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Blogging beginnings

Some time a go back in 2010, I clicked publish on my first ever blog post. Back then, blogging as we know it today was a relatively new thing and I started out with the hope of 'Good Golly Miss Hollie' giving me a better chance of securing a place at university to study journalism. Over the years i've been given some incredible opportunities, from the more meaningful such as a column in Grazia magazine, to the more decadent and frivolous such as staying in luxury hotels that i'd never be able to afford with my own money and having my hair cut by a celebrity hairdresser.
It still amazes me that after four A levels, countless hair colours, a few heartbreaks, plenty of laughs and one degree later, I am still here some 7 years later writing about what i'm wearing, beauty products i'm loving and the things that make me the happiest. 


I'm 24 years young, a through and through Sagittarius with a love of cats and an excessive handbag collection. Originally hailing from a small city in West Yorkshire called Wakefield, I now live in the North West where I am a journalism graduate working at a successful digital marketing agency. You can read more about my specialism as a Content and Influencer Marketing Manager here if you're interested. Or, find me on Medium sharing industry insights across the fields of content and influencer marketing (medium.com/@holliebradbury29)

Some things i've talked about:

Amongst house plants, red lipstick and 1980s pop culture, i'm often found wearing far too much leopard print and filling the house I share with my boyfriend, Adam with antiques, ornaments with a Moroccan influence and lots and lots of colour (Much to his dismay as he's a really minimal kind of guy).

What else would you like to know about me? Well, My favourite book is Shantaram, my favourite song is always a strong tie between 'Supersonic' by Oasis and 'Gimme Shelter' by The Rolling Stones. My favourite tipple is red wine, sometimes Campari and soda and i'm happiest when I have an ocean breeze in my hair and the sun on my back.

You can find me in all the usual places, Twitter, Instagram  Pinterest + LinkedIn 
And, if you want us to work together on something fun, head over to this page.



  1. Always good to find West Yorkshire people! I love animal print too. Love your blog layout x
    x GNAR MOSH x


If you would prefer, you can contact me on Twitter: (@holliebradbury)

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