Time has flown by SO quickly that I can’t believe that I am already writing about my second year experience.
If you want to whizz back to my fresher year you can by clicking HERE.
But if you want to stay here and find out what happened this year, then continue reading.
My second year has really been a tale of two halves.
The first semester was a challenge.
I do have to point out though that during my first semester I lost my beloved Grandpa and I was still in a long distance relationship that sucked the life out of me and the reason why I didn’t like being away in Liverpool. 
You can read more about that HERE.
However, the second semester has been amazing and reminded me why I actually came to university. FINALLY I have thoroughly enjoyed being in Liverpool and experiencing everything the city has to offer.
Grab yourself a brew, this is a long one!
-The Course-

For anybody who has just landed on this post, I study journalism at Liverpool John Moore’s university.
Last year we were warned that we would feel the pinch of the difficulty step up from first year to second year but I can tell you that personally, I didn’t.
Second year journalism was just different.
I wouldn’t say that it was any harder but the content was new and challenging.
This year we studied broadcast journalism, print and online journalism, UK politics, UK law and ethics and content generation.
Aside from law and politics I loved all of the other modules which is why on the university side of things I much preferred this year.
There is a bit of a teeth clenching story to be told from this year and it is one of those stories that tutors tell you about and you mentally hope that it never, ever happens to you.
The worst possible thing that could ever happen to a television student did indeed happen to me and a fellow class mate.
We were filming a catwalk, fashion show for a news bulletin and the super, super, super expensive, Sony z1 camera we were using, fell off it’s tripod and smashed into pieces on the floor.
Imagine explaining that to your tutor the next day.
I am a very practical, hands on person over being an academic so I lagged a little on the hardcore essays and exams but I loved the radio and television production and the online content creating.
This year on the journalism side of things has been a treat and reminded me why I wanted to study journalism in the first place.
-The Life-

My living arrangements were again, interesting this year and in all honesty it wasn’t the best for anybody, which after the saga in my first year and a feeling of discontent this year also, I decided that enough was really enough with living with people that I didn’t really know and why I decided that for my third year I wanted to have a flat of my own.
My own living room, my own kitchen and my own bathroom so that non of the drama and upset linked with sharing a social space would occur.

Happy days!
I cannot wait to kit my own place out and just enjoy not having to worry about noise, who is taking the bin out or who hadn’t washed their pots.

Socially, semester two has been amazing.
When I returned to Liverpool in 2014 my whole university experience turned around and I have had a blast which makes me so excited for third year because I think that I have finally found my place at uni now.
I got myself a job at the students union this year which I think helped enormously in me settling in and being happier, I love being a receptionist – who doesn’t love a good reason to show off their telephone voice!
This year I also found a really, really amazing group of friends which I realise now could never happen before when I was whizzing off to London every two minutes. 
Second year has been so good and I am really looking forward to September to kick off my final year, how mad is that, the end is in sight!


  • I was so close to studying this course LJMU and on a whim i decided to do something new and different. I can't help but feel a slight tinge of regret when I rrad what an amazing time you're having. But hey ho everything happens for a reason eh? Its lovely that you've found your place now, very happy for you 🙂 xx

  • This is great reading. i have loved reading your previous posts on this too, i am going to uni now in sept and i will be living in halls too, it is all so nerve wrecking! can you do a post on the things you must bring with you to uni? as it is so hard to know!

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