Beauty Products That Best Define Me In 2014

I have something a little bit different for you all today.
 Beauty that best describes me
Here are four beauty products that I would say best describe me, not only are they my personal favourites but they are also the products that I repurchase over and over again.
The Perfume: If there were a scent to describe me it would always be Yves Saint LaurantCinema – I have worn this perfume since I was ten years old when my dear Nana took to Boots to buy it for me. Everybody knows me by this scent and it is just delicious, glamourous and sexy. It is an oriental, floral fragrance that is described by YSL as a volumptuous scent with a flamboyant character.
The Eye Make-up: More often than not I will be wearing Green Smoke eyeshadow from MAC on my eyelids which looks a little something like [THIS]. I like my eye make-up smokey, green and grey – kind of like my eyes! For me it is all about a smudged green shadow with lashings of mascara and layers of liner.
The Hair: Since becoming a full time blondey, yes the days of being inbetween are long gone and I would now say I have earnt my stripes in the club. To maintain a glossy, white blonde colour I use the Pro-Voke Touch of Silver – Optical Brightening Shampoo twice a week. This super strong violet toning shampoo keeps my blonde bright and brass free. I talked about it more indepth [HERE]
The Lips: Bright lips, I have to say are my thing I love nothing more than a pop of colour on my lips to brighten up my make-up. My favourite go to colours are of course hot pink, yes MAC Girl About Town I am looking at you and bold red, my favourite being a ÂĢ1 lippy from MUA in shade 13.
The Nails: My first dabble with black laquer was when I was on holiday aged 14. I was going through a gothic phase and my mum would always say my nails look disgusting. Since then I barely go a week without a splash of black on my nails, my favourites being the super glossy, blacks. LC style.
What are your four defining beauty products?


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