14 August 2018


I know what you're thinking, you're surprised to see a new hair colour review after what has been SUCH a long time. Well, I'm happy to say that I've changed my ways since the days when I abused my hair with a new box dye every week. These days, I'm much more low maintenance with my hair and more appreciative and embracing of my natural hair colour. And whilst I'm done with bleach and permanent hair colours, for now, that's not to say that I'm no longer game for trying pigments and temporary colours. As a natural brunette, I am always looking for the next best product to keep my colour fresh and my hair texture soft and shiny. 

I was recently on Twitter (when am I not lol) and ended up in a hair related conversation with ItsEmChannel and one of my favourite OG bloggers, 30 Something Mel. I asked Mel if she could recommend any semi-permanent hair colours that would give my current colour a boost without too much damage. Of course, being a professional hairdresser, Mel recommend the Revlon Nutri Color Creme  - a professional hair care product that provides colour, moisture and shine.  There are numerous shades available in the range including fantasy colours so you'll be sure to find a colour that compliments the look you're trying to achieve.

I opted for the shade 513 'Frosty Brown' - this is a neutral shade with a light brown base (5) and  is inclusive of Ash (1) and Golden (3) tones. I don't think the name does this shade justice as on all of the reviews I've read and pictures I've seen, it's much more of a medium chestnut brown which is exactly what I was going for. Think Lily Collins.

My hair colour before...

As you can see, my hair featured a multitude of tones thanks to the sun! At the beginning of the year, I had balayage done on the ends which is where the lighter, honey/caramel tones of my hair are. Since then, I've used Casting Creme Gloss in 'Medium Brown' once to evict the brassy yellow tones in my balayage and even out my colour a little as it started to look a bit patchy. 

The 3 in 1 Color Cocktail is applied to damp, towel dried hair which has been freshly washed and gets to work in just 3 minutes. (I actually left mine on for 45 mins!) Revlon state that the Nutri Color Creme has been formulated to moisturise and nourish the hair, sealing the hair cuticles without weighing it down. It's also ammonia and peroxide free so it's not going to batter your hair.

After using Revlon Nutri Color Creme In '513 Frosty Brown'

As you can see the Color Creme formula definitely deposited those chestnut tones i'd been lusting after. And what you can't see on these pictures is just how SOFT my hair feels - even the ends which are bleached and generally quite dry.

The colour payoff is even and reflects the light in all the right places. The only thing I cannot comment on is this formulas longevity as I've only had it in my hair for a few weeks, I suppose the colour will fade over time and washes and so it's super easy to add in a little more to refresh. If you are looking for a colour gloss between salon visits, I definitely recommend trying these out.

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7 August 2018


Over the course of the summer, I've been shifting around the contents of my beauty bag to make way for a simpler, more edited selection of products. If you follow me on Instagram you may have noticed that I've been here, there and everywhere this summer. This has, in turn, forced me to create transitional day to night makeup looks with whatever gets thrown into my overnight bag.

Whether it's been a look for the surreal reality of bumping into Tom Hardy at an Eminem concert, my Mum's 50th birthday celebrations, or a wild camping trip inside a forest in North Wales - I've needed a look for everything. With this in mind, there are a few products I've called upon time and time again that I definitely recommend.

4 beauty products to try this month...

1. The Bodyshop Honey Bronze - Bronzing Powder // £14

I've always admired the slightly nostalgic tortoiseshell packaging of the Bodyshop Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder, it's distinctive colour palette of orange, amber, brown and gold is just divine. I decided to give this bronzer a try after hitting pan on the bronzer I was using and wasn't motivated to repurchase. And as it's summer, I really needed that swoosh of bronze on my cheeks, if not only to balance out the shade of Dr Alex red I'd turned. I really appreciate that the Honey Bronze range caters to both very fair and very dark skin tones and I have shade 02 which offers a really natural, matte bronze with a neutral undertone. 
2. Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint - Dark Brown // £8.25

More often than not I'll have my brows tinted and waxed at Woodland's Beauty And Aesthetics Clinic, however, over the course of the summer I've been a little lax with making appointments, mainly as I haven't been in town! I decided since tinting my hair a few shades darker, that my brows needed to match up and so I called upon the Colorsport 30 Day Brow Tint to help. This stuff is SO easy to use and you really can't mess it up - even if you're as cackhanded as myself! The tint lasts well and the dark brown shade I have matches seamlessly with my natural brown eyebrows. If you don't have time for a professional tint, definitely give this a try by picking up a packet on your way home from work.

