Lunch dates are my favourites, I love filling up the hours in the middle of the day with good food and the chance to catch up with someone lovely.
Last week, that lovely person was my friend Lauren who writes a travel blog that you can find HERE.
After being terribly indecisive, we decided to act upon Lauren’s recommendation of a lunch date 
Nestled within Liverpool’s creative quarter Unit 51 is one of those simple places that has a quirky atmosphere with zero pomp.
What I liked about this place was its strong feeling for supporting local, independent businesses.
The space also invites artists to display their work and hosts regular events such as film nights and wine tasting sessions.
Lauren highly recommended the food so I found myself ordering a deli bagel which I have to say was the nicest deli style sandwich I have ever eaten.
I paired it with a berry and soy smoothie which was unbelievably fruity but has to be ordered with a glass of water as it contains a fair amount of seeds.
Nobody wants the awkward seed in tooth situation going on.
Lauren opted for an equally delicious red pepper and humous ciabatta with a honey, oat and banana smoothie.
The food is generously portioned and reasonably priced for the quality and amount that you receive and the service was excellent.
Well worth a visit if you are ever around the baltic triangle in Liverpool.

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