A few years ago when this blogging malarkey was merely a sparkle in our eyes and nowhere near as crazy as it is now, there was one product in particular that was the ‘collection ‘lasting perfection concealer’ of its day.
Allow me to reintroduce you all to ‘Soft and Gentle’ – a mineralise skin finish from MAC.

I missed the boat the first time around and never gave the product any more thought until now.
After having a little browse at the MAC counter based in Liverpool’s  Harvey Nicholls ‘beauty bazaar’ the make-up artist applied a little ‘soft and gentle’ to my cheek bones.

The product is essentially a highlighter, but a beautiful one at that it gives you a healthy glow that makes you look dewy and radiant.

I like to apply the powder with a large fan brush concentrating some product under the arch of my brow also.

At over £20 it is an expensive treat but as a budget beauty lover I do believe it is worth it, I haven’t come across any drugstore alternative to ‘Soft and Gentle’ and some of my fellow #bbloggers have informed me that they haven’t hit pan or even made a dent in the product even after a year! 

Have you ever tried Soft and Gentle?

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