3. HEMA Cushion Eyeshadow // £7

This product is testament to the amount of time I've spent in London Euston station over the years. Every time I happen to be passing through, I find myself in HEMA. I first discovered the brand years ago in Amsterdam and was delighted when I saw it's presence in the UK. I have recently been coveted their cushion eyeshadow. A domed sponge applicator sits neatly into a cushion of sparkly gold/bronze eyeshadow formula - how satisfying! I have the gold variation and it is a highly pigmented shimmery shade that dots perfectly onto the lids. Super handy for travel!
4. HEMA Big Brow Crayon // £5.50

Remember earlier I mentioned I'd bumped into Tom Hardy at an Eminem concert? Well, on that particular day I didn't have any eyebrows on and I felt...naked. My usual brow weapon had broken in transit and I resorted to some not-quite-right eyeshadow and a completely unsuitable blending brush to try and whack on some brows in a hurry. Luckily, as I once again passed through London Euston station on my way to Ealing, I found the HEMA extra thick eyebrow pencil in mid brown. SAVIOUR. It's a chubby pencil that you can simply dot into your brows and blend outwards with an angled brow brush to achieve the colour depth and angle you require.

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31 July 2018


Every time I step foot into Primark, I am immediately drawn to their ever-expanding makeup and beauty collection. With everything from cute travel essentials, to a huge range of makeup basics, if you're a beauty lover like me, it's easy to bypass the clothes and head straight to these bargainous beauty goodies! On my last visit to Primark, I was particularly drawn to their newly revamped range of lipsticks. At just 80p, I had to restrain from buying every single colour they had available!

Yep, 80p lipsticks from Primark that are seriously good...

'In the buff' and 'Rosewood Mauve'

Packaged up in suspiciously MAC-like bullets, the PS Beauty lipsticks are weirdly so nice to hold in your hand, particularly the matte shades which are housed in a silky, grippy case. Retailing at just 80p they're cheap too, but this doesn't mean they're rubbish - quite the opposite in fact. On a side note, they also smell like Glossier's 'Cake' lip balm if you've ever tried that! YUM!

I wish we had decent quality makeup available like this when I was a lot younger because you can really create some wearable looks without breaking the bank these days. The quality of cheaper makeup is getting more and more competitive.
The shade I'm wearing above is from the PS Beauty 'Lustre' collection which is super comfortable to wear on the lips. The colour is called 'Rosewood Mauve' and is a gorgeous purple, lilac nude. I don't believe that the lighting in the pics above does the shade the full justice it deserves, don't worry it's not a 'Heather Shimmer' type shade, it's flatter in tone and more red. This has been my go-to everyday shade as it's perfect for all occasions - ideal for giving your lips a little somethin'-somethin' without making too much of a statement.

From the matte collection, I have 'In the Buff' (lol) a gorgeous purple toned, brown nude that is completely matte in the formulation and I must admit, a little drying. I definitely recommend wearing a matte lip balm such as Carmex underneath to give a bit of slip to apply. The staying power is pretty darn good and the pigment is intense enough to show up on the first application.  Again, for 80p you can't really go wrong!


18 July 2018


I used to spend in excess of 45 minutes every morning on my makeup. This was back in my college days, 17 without a care in the world and plenty of social events to warrant spending all my wages on Primark dresses and cheap makeup from Superdrug.

It's madness to me now that I would even trade precious sleeping time for throwing some slap on! Anyway, these days I've got my routine nailed down, as I've alluded to so many times here and one thing that has helped massively is choosing the products I use wisely.


Super creamy, super blendable and super easy to throw in your handbag for a quick touchup throughout the day, I find that this stuff really helps banish dark, undereye circles in one failsafe swoop. Perfect for mornings following a late night.

Perfect for giving tired eyes a lift, making them appear brighter, wider and more awake. The creamy formula is easy to apply and blend and the dark gold/bronze tone is perfect for adding a little something/something to lighter eyes. One thing I love about this product is how long-wearing it is without budging, smudging or creasing

My secret weapon for fresh, plump cheeks that look like I've had an hour in the sun with a glass of Sangria. I love this blush and how finely milled the mix of gold, peach and pink tones are. Perfect for achieving a pop of healthy colour on your cheeks, one 'swish and pop' of this lightweight powder is all you need.

