If like me you have naturally very pale skin, blonde hair can make you look ill. 
Since my hair has become progessively lighter, I have had to shake up my make-up a little in order to make my hair colour complement my skin tone a little more.

I have found through trial and error that dark liner and dark eye make-up makes my face look harsh instead, I opt for warm brown and gold toned eyeshadow and liner. These colours warm up my face much more than the cooler tones and in turn complement my lighter hair better.

I have naturally dark eyebrows so I tend to not fill them in as structured, instead I sweep a medium brown shade through the natural angles of my brows, keeping them soft.

On my face I stick to a neutral base with a peach blush as opposed to a pink blush as pale skin makes blemishes and redness look even more red.
Neutral shades are the best for blonde hair and fair skin to counteract this problem.

On my lips I think a striking pop or red or hot pink looks amazing against pale skin and light hair as it is vibrant and pulls the attention to the face as a whole.
In the daytime I like to go with a peach toned lip colour as pale pink looks a little too Barbie-esc and again washes the colour from your face.

Which shades would you recommend for fair skin and light hair?