As you know, I recently revealed a change in the old hair department.
Long gone are my dark red locks and they have since been replaced by a blonde barnet.
If you read [THIS POST] you will know how I managed to convert colours in the space of four hours.
I actually started the first wave of my transition back in the middle of December and three weeks on I thought that it was time to do a little bit of tweaking here and there.

I  recently used another Superdrug – Colour Performance dye as I think that for the price, the quality of the dye and the additional colour conditioner is brilliant.
It was mainly the mid to end lengths of hair that I wanted to colour correct as they were much, much darker than the hair on the top of my head.
It appeared that I had a reverse ombre going on and whilst I like that look a lot, the tone of blonde was a teeny tiny bit on the strawberry side and didn’t blend nicely with the other colour.
This time around I used Natural Lightest Ash Blonde as opposed to the medium variation in  My hair was a lot blonder so I was hoping that the colour lifted a lot easier from the warm, honey blonde.
For the time being I shall be leaving the Hydogen Peroxide alone so I bought a few products that I think will help maintain my blonde before it is time to slap on another dye.
For shampoo I am currently using the John Frieda – Go Blonder Lightening Shampoo
which was recommended to me by my mum who noticed her blonde hair brighten up.
And for conditioner I am using the Colour Renew Conditioner from the same range.
This is essentially to keep my blonde from turning as brassy and maintain an ashy undertone as opposed to a yellow undertone.
Finally, I was recommended the Colour Effects Toner from
Superdrug I bought the colour 8.1 Cool Blonde.
I leave the toner on for five minutes once a week as I have the benefits from the toning conditioner and too much turning can cause some serious funky colours to appear in your hair.

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