I've been super lax on getting my brows tamed recently. I'm not sure why but I haven't had the time to go and get them preened. With this in mind, I've had to take matters into my own hands and tame them with this travel-friendly gel pen and powder. The colour payoff (in the dark brown variation) isn't at all warm in tone and effortlessly glides through the brows without making them look too thick and overdone. 

I have 'Nude Wave' and 'Tout Rouge' for every eventuality, you guys know I'm rarely seen without a bold lip! The creamy pencil is easy to apply to the delicate lip area without scratching and stays put for a good while, even after your 3rd brew of the day! I like to pair 'Tout Rouge' with the 'Havana Red' matte lipstick from the Bodyshop, both orange toned reds look fire when paired together!

For super smudgy, no budging eyeliner, give this one a try! I really like that this gel liner comes in a twist up applicator so there's no sharpening drama to be had. It also comes with a smudging end which is great for winging out your liner a little more for a smokier look.


10 July 2018


It takes a while for me to build up any kind of natural tan. I'm naturally pale skinned, weirdly with a warm undertone and even when I do manage to bag myself a bit of bronze colouring, it's only on the tops of my arms, or my nose - Everywhere else stays pretty pale.

This is the reason why, in the summertime, I opt to fake tan to even out my skin tone and look a little less crazy and patchy. I love having a beachy, sunkissed glow and as the oils in my own skin don't want to play ball, I have to call upon an arsenal of beauty products to help me achieve the look I'm going for.

4 products I use to get a glow in the summertime...


I find that a blob (yep, technical term) of Glossier's 'CloudPaint' in the shade 'Dusk' is the perfect colour to mix with my foundation to add a little something-something to my skin tone. I find this gel-based product a little tricky to use straight onto the skin, and whilst Glossier say; "It's hard to apply too much" I really don't think this is the case and I often end up with a patchwork of colours on my face. 'Dusk' is a gorgeous brownish nude that I also like to wear on my eyelids for a 'just come back from sitting in the sun' dewy look.

It's probably no surprise that the Milani 'Stellar Lights' Highlighter Palette has made it into this post because as i've said before it is just so pigmented and long-wearing. The micro-milled powder is really lightweight and easy to apply with just your fingers. I won't go on too much, as I'm sure you already know I love this palette, but a touch of the middle, bronzey/peachy shade just looks divine for a summer evening!


A much-loved favourite for anybody who wants to achieve a flawless glow without the scent of biscuits, patchiness around the elbows or an orange tone. The Palmer's Cocoa Butter Natural Bronze Body Lotion is a super creamy formula that smells delightfully of chocolate and coconut. Containing vitamin E it's super nourishing, especially if like me you've caught the sun a little on your shoulders. What I like about this gradual tan is that it develops seamlessly overnight and doesn't leave a stinky after scent so you can literally get dressed and go to work the next morning without having to shower it off. The colour payoff is also perfect for my paler skin and develops into a natural tan.

And finally, one of my favourite things to do before I head out into the sunshine (and obviously AFTER adding SPF) is to add a spritz of fragranced, shimmer to my shoulders and arms. My current favourite is the HIGlow High Intensity by Rochelle Humes Shimmer Oil as it just adds an illuminating glow on your skin without being sticky or too glittery!


2 July 2018



It really feels that this year, we are being treated to a proper summer, the weather has been glorious and it's been such a joy to sit outside until late into the evening with a glass of wine just enjoying the heat of the day on my skin and the smell of smokey BBQs in the air. 

This month, I helped my gorgeous mum celebrate her 50th birthday (albeit a little early), finished a course of CBT therapy to help the old noggin, and off the back of that, challenged myself to always be true to my heart and fight for what I stand for instead of just rolling over and accepting things. I really am a firm believer that it's SUPER important to be in charge of your own destiny and not let others dictate your journey. Only you know yourself, nobody else and as Dita Von Teese so wisely said: "you could be the juiciest, ripest peach in the world...and you're always going to find someone who doesn't like peaches." Live your life your way, because you only have one shot! 

Watching. Reading.  Listening to and More.

