Skincare is one of those things that interests me, yet I find the whole processing boring.
Whenever I am ready to hit the hay, the last thing that I really want to be doing is faffing around with a million and one products to take off my make-up.
That was until my entire skincare routine came ready made in a little purple pouch.
A little while ago I was introduced to ESPA skincare at the FABB Liverpool event.
The lovely lady on the stand was offering complementary skincare packs for various skin types.
I of course chosen the comb/oily skin variant but ESPA also make them for dry and normal skin also.
The Balancing Collection is an introduction to the ESPA skincare range.
Inside the pack you receive:
Balancing Foam Cleanser:The rich, foaming facial wash is applied to dampend skin via a pump applicator. This is a soap free cleanser so you don’t have that horrible stripping feeling when working the product into your skin. 
Balancing Herbal Spafresh Toner: An aromatic toner to hydrate, revive and clarify your skin, this is my favourite part of the ESPA routine as the toner smells delicious when it is applied to your face and leaves your skin feeling really soft and refreshed. It is as this stage I start to feel that my skin is really clearing of congestion and nasties.
Balancing Face Treatment Oil: This is a purifying facial treatment to help balance oil and nourish the skin. I often find that even my oily skin can feel dry at times (especially around my cheeks.) I like to warm the oil in the palm of my hands and press into my skin. It may seem a little strange adding oil to your face if like me you already have oily skin but it really does help rebalance the oil and leaves your skin super soft.
24 Hour Balancing Moisturiser: I love how refreshing this moisturiser feels when I apply it after the three step cleansing system. It is a very light moisturiser that penetrates the skin quickly so you aren’t left with greasy feeling skin.
I love knowing that my skincare routine is already set up and ready to go, nevermind using the spa worthy products, have you ever tried ESPA?

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