Review of the Thistle Hotel, London Piccadilly

If you follow me on Instagram (@goodgollymisshollie) you will have seen a fair few pictures of the big smoke popping up here, there and everywhere on my account last week.
I promised you all that I would tell you more about what I was up to in London in Sunday’s edition of
I also said I would tell you some rather exciting news.
But firstโ€ฆ.
My ‘day’ began at 01:00am when I had to get myself ready for a six hour Megabus journey! 
If anybody has ever travelled down to the south from oop norfff on a coach you will know how disgusting that journey can be.
I had to catch the coach down as the trains didn’t start running early enough for me to be in London on time. I have travelled to London on the coach a fair few times before but that journey in particular was horrendous. 
I was sat next to a man who snored so loudly the WHOLE way there, therefore I got no sleep and ended up being awake for nearly 24 hours!
Not only was I ridiculously over tired but I also was sat next to the toilet whereby the door didn’t shut properly and stunk something rancid of stale wee!!!
When I finally arrived in Victoria I headed straight to Weatherspoons for a fry up, I figuired that I was allowed something naughty after surviving that hideous journey and after literally downing four cups of strong, strong coffee I scurried into the toilet to change my outfit and put my face on ready for the day!
I decided to head into central London to leave my super heavy bag with the concierge at my hotel
It was then that my phone bleeped and my friend Ricky informed me that he was in town, with a few hours to spare before I had to be somewhere super exciting we met for coffee in Covent Garden which was so lovely as we don’t see each other very often.
All packed and ready to go! | A Weatherspoons special at Victoria station | Popping up in Piccadilly! | Coffee in Covent Garden
After having a litle panic about how I was going to get from Covent Garden to Liverpool Street I said goodbye to Ricky and emerged on Shoreditch High Street.
I was essentially in the city for a job interview at the exclusive Shoreditch House but naturally, I had no idea where that was (thank goodness for Google Maps!) and in the end, a black cab.
I wasn’t too impressed that the cab driver called me a northern monkey though!
After my interview I wandered around Boxpark and decided it was time to head over to my hotel for a nap. (Or so I thought)
 I arrived at my hotel which was the beautiful Thistle Piccadilly in the heart of Leicester Square.
I had collaborated with the Thistle hotel brand and BT for some work and in turn I was entitled to a complentary stay in one of their hotels..
Little did I know that this was not going to be any old stay..
This was a stay in a junior suite!!!!!!???!
I was given the keys to my room and opened the door to heaven.

Gone were my ideas of having a nap, I was that excited I called my mum for an hour as I couldn’t stop running around shouting.
The people below must have thought I was some kind of loon!
After having a long, hot shower in that ah-mazing shower I quickly got ready for dinner, opting for a plain black maxi dress from HandM teamed with tan flats and a lot of jewellery,
A very old friend of mine suggested that we hit Soho for the evening and so after a few glasses of red in my rather swishy suite we headed out for vietnamese food at Pho in Soho whereby I had the nicest curry I have had in a long, long, long, long, long time.
It looked a little like this:
and it was called Xao, I highly recommend it, I had the king prawn with chilli variant inside of the ginger sauce teamed with broken rice, pickle and asian herbs.
To wash it down I had a ‘Hanoi Mule’ which was very mojito-esc just with the addition of some ginger and apple.
Joe and I walked right in to the restaurant and were served immediately, the space was intimate yet chatty, perfect for two old friends catching up.
After dinner it was of course time for GandTs at Green Carnation we managed to edge our way into the VIP booth which came complete with chandelier and secret curtains. 
After drinks and feeling a little fuzzy headed we strolled down to the river just in time for Big Ben to strike 12 and with that it was way passed my bedtime.
I retired back to my princess room but not without spending five minutes to apreciate the view from my room.
When morning called I headed down to the OLounge restaurant whereby I had a fabulous cooked breakfast, possibly the best one I have ever had.
Just look at this!
And with a very full tummy a happy Hollie headed back to Liverpool.
The exciting news is that I was offered the role in London and I have taken it!
I will be moving later next month and don’t worry, I will be bringing you all along with me for the ride as GGMH moves to London!


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