Watching - Love Island on ITV2

I've officially joined the club - The Love Island appreciation club. Having avoided it for two summers, this year I got sucked into the vortex...and I managed to drag Adam in with me. HA! Everyone was right! It is SO good. Obviously, I can't relate to any of them as I'm 24 going on 64, but it's definitely a juicy programme to watch and makes me feel so grateful I'm no longer putting my time into an 'Adam' or 'Wes' type of guy, been there, done that and it' not good for the soul. I think Laura is really underrated, not only is she gorgeous, but she's such a savvy, smart and balanced woman and I think she's my favourite in there. A lot of people say the concept of the programme is just candyfloss, but it's the perfect wind down when you've had a challenging day, just turn itv2 on and watch the dramz unfold.

Watching - Cargo on Netflix

I'm sure I've mentioned before, but I hate films. So when Adam suggested watching a Netflix original film named, Cargo which is centred about a zombie apocalypse, I laughed in his face and said NO! However, once I watched the trailer I realised it wasn't a traditional zombie film, it was an adventure film that appeared to have a lot of intelligence behind it, I was drawn in to give it a whirl.  I have to admit, it's probably one of the best films I've seen all year. It features Martin Freeman and some fantastic child actors, it's tense, it had me RIGHT on the edge of my seat and it had me properly sobbing at the end. Definitely go and watch it, it's not a shitty zombie film.

Listening to - Cosmo Editor, Farrah Storr On The 'Media Masters Podcast'

Farrah Storr is the editor of Cosmo magazine and she featured on the Media Masters podcast talking about how she was tasked with reinventing the super popular women's lifestyle magazine and adding a new lease of life to it in order to keep up with the changing media landscape. Farrah talks candidly about making her writers/contributors famous and keeping their voices, as well as the power of gonzo journalism and axing the outdated 'Striped bare'centrefolds. It was so interesting to listen to and Farrah seems like a really great boss to work under.

Also worth checking out...

Beauty Favourites

While the weather has been hot AF recently, I've dodged my usual red lip in favour of something a little more forgiving when you're all hot and bothered. I've been opting for a nude/pink lip combo which comprises of the Bourjois Contour Edition Lip Liner in '1 Nude Wave' - a super creamy, dusky pink liner that can be worn on its own, or paired with a lipstick. I like to wear mine with one of the dreamy Makeup Revolution Renaissance lipsticks in 'Prime' - the perfect nude combo and especially sassy for summertime.  


It's amazing when a colleague you've worked with in the past goes on to do something seriously sassy. This is what happened with a guy named Ryan that I used to work with, his brother co-founded Tatti Lashes - the false lash specialists creating luxury strip and individual lashes as seen on the likes of Kris Jenner, Khloe Kardashian and Chrissy Teigen. Ryan got in touch with me to see if I'd like to try Tatti Lashes out., of course, I jumped at the chance. I was kindly gifted the TL4 Luxury Mink Lashes as well as the TL3 mink lashes and the TL13 cat eye style strip lashes. They all come with decent glue and are completely reusable. I wore my TL4 lashes (according to Ryan a bestseller) to my mums aforementioned birthday meal i've never felt so glam. Super comfortable to wear and utterly fluttery. Tatti Lashes have made it possible to stock up on professional lashes without paying crazy prices. 


As I mentioned before, it's been hot, hot hot here in the UK and on one of the hottest days I was cooped up on a delayed train to Manchester. It was whilst I was pressed against the toilet door like a sardine that I got a whiff of my perfume. It was the Jo Malone 'Blackberry and Bay' cologne - my favourite fruity, lightweight fragrance. It was really refreshing to smell and reminded me that it's the perfect summertime scent.

* Post contains gifted items from  Tatti Lashes


27 June 2018


I'd like to think that I have an efficient little system when it comes to the time between snoozing my alarm and heading out of the door. And when it comes to ensuring I look somewhat human, this is massively helped by a capsule collection of products that sit on my dressing table that are within easy reach and can be relied on to get the job done!

My current most reached for beauty products...

Glossier - Stretch Concealer

I've been using the Glossier Stretch Concealer for a couple of months now and it really is one of those products that gets better with each use. This super creamy concealer isn't cakey and adds a pop of radiance to an otherwise tired and sallow complexion. It enhances cheeks, brightens under the eyes and with a bit of layering, helps to make blemishes not nearly as noticeable. I use the shade 'Light' which suits my naturally paler complexion and acts as a beaming highlighter when I have a bit more of a tan.

