Watching: Fleur De Force was one of the first Youtubers I ever watched, she's been in my subscription list for around 7 years! And whilst I find her lifestyle totally unrelatable I am really addicted to her pregnancy videos. I feel like Fleur has become a lot more personable and her content has had a major refresh because of it. Do you watch Fleur?

In my spare time i've been LOVING watching old school Nigella Lawson cookery shows, my favourite being 'Nigella Bites' which you can find in its entirety on Youtube. I am fascinated by Nigella's personality/presenting style and isn't she just BEA.UTIFUL?

I also have really enjoyed watching all of the documentaries about Princess Diana marking the 20 year anniversary of her death. (20 years exactly as this post goes live!) It was really interesting to see Princes' William and Harry speaking candidly about their Mum, they didn't have to . I am a bit of a Princess Diana-file I think she was a real game changer to pop culture and more importantly, the British monarchy. I've always looked closely into conspiracy theories about her so, so, so tragic death and I find it so hard to believe that a woman who walked over land mines and travelled nearly everyday of her life had the unfortunate side of circumstance aligning up for the worst on 31st August 1997.  What do you think?

What have you been loving this month?


29 August 2017


Zara's new transitional collection is seriously on point. I wandered in there on a whim last week and had heart eye emoji all the way around the store. Lots of sumptuous textures such as suede and velvet and loads of super pretty printed and embellished pieces. Yes, please. Without sounding like a moaning Myrtle, one bug bear I have with Zara is how darn slow the tills are! Is this just the case with the Liverpool and Leeds stores? Or does it happen in other stores too? The Liverpool store now has self-service (card only tills) in the changing rooms, which are a faff to use, but definitely saved me spending my afternoon in a queue that snaked the entire shop.

Moans aside, I ended up coming away with two pieces which dramatically burned a hole in my purse, but I just could not resist either and I know they will be well worn. I am thinking a lot about my wardrobe at the moment and what kind of clothes I want in there. I am certainly much more of a AW dresser and feel most comfortable in bold colours and patterns.

As I was walking around the store, two women asked me where I found the bodysuit featured above. The mediums were rapidly declining in stock so I swooped to purchase. I have a feeling that this sateen bodysuit will become a cult favourite in the blogosphere. It is super flattering and despite my reservations, is extremely comfy to wear also. I wear mine with black skinny jeans (Topshop Jamies) for something like a meal out, or to the office. 

Ah just looking at this beauty makes me so happy. As soon as I saw this, swallowed the price tag and tried it on - I knew I had to have it. My boyfriend says it looks like a dressing gown, people at work say I look like i'm going to Hogwarts. I say, they have no taste. I am head over heels for the seriously gorgeous olive shade teamed with my favourite colour magenta purple. I love how luxe this outerwear piece is. Described by Zara as a long silk velvet kimono I do feel those Emporer vibes. I wear mine with a plain LBD and tights combo, perspex heels included if I'm at work. I love it...but I have to be sooo careful with it.

Have you spotted anything sassy in Zara recently?

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25 August 2017


If you've been around the blogosphere for a while, you'll remember the infamous and super old school, Boots or Superdrug hauls. Usually found on Youtube, the bargain beauty buying carried over to blogs also and are still to this day one of my favourite posts to read.

Last weekend I popped into Superdrug to see what was new and on offer. Of-course, I went in looking for a specific item (serum if you're interested) and came out with a bag full.

Here's what I bought...

Skincare: I love it when beauty writers and blogger recommend genuinely great products that not only work, but I can afford to be less sparing with. The Superdrug 'Simply Pure' Hydrating Serum is one of those products. Recommended by the Goddess that is, Sali Hughes this super hydrating, lightweight and non-greasy serum is a skin saviour. Especially well suited for dry and dehydrated skin, for £2.99 you can afford to give it a go. 

Hair: I'm always messing with my hair, you know that right? I am obsessed with hair oils and the 'natural' product section in the drugstores. Having used up all of my Amla oil, I decided to give the ORS Essentials Nourish and Seal Black Castor Oil a go. Targeting dry, split ends and frizz control, the oil also helps work up your shine game.

My hair was also due a colouring. As I am naturally dark haired choosing to colour my hair a medium brown/auburn shade, my roots pop through. I find that my favourite henna hair dye isn't quite strong enough to cover them evenly, therefore, I go in with the big guns every other colour (every 10 weeks) to maintain an even colour coverage. My dye of choice is from L'Oreal Excellence Creme in the shade '6.41 Natural Hazelnut'.  This particular dye includes a lovely conditioning balm and a pre colour serum to help nourish your tresses throughout the dyeing process.

Eyes: In the past, I have waxed lyrical about the Maybelline 'Great Lash' mascara - the original variant is my favourite. I discovered that there is a Great Lash with a chunky brush named the 'Big' variant. So I decided to give it a whirl - maybe not the best for my teeny, tiny eyes but the volume is sassy.

