I am ridiculously hooked on hair dye.
I never thought I would have to admit to a hair dye addiction however, I think the time has come.
Since 2014 began five weeks ago, SEVEN boxes of the stuff have been purchased.
That’s an average of 1.4 applications a week to be precise.
Before you ask, yes my hair is now suffering the consequences but hey at least the colours good right?
The last colour I purchased is going to be the last one I apply in a long while.
Having heard my friend Charlotte rave about the brand I decided to try the
Nice ‘n’ Easy – Permanent dye in ‘Medium Ash Blonde’
I love the advert that describes the shades as a blend of three salon tones, with my hair being a whole host of colours I figuired this would be a good idea.
My hair pre dye was very, very warm in tone and I must add that this colour is not the shade for you if you have very blonde hair currently as it will actually turn it a hue of green.
This colour is however perfect if like me you are trying to wash out orange/red tones in your blonde.
The colour guide on the back makes this shade look fairly uninspiring and I wasn’t sure whether I was to expect a blonde, light brown or grey outcome.
The application is very easy although the smell of this product is insanely toxic, make sure you open a window and stand in an open room!
Upon rinsing I was surprised to see that my hair is much more of a natural blonde, with my bright orange ends toned down to a more honey toned blonde, admitedly they are still very red but just not as red.
I like the colour, it warm, natural and the perfect base for adding more brown or adding more blonde.

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