Glossier - Boy Brow

My eyebrows are pretty au-natural atm, which is quite shocking given that for many, many years I was teased for having bushy brows, and then as these things always go, I was teased when I shaved them all off and started again! Girls, you just can't win with year 9 lads. Fast forward 10 years and every morning, I simply comb through my brows with the iconic, Glossier Boy Brow - this product always works better for me after it's been used a few times and the formula has had time to dry out a little. I use the shade 'brown' which is murky and ashy enough to give a groomed, glossy brow without looking OTT.

L'Oreal - Telescopic Mascara

It really is all in the wand. I've loved this particular mascara since I 'borrowed' it from my mum's makeup bag years ago. For people who want extra long, statement lashes without the spidery plumpness, the L'Oreal Telescopic Mascara is insanely good. I have the carbon black variant and it really is an intensely pigmented product so it does take a bit of work with a warm flannel to budget the formulation. If you're looking for that extra level of precision and length when it comes to your lashes, definitely give this a go. I also recommend this mascara for people like myself who prefer thin, plastic applicator wands instead of those insanely bristly numbers. For extra dramatic lashes, use both kinds of wand applicator.

Elizabeth Arden - 8 Hour Cream

The most multi-functional beauty product around. Man, I love this stuff! I don't know whether it's the endearing history, dual-purpose functionality, or the sweet lanolin scent but I baste myself in Elizabeth Arden 8 Hour Cream. It's the perfect lip primer for when you've been asleep, got yourself a nice dry mouth and then needed to apply a babein' bold lippy. It also works really nicely as a subtle highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones, especially in the summer months. 

MAC - Girl About Town 

A lipstick that brings me sweet, sweet nostalgia! I bought my first tube of this punchy pink lippy when I visited London for the first time with my then boyfriend. In fact, there's a post all about that trip here if you're interested. Awh young love! But anyway, whenever I need a pick me up, I always call upon Girl About Town, it reminds me of being 18 and carefree! The formula is easy to wear, the pigmentation is intense and you're guarenteed to feel like a girl boss when you wear this!

Calvin Klein - Obsession

I talk about this a lot so I won't harp on. Signature scent. Is loud, punchy, the epitome of the 1980s, a decade I wish I was around to experience. It's Calvin Klein 'Obsession' and I am utterly obsessed.


19 June 2018


Any beauty product that gets the thumbs up from Sali Hughes, is nearly always going to be a winner in my opinion. And it is because of Sali that I was introduced to Milk Makeup. I watched Sali's 'In the bathroom with Milk founder Zanna Roberts Rassi (who may I just add, has a really interesting accent that merges Mancunian with American) And having watched both episode 1 and episode 2,  I was totally sold on what the brand has to offer.

This cruelty-free, 100% vegan brand is paraben free, sulfate free and amongst other ingredients, mineral oil free. Milk offers a really nifty disclosure on what it means to be a 100% vegan brand which I definitely recommend you read over to really get to the heart of the Milk brand. And over the past couple of weeks, I've been trying out a few products from the Milk range which were very kindly gifted to me by my Aunt.

Milk Makeup - Matcha Cleanser
For anybody who travels frequently, the packaging of the Milk Makeup Matcha Cleanser is ideal, all thanks to a push-up applicator and sturdy plastic casing. According to Milk, this cleanser survives airport security checks due to its carry on size and solidified formula. 

Upon trying this cleanser for the first time, I was really impressed by how refreshing it is when the buttery formula begins to melt into the skin - It really feels like a splash of cool water. I use the Matcha cleanser every other night as it is, in my mind, more of an exfoliating product as it contains loads of microbeads which you can see in the pic above. It's a lovely, no fuss, easy product that doesn't dry your skin out whilst removing makeup effectively. I roll it straight onto my face before buffing with my 'toothbrush' cleansing brush. 

Milk Makeup - Holographic Stick in 'Stardust'
For a dreamy, ethereal glow the Milk Makeup Holographic Sticks are divine. I have the shade 'Stardust' which is a baby pink shade with a cool, blue undertone. Containing meteorite powder?! coconut oil and mango butter, this super silky formula glides onto the skin beautifully. I like to apply it both underneath and on top of my base makeup for a glow that really is, out of this world! I will admit, this one is not for the faint-hearted and it offers highlight voltage at 180% but it's worth playing with to see how you can get the formulation to work for you.