Finally, I couldn't resist the temptation of a mono shadow from MUA, I bought the colour 'Chamois' the perfect all over lid colour for when you're in a rush. The shadows are creamy and blend well, the pigment ain't all bad either.

I always find that I spent my money on eye makeup over base or skincare. I bought 3 coloured eyeliners from MUA, a standard dark brown (my go to shade) a gorgeous emerald green and a purple which was a purchase inspired by the 'Elizabeth Violet' Charlotte Tilbury eyeliner. I wear all of these shades on the reg, paired with different shadows and tones. 

Base: Ah, my beloved Max Factor 'Creme Puff' - My other pressed powder which lived snuggly in my Stratton compact smashed in transit. So I picked up another one in the shade 'Transculscent' - perfect for touch ups on the go.

Have you bought anything from Superdrug recently?


22 August 2017


The last few weekends have been spent packing, carrying, unpacking, scrubbing and hoovering. It is only today, (Sunday as I write this) that I have been able to take some time to sit and write a blog post. I must admit, it was nice quite nice to have a week off as I was juggling moving out of my flat with my day job, a rigorous gym routine and balancing the books on my emotions. If you follow me on Instagram @goodgollymisshollie you'll know that last week I locked the door on my flat for a final time and moved in with my boyfriend.

For the past, nearly 7 years (OMG! ) I have used Good Golly Miss Hollie to document pretty much everything of significance in my life, everything from starting my A levels to graduating with my degree and everything else that has happened in-between. It only felt right that here in August 2017, I note that I moved in with a man. Wow, it still sounds mental to type.

I have to admit, when I decided that I wasn't going to renew the lease on my flat, it was bloody terrifying and I struggled with a rollercoaster of emotions. Nerves, excitement, sadness, happiness - you name it, I felt it! And as the weeks and days drew closer and closer to my moving date, I was all over the place. I have written about the pleasure living on my own gives me (GAVE me) and I found so much peace living in my own flat for the last 3 years. I like to be on my own terms and do my own thing - I've always been this way. 

Obviously, moving in with my boyfriend is exciting, but it is also terrifying! If all goes to plan, this is it now for hopefully the next 60 years! I have to admit though, once I handed the keys in to my ex landlord and took a different route 'home' from work. I begin to feel at ease. 

As I write this, I am sat at my new sassy working area...

Adam is also working in his office where a curtain divides us, it's open today as he hasn't been annoying me. He is self-employed and I like to spend a portion of my Sunday blogging, so this works. We may not be talking, but every now and again he will spin around in his chair and pull a stupid face...or I'll deliver a drink to his desk before scuttling off to finish writing a blog, or researching an new article. That sense of still being able to do my own thing, and having someone to come home to every night is pretty lovely.

Smush aside, I thought that I would today talk about my new working space/vanity area. One of the stipulations of me moving in, was that I wanted a place to house all my worldly trinkets, be able to work and beautify myself.

The desk is from Ikea and features the adjoining Kallax square shelving. As you can see, it is pretty packed out featuring some of my favourite books, (Shantaram being my favourite fictional and Pretty Iconic being my favourite non fiction.)  I also have a few antiques, candles from Anthropologie and of course my prized perfume collection. Moving really did make me realise how much stuff I have!

My chair is a seriously funky number, also from Ikea. I was originally going to go for a wooden style, but Adam convinced me with his usual line: "buy it nice, or buy it twice!" I'm surprised he was so cool about me going for this as it currently lives in our bedroom and is so bold and reminiscent of Elma the elephant. My cushion is a Primark special and completely makes the whole set-up look over the top. #sass

The multicoloured rug that it sits on is from B+M and I really enjoy the colour pops. The lamp is the lamp from Aldi and on it I house a little tortoisehell mirror from Home Sense.

I mostly use my desk to do my make-up on a morning and as a workspace at night. My jewellery boxes house bracelets and earrings and I might actually do an updated jewellery collection in the near future. The silver box is an antique and the palm print one is from TK Maxx, both are pretty deep and roomy.

What do you think?


11 August 2017


Whenever I get into bed the first thing I do is apply some lip balm before giving myself a spritz in perfume. It's a routine i've been in for years which has weirdly started to rub off on my boyfriend too. - Spraying his own scents, not mine, obviously. I have recently touched upon my bedtime routine in my bedside beauty post and today i'll show you some of my favourite scents that live by my bed. If you're interested in what scents make up my entire perfume collection, give this post a read.

A scent that I have come to love more recently is the 'Eau Dynamisante' from Clarins. Launched in 1987 it certainly belongs to the decade of well, OTT decadence. I would describe this scent as smelling like you've just walked into Lush - clean, herbally and soapy. It has main notes that are citrus, fresh spicy, warm spicy, patchouli and herbal. My nose definitely hunts out the lemon, coriander and orange which gives it a seriously unique scent. Next time you're around a Clarins counter I definitely recommend giving it a sniff.

