12 March 2018


I mean it when I say that I know how truly lucky I am to have an entire space of our home dedicated to being just mine. This is a space that I don't have to compromise on decor or furniture, a place I can house my trinkets, worldly goods and excessive coat collection. Most importantly, my new room is a tranquil space for me to work.

For a bit of back story, during the last 5 years of my time living in the North West, I rented my own flat. Man I loved that place. And then, I met my boyfriend, Adam - he lived with his brother at the time, we knew we wanted to live together on our own, but our flat leases didn't match up therefore it made sense for me to move in with them until the time came to go our separate ways. This was last summer and I talked about it here.

When Adam and I were looking at properties to move into, we had 2 deal breakers:

 1. It had to have space for Adam to have an office to run his business 
 2. It had to have space for my family to come and visit/stay over

I never dreamed that we'd find the perfect place which accommodates both requirements and gives us two separate spaces to be ourselves, no interruptions. For me, I can explode as much colour as I like, for him he can have a an all black erry'thing man cave that smells of boys.

In the shared rooms of our home, it's a total merge of both our styles and i'll be honest, i've been a little more 'grown up' with my interior decoration aesthetic. In my new room, i've regressed back to the real Hollie. Most of the chaos you see in my new office is a mix of things that once lived in my bedroom at my parents house and my old flat. Colour! Eastern inspired bits and bobs and a total miss match vibe. 

The room is quite oddly shaped with lots of sloping ceilings and indents so I had to be quite creative with the space. As this room is ultimately, also a guest bedroom, it needed the space to fit a bed when required. As with all these situations, this room is a work in progress. For now, it is a comfortable multi-use space. 

And the story of this print? Well, many years ago, there was a boy I fancied. Like, really fancied. His name was Joe and he was a few years above me at school. When I was in year 8, he was in year 11, he was my maths tutor (anyone who knows me will know how horrendous I am at maths) He told me one night on MSN, that his favourite piece of art was 'The Kiss' by Gustav Klimt. After a quick Google search, I told him how strange that was, because it was my favourite piece of art too. Eek. Truth be told I did really like the piece and have loved it ever since. It's become really commercialised now, you can find a recreation of it almost anywhere, but I want to make it clear, I liked it before the hype. Haha.

Anyway, I knew that this particular piece of art needed a place in my new office. So when the team at photowall kindly got in touch to see if i'd like to try our their service, I immediately KNEW that The Kiss would be the print I chose. 

So who are photowall? Well, photowall are a company passionate about design - they create wall murals, photo wallpapers and canvas prints. If you want to create a focal point in your home the photowall site has thousands of images to choose from and you can even upload your own image.

The whole process from idea to canvas is so easy to follow and my canvas arrived within 3 days of ordering! The Kiss print and the build materials came in a large rectangle box with everything I needed to assemble my print! The assembly process was so, so easy. You simply attach 4 pre adhesive wooden plinths to your canvas print and tighten up some corner brackets to make your canvas taught. SO EASY. I am pretty rubbish at home DIY but even I could master this. If you're looking for a new piece of art for your home, use my code below for 20% off your first photowall order!

(Code is available for 30 days so don't wait!)

* Post contains gifted items from photowall


6 March 2018


Wearing: Stretch Concealer | Cloudpaint's in 'Beam' and 'Dusk' | 'Crush' Generation G lip colour | Maybelline 'Great Lash' mascara 

There was a time when I really didn't understand the statement: 'Less is more' - for me, more was always more and when it came to my make-up, this was so obviously the case. My eyes would be heavily kohled with a smokey grey/green eyeshadow and my lips would be dramatic, more often on than not, i'd be wearing Vamp from Makeup Revolution or Heroine from MAC - And that was just the makeup I wore to school.

These days, unless i'm going out somewhere fancy, I simply don't have the time to pile on the makeup and if i'm quite honest it's just not a look I like on myself anymore. Instead, I call upon a more pared back look with the help of my favourite Glossier products.

I've previously talked about the products that turned me on to Glossier, as well as my thoughts on the phase 1 set. So when payday came around, I decided to break my bank account...again with some of the remaining Glossier products that I had yet to try.

I had been put off purchasing the Cloudpaint cream blushes because one review said they're teeny tiny and definitely not worth the money and another said that most of the product shoots out of the tube when you first open it and it is impossible to ever distribute a small amount.

So what changed my mind? Well, I was getting pretty bored of how powder formulas sat on my skin. I was pretty interested to see how the gel-cream Cloud-paint formula could help create dewy, flushed cheeks. I really struggled to decide on which shades i'd try, in the end I opted for the duo deal in 'Dusk' - a rosy, rust shade that I use as bronzer, and 'Beam' - a coral pink shade that dries matte. Both are subtle and give you a look reminiscent of a day spent on the beach.

L-R Balm Dot Com in 'Cherry' | Generation G lipstick in 'Crush' | Balm Dot Com in 'Rose'

Why am I spending £10 each on multiple lip balms? Hmm I know. Completely and utterly frivolous! But they are all different right? I have a Balm Dot Com affectionate. I wear the formula everyday. 
The latest editions to my collection are; Cherry - wow this reminds me so much of a doll I used to have named 'Baby All Gone' - she came with food to feed her that smelt of cherries. 

Cherry is a subtle tint of red that is fully buildable. 'Rose' is a translucent pop of pink, an easy, breezy everyday shade that smells of rain on rose petals. Lush. And finally, a summer holiday in a tube the coconut variant of the Balm Dot Com family, Coconut smells heavenly - not your typical sun lotion scent, more like NICE biscuits and is a clear balm so you can wear it anytime, anywhere. 

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