Milk Makeup - Kush High Volume Mascara

And now for probably the best mascara, I've tried in a long, long time! - The Milk Makeup KUSH High Volume Mascara! I have the travel mini and wow this stuff is good! The fibres in this mascara feature conditioning hemp-derived CBD-infused cannabis oil and the tapered, bushy brush coats and lifts each lash from root to tip...without those sneaky globs. Quite frankly, it is amazing and is so dependable when you want full throttle lashes. 10/10!


6 June 2018


This might be a slightly disjointed way to begin a makeup review but heck, I'm going to start here. I'm from a small family, really small. There aren't many of us and we're all spread out far and wide. I always joke that if I were to get married, my side of the venue would have no more than 8 people there max. When I was younger I always yearned to be apart of one of those big families where you're best mates with your cousins and you have an army of siblings. Maybe a large Walton-esc family will be a new legacy I'll try to initiate if I someday start my own family. And whilst it has been difficult having one portion of my small family based over on the East coast of America, when I do see them, we always have the best time. 

I saw my Aunt and my cousin a few weeks ago, they came to visit me here in Liverpool and we discussed at length the uncanny parallels between my 'borrowed' city, Liverpool and their city, Boston. My Aunt, who also shares an appreciation of makeup and beauty rituals, very kindly brought me over a few US drugstore makeup products to try, a few of which you'll see today and some in next week's post. 

First impressions of the found baked illuminating blush...

So let's start with found. Inspired by natural ingredients from around the world, found products are formulated with natural botanicals and good-for-you-ingredients that are never tested on animals *yay.* I love what this brand is about, I love their packaging and their classic, simple branding.

Their pricepoint (in dollars) sits around the L'Oreal, Revlon mark - a mid-weight drugstore product in terms of price. I have been trying out the Baked Illuminating Blush with Rosehip Oil which retails at Walmart for $8.80 (about £6 in GBP.)

This is an illuminating blush that gives you a seriously healthy glow all thanks to a mineralised mix of pretty pink and subtle gold pigments. This is perfect for summertime when you want that 'Just stepped off the beach' glow without looking like Aunt Sally. I have the shade '70 Pink Glow' and it works really well when I'm wearing a slightly more tan foundation, and when I'm paler. There is a subtle shimmer to the formulation, but nothing too Edward Cullen-esc, don't worry. Do I recommend it? 110%!

First impressions of the Milani 'Stellar Lights' Palette...

If Angels could sing RN! The Milani Stellar Lights palette in the 'Rose Gold' variant is a palette that really packs a punch! Just look at that glow! If you're looking for buttery soft highlighters that are boosted by fabulous pigmentation, then you HAVE to get your hands on these highlighter shades. 

Another cruelty-free brand, I have seen Milani absolutely killing it with some of their eye palettes in particular. Retailing at $13.00 or just under a tenner in GBP, you get 3 large pans of micro-milled product. Perfect for creating a number of warmer looks, I have been alternating between the peachy shade and the frosty white shade. Shade number 3, which is redder in tone looks really gorgeous on the eyelids if you're a pale gal with light eyes like myself. First impressions? Milani are bang on the money with this beauty!


31 May 2018


May has been excellent. The weather has been glorious and there have been a few things going on behind the scenes in my life that have made everything that little bit sweeter! No actually, a lot sweeter! Yay! Amongst all this, I've had some lovely moments with my family and friends and really, really appreciate the little nucleus of good eggs I have around me. Oh, and we got a new addition to the family, little Muffin the hamster - Naw.

And whilst there have been some not-so-peachy situations i.e my leg swelling and expanding to four times its size thanks to a bite and a violent infection and a totally unnecessary and cruel occurrence happening to one of my most cherished family members, May has truly been a dream. Thanks, May.

Watching. Reading. Listening to and more.

Like many people, on May 25th, I was avidly following the #hometovote hashtag all day. The masses of emotional tweets and videos showing people travelling from far and wide to vote in the 8th amendment referendum got me so, so choked up! I particularly loved the Grandad's and the sheer solidarity from Ireland's sisters was incredibly moving. Great result for Ireland repealing the 8th amendment, but now change must come for Northern Ireland also.

Did anyone catch this article where Ikea ran an experiment asking people to verbally 'bully' one plant for 30 days and give compliments to another plant? Both plants were identical and given the same amount of space, food and light however, the results were truly astonishing. They say talking to plants helps them grow, but I sure wouldn't have the heart to say mean things to a plant, especially knowing the effects it has on them! Let this be a lesson of how we speak/treat ourselves and others!