Of-course, no blog post on scent could forget the infamous 'L'Aimant' by Coty. If you're a regular reader you'll already know that this is one of my favourite fragrances of all time.  It has woody, aromatic, white floral and rose notes and is a dead ringer for Chanel No.5. Both my grandmother's wore it throughout their lives which makes it extra special to me. Launched in 1927 'L'Aimant' stands for 'magnet' in French and I must say, it is the sexiest scent to wear to bed.

I tend to accumulate mini perfumes around my bedside table and one scent that I had a miniature variant of was Elizabeth Arden 'Red Door.' This is my Aunt's signature scent and always reminds me of her when I smell it. Launched in 1989 this fragrance is a classic and features notes that are floral, white floral, woody, powdery and sweet.

What is your favourite scent?

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8 August 2017


We're in somewhat of a transitional time at the moment. The glorious weather we had become accustomed to has taken a dip, the shops are in a weird limbo stage between summer stuff and Autumn attire and it's almost as though we've waved goodbye to the summer that passed by in the blink of an eye. It's been a weird old transitional time for me too as this week I move out of the flat I've lived in by myself for 3 years. *Gulp*

To keep things nice 'n' normal over here on GGMH, I'm bringing you a new season Primark haul of footwear and accessories I've bought in store recently. I must say, Primark's shoe game has massively stepped up at the moment and i'm seeing a huge variety of pretty lovely styles. If you're on the hunt for a new pair, I definitely recommend going in.
These peep-toe heels have to be one of the most comfortable pairs of heels I own. They nicely bridge the gap between daytime in the office and nighttime heading out for a bevvy with your gal-pal. They were around the £12 mark and are part of Primark's new 'wide sole' collection, which are supposed to make walking and the overall fit more comfortable I have super narrow feet and the size 5 is true to size for me. 

I often find myself perusing the 'accessories' aisle for a looong time. One thing I have to ask is why on earth it is so narrow?! It's a total bun fight trying to navigate past the rings. Grievances aside, I bought some snazzy head-hear by the way of a floral printed bandana (£1) - which i'm wearing as I type and a trio of headbands that are a little Diana Vickers circa 2007. I'm going on holiday next month so I wanted to rock the boho headband vibe. I bought a pack of 3 for around the £1.50 mark and my favourite has to be the silver embellished one which I like to wear with my hair in a low, messy bun.

The second pair of shoes I want to show you are absolute bobby dazzlers! I think they are my favourite pair of ankle boots...ever. Featuring a purple damask print and silver buckle and studded detail, they're pretty awesome. Again, they are true to a size 5 fit and I think were priced between the £12 and £16 mark. Since I bought them, I haven't taken them off wearing them to work and everywhere in-between. 
I am also a sucker for multi-packs of earrings. I like these ones because they are a little Gatsby-esc and look incredibly cute and dainty.  I love the star and crescent moon pieces in particular and have been rotating each set for last week or so. For £2 you can afford to not wear a pair and overwear another. 

Have you spotted anything interesting in Primark recently?

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4 August 2017


I've been dabbling with more natural hair dye recently. I guess, something about it makes me feel better about colouring my hair with compounds other than hydrogen peroxide and ammonia. You may have seen that I tried the Lush Henna Bricks in the shade 'Caca Marron' a little while ago and I was really impressed with the colour and the condition that my hair was left in following the application.

After spending what felt like an eternity in a local independent supermarket named, Matta's, I stumbled across the French brand Henne Colour who specialise in liquid and powder henna treatments. I bought one of each in the colour 'Copper' (though there is a broad spectrum of shades available) and was eagerly awaiting a good time to try the liquid variant. Anything had to be more bathroom friendly than the henna bricks!
Left: My hair before using the Henne Color formula and Right: Immediately after

The henna colourant is pre mixed and is ready to use. The instructions told me to wash my hair with shampoo and apply the formula to damp hair and leave for 10-45 minutes. The longer the formula is left on, the brighter the result.

I left the liquid henna on for around 2 hours, with my head wrapped in cling-film to hold in the heat and make the formula work most effectively. As you can see from the result above, the copper/auburn colour checked out and gave me a vibrant result. Henne Color state that this is a semi-permanent dye and lasts around 4-5 washes. I haven't got that far yet but after maybe 2 washes, the colour is still pretty bright. 

As with the Lush henna, the Henne Color left my hair in soft condition which was not dried out or parched. If you want to see what kind of colour pay-off you are likely to achieve, take a look at the Henne Colour Creme Colourant, Colour Guide. Obviously, everyone's hair is different depending on the colour and condition of your hair. One thing I do like about Henne Color is that they have created a henna friendly colour for most shades on the spectrum. 

Have you ever tried Henne Color?

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