I asked on Twitter last week if anybody would like to see a full post on my hair transition
from bright red to bright blonde.
As a lot of you have been following my hair journey I had a huge response and yes of course you wanted to see all the crazy things that I have done to my hair over the past few months!

I of course do not recommend that you put your own hair through all of this hell as it is extremley damaging, I am lucky that I have seriously robust hair but the damage is still done!

The madness all started the week before Christmas 2013 when my long term relationship ended.
I don't know about you, but when a relationship ends I want to do something with my hair to make me look different.
I'd had the same mahogany/red hair the whole time I was in the relationship and it was knocking on towards five years of sporting the shade.

Blonde is the only hair colour I have never had so after making the decision to try blonde there was no stopping me.

Here is my hair before the bleach:

November 2013

It has many years worth of red dye loaded onto it however, the last red that I ever used was the L'Oreal Feria - Spice Power shade.

I then bought ColourB4 in the maximum lifting variant, the Jerome Russell Bblonde - Maximum Lightening Kit and a Superdrug - Medium Ash Blonde dye.

This in turn turned my hair colour this colour which is a light strawberry blonde shade with A LOT of orange in it.

January 2014

By February I figuired it was time to hit the dye bottle again!
I bought the Nice and Easy - Medium Ash Blonde dye
And the colour looked like this:

February 2014

It was at this colour stage that I kind of abandoned my blonde ambition and decided I wanted to go for a more grown out - Lauren Conrad colour hair which is essentially light brown hair with blonde highlights and lowlight.
I bought a light brown dye and another medium ash blonde and got to work.

The beginning of March 2014

Looking back, I think this colour looks lovely and not at all bad for a home hair dye jobby however, I obviously wanted to start my quest for bleach blonde hair again as I took to the hairdressers later that month and had the whole lot bleached!

The end of March 2014

After striving to get rid of the warmth in the ends of my hair, the colour fluctuated through a number of ash blonde shades (with some nightmare's along the way as you can see below)
And finally, we arrive at today

I am FINALLY blonde and I love the colour!