For the last portion of the month, my leg resembled a cartoon meat bone all thanks to an infected bite. Well, of course, a lot of resting and leg elevation ensured my TV schedule was duly fulfilled. I loved the newly formatted 'Who wants to be a millionaire' hosted by Jeremy Clarkson. I genuinely found myself doing better than half of the contestants on there, maybe i'll apply if it comes back again!

A few compelling pieces of television that I enjoyed were: '24 hours in police custody' - such a powerful piece of telly and a huge educational piece surrounding social services, alcoholism and mental health. I won't give too much away regarding what happens in the case, but it was such a difficult case to make your mind up about.

On Netflix, I've watched The Rachel Divide, a documentary centred around Rachel Dolezal an activist who caused a national debate over her self-identification as an African-American woman, when she was actually born Caucasian. Boy has this woman caused people's minds to be bent in a direction they've never been pulled before. In a world where people are becoming freer than ever before to identify and live as they wish, Rachel Dolezal opened up dividing opinion/debate on what exactly it means to identify as a particular race. I found this fascinating and I'll be honest, lies aside, I felt sorry for her. I was particularly moved by the story of her early home life. I've since read that Rachel is living off food banks and is extremely poor following the public exoneration of her name. Jon Ronson's legendary book 'You've been publicly shamed' comes to mind.

I've also watched 'Evil Genius' dubbed to be the next 'Making a Murderer' and again, what a show and what a truly bizarre state of affairs. The story begins with the barbaric death of a pizza delivery man who robs a bank with a collar bomb strapped around his neck and from then on in, the story unravels getting weirder and weirder. It's hard to believe situations like this one are cooked up and played out. There are some truly twisted people in the world.

And of course, what May 2018 favourites would be without an honourable mention towards the Royal Wedding of Harry and Meghan. I'll keep this brief but I thought Meghan's mum, Doria Ragland was so composed, dignified and effortless throughout and it was so moving seeing Meghan walk a portion of the aisle alone - in all honesty it did make me feel a bit sad for her, but if that isn't a huge step forward for the British Monarchy and having someone like Meghan a lead member of the Royal Family, then I don't know what is! I think Diana would have been so chuffed her legacy and wave making is having an affect even to this day!


For some reason, over the last couple of weeks i've been on a total binge of anything to do with the iconic and jaw-dropping 1994 OJ Simpson case. Absorbing content that explores the case and the horrendous double murder of Nicole Brown-Simpson and Ron Goldman led me to Kris Jenner's 2011 memoir, All things Kardashian which I found oddly interesting. Sure, there's not much about that family we don't already know, but I have to say, I enjoyed hearing about Kris' life prior to KUWTK and I have all these images of her as a glam Beverley Hills housewife in the 80s.

Beauty Favourites.
This months beauty faves are taking a slightly different guise as I am talking about individual products which are apart of a wider concept - Latestinbeauty.com. Sure, I thought I was over the beauty subscription box concept too, that was until I discovered more about this particular box and what sets it apart in a saturated market.

What I like about this beauty subscription box is that there are a few of different options you can choose from to get your beauty fix. You can purchase 'one-off boxes' which are curated by a particular brand or organisation i.e The Eve Appeal box, or you can choose from one of three subscription deals including:
  • The 'Beauty Novice' box - £9 per month for 3 of your chosen products, or £16 as a one-off purchase
  • The 'Beauty Enthusiast' box - £15 per month for 6 of your chosen products, or £22 as a one-off purchase
  • Or the box I have, The 'Beauty Guru' box -£18 per month for 9 of your chosen products or £25 as a one of purchase 
Latest in Beauty also have this nifty little tool to help you personalise your box based on your answers to a few short questions. This is especially good, if like me you are super indecisive. As you can see my 9 products are pretty skincare heavy and I have to say I really was spoiled for choice, the LIB range is great! You also can add on a 'Latest in Beauty' makeup bag to house all your new goodies in, so this makes for the perfect treat for yourself or someone sassy.

And whilst i've only been trialling and testing my new products for a week or so, for me, so far stand out products include the Tropic Super Greens Serum, the Weleda Skin Food (Apparently a fave of Alex Chung and VB) and the Paula's Choice Clinical Retinol Treatment - I mean it when I say, my skin never looked so good!

* Post contains gifted items from Latest In Beauty
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