There are a few outfits that hang in my wardrobe that make my friends say:
"Oh that is such a Hollie outfit"
I have struggled for a long time to realise what it is that they mean when they say that but I think that I might be able to put my finger on it.

A classic 'Hollie' outfit is usually brightly coloured, patterned and obscure.
Strangely enough, that is exactly the description that my latest wardrobe additon adheres to.

I was recently contacted by Stylist Pick which is an online fashion site which houses some rather 'Hollie-esc' brands.
They kindly asked if I would like to style a piece from their website and with an upcoming work event on the horizon I was very excited to see what the site had to offer.

I have long since been a fan of the brand Ruby Rocks which is a brand that combines vintage style with a unique street edge. 
(Maybe this is the perfect way of describing my style because there isn't one item from the brand that I dislike.)

I chose the mini circle - shirt dress* which is actually in the sale for £29 HERE

The bright clash of burgandy, gold and blue was what caught my attention and of course the cut of the dress is unlike any other dress in my wardrobe.
For my works summer party I teamed it with two chunky gold necklaces and flat, basic sandals to keep my look dressy yet summery and casual at the same time.

Have you spotted anything that takes your fancy on Stylistpick?