Like most people, I am driven to purchase by the way things look or smell. This is exactly why a trip to Lush is always dangerous for me. Anything from Lush is always a winner when it comes to gift buying and that is why those exact words: 'anything from Lush' is always on my Christmas and Birthday wishlist. It rarely disappoints.

I was recently treated to some new Lush goodies...
My shower is now a haven of winter scent

I gave up on the gym a few weeks ago, after all it is Christmas and I do intend to pick it back up again in the new year. Lol. When that time comes, I have a little weapon in my shower arsenal to assist with the vile burn that sneaks up on you 2 days after leg day.  93,000 miles is a shower jelly, now these slippery buggers are a little tricky to use but once you get a grip on them, they are so so lovely at the same time. This one is especially treaty it contains eucalyptus and mint as well as peppermint and cinnamon leaf oils. It smells divine and really helps out with aches and pains. It's super spicy and when kept in the fridge, it feels so zingy when applied in a steamy hot shower - you know the kind where your skin turns pink.

I'm pretty sure Lush have reformulated the iconic Olive Branch as it no longer separates, requiring a good shake. Anyway, it remains a firm favourite of mine and is the only shower gel I want to use. Ever. Pity it's pretty spenny but so so worth it. Packed full of citrus notes, Lush say that: "Israeli and Palestinian farmers from the Sindyanna women's co-operative in Galilee work together to hand harvest the olives which a cold pressed into a fair trade oil." - I'd say that makes it worth the pennies and the pounds right? Featuring vine leaf and mandarin as soon as Olive Branch hits your skin it is a powerful and evocative journey through the senses.

* Post contains gifted items


Often, i'm really late on the bandwagon, whatever the zeitgeist is, i'm late in getting the memo. This was the case when skincare brand, The Ordinary started doing the rounds. Parented by skincare giant, Deciem - The Ordinary is built on honesty and integrity with sensible pricing strategies - whats more, The Ordinary don't test on animals and their products are free of parabens, sulphates and mineral oils along with a number of other nasty chemicals which you can read about on their 'About' page. If you're interested in the brand, I also really recommend checking out Caroline Hirons' post which features a candid and informative interview with Brandon Truaxe, the founder of Deciem and The Ordinary.

 I really like this brand and what they stand for.

Having been lured by the back-to-basics ethos and science experiment packaging, I headed to The Ordinary's website to take a look at which products might be most suited to my skin. Now, I must say the names of the products are quite scientific so I had to do a lot of reading on the site and other beauty blogs to work out exactly what I needed. There's a whole library of other products that I would probably work really well for me and want to try, I am just not quite sure yet, what they do! 

The best part about the brand though, is the price! It's so so so affordable - so don't worry if you can't afford high end skincare, The Ordinary is your saviour to get quality products without breaking the bank. Both products here cost under £15! Although all products are individually priced, you can bag yourself 15ml for around the £3.90 mark and 30ml for around the £4.20 mark! CRAZY! 

The first product that went into my basket was the Ascorbyl Glucoside Solution 12%  - yeah I don't know what that means either. But this website helped me decide that it was one for me to try. This product falls under the 'Vitamin C' family and is great for people like myself trying out Vitamin C products for the first time. Vitamin C products are brilliant for brightening dull skin and minimising any discolouration. This water-based solution glides onto the skin beautifully and can be used on all skin types. I use mine in the evening before applying my night cream. I've certainly noticed that my skin looks so radiant and bright - a particularly good one for the day after a few glasses of red.

My skin is fairly normal at the moment however, when the time of the month hits my skin tends to break out in one or two blemishes. Because of this, I headed to the 'Direct Acids' section of The Ordinary's site and chose the Salicylic Acid 2% Solution. This product contains that fantastic ingredient, Witch Hazel and helps exfoliate the inside walls of your pores to fight blemishes for better skin clarity. I mainly use this on problematic blemishes as opposed to all over my face.

It's worth mentioning that you should not use these two products together, instead separate them as one for AM, and one for PM or, just use one or the other!

I've got a long way to go swotting up on how best to combine and use The Ordinary skincare - but i'll be sure to keep you posted. For now though, I am seriously impressed by the range!

* Post contains gifted items



I recently talked about my first dabble with Glossier. And whilst I love the concept - skin first, makeup second, the minimalistic branding and natural, company ethos, I couldn't help but feel a little underwhelmed by the product selection that I initially tried. 

This was mainly due to the size of the products against the cost

I knew that I wanted to try more from the range and I had a particular interest in the skincare side of the brand. Luckily for me, the birthday fairy dropped off some pretty pink zip pouches last week and I was able to try more from the highly coveted Glossier brand. It really is a breath of fresh air away from the full coverage, high contour looks we see adorning our Instagram feeds.

I was lucky enough to be treated to the Glossier Phase 1 Set which includes the famed, Milky Jelly Cleanser, Balm Dot Com and the Priming Moisturiser. I have to say, I like this package a lot and I feel each of the products in this set warrants the £35 price tag.

The Milky Jelly Cleanser is really nice to use, though I must add that this is one for when your face is a little fresher and not caked in layers upon layers of eyeliner and a heavy contour, as the muscle power at removing stubborn makeup simply isn't there. It is however a lovely, creamy gel formula that doesn't leave your face feeling tight or stripped and leaves your skin looking and feeling dewy, plump and clean.

At the moment I am a sucker for primers and rich moisturisers, in fact, my acrylic drawers (which house my hero products) are filled with 80% primers and 10% moisturisers. The Priming Moisturiser is my favourite Glossier product that i've tried so far. Containing Hyaluronic Acid and a soothing mix of tea and honey extracts, you get that sassy plumped, hydrated feeling once the formula has been applied to the skin. I use this in the morning before applying my makeup, but is is rich enough to use at night.
In my birthday bundle, I also received the Mega Greens Galaxy Pack.  Glossier describe this as a 'juice cleanse' for your face and it really is. I use this mask once a week when i'm having a soak in the bath - it is especially required after a busy week and a lot of stress. I'm currently in the process of getting ready to move house and I am SHOT. The mask contains kaolin clay to draw out impurities whilst feeding the skin with vitamins, fruits and leafy greens. I love that this mask doesn't dry super hard and horrible, it's not a pain to remove and leaves you face looking like you hit reset!

And finally, the Stretch Concealer. I've heard A LOT about this little pot of goodness and I was very interested to see how it fared against tried and tested classics such as 'Lasting Perfection Concealer.' Yeah - I love it. Taking a nod from this article 'The Frenchest Things You Can Wear' the Franco-phile in me discovered that French beauties only use a dot of concealer for their base. Now, I couldn't go this minimal, BUT I love to dot the creamy Stretch concealer over any redness and imperfections before giving my face a dusting of the original Bare Minerals foundation.  This concealer is entirely build-able and can be blotted with powder to give a more matte effect.

* Post contains gifted items
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