I will have to be honest, I never really took to the whole BB Cream hype when it exploded a few years a go now.
I feel like they are more suiting for somebody who prefers a much lighter coverage.
I myself would rather take the time to apply a foundation in the same time it would take me to smooth on a BB cream.
As I am sure you are aware BB creams are ‘Beauty Balms’ although some market themseleves as ‘Blemish Balms’. 
They are intended to smoothen out the skintone in a light coverage cream.
I have recently been dabbling with the Anovia – BB Cream* which retails at 99p in Poundworld.
I have the medium to dark variant as I currently have on fake tan so it blends much nicer into my neckline.
The product states to even out the complextion, moisturise the skin and blur imperfections, all with SPF 15 UV protection.
I like to apply this product with my fingers to provide a light coverage on days when I am not doing anything special but my skin needs a little bit of something to stop me looking so rough.
The consistency of the balm is nice and moisturising and the pigmentation is not too orange or too dark which is I find to be a negative of most other beauty balms that I have tried.
I give this BB cream a huge thumbs up!
Which BB cream could you recommend?


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