23 July 2014


I have done a fair bit of moving around lately, my parents recently sold the house where I grew up - you can read about that [HERE] and until their new place is built they are living in a rented house.

Having moved a good three times in two months 
I have learnt that you can make anywhere feel a little bit more like home with just a few tweaks and homely touches.
A few weeks ago I talked about how I utilised the small space I was allocated at the rented house 
in [THIS POST] and in my first year of university I talked about how I made my halls of residence feel like home [HERE].

Today I am going to show you how I made my London flat feel like home for under £15.
The first thing I did was add some colour to the white, clinical shelves.
I bought a string of red, love heart fairy lights from Ikea and draped them across the unit.
Not only do they add a little va va voom in the day time but they make the place look super cosy at night time.

Behind my desk area is a teal coloured noticeboard and whilst the colour itself isn't offensive, the long stretch of block colour looked a little flat so I gave it the Hollie touch and turned it into an inspiration board.
I ripped up my old Vogue, Glamour and Cosmo magazines and created a collage of my fashion and beauty muses.

My shelves were looking a little bare and with barely anything down here to fill them with I decided to display my favourite boots and heels as well as creating a little jewellery holder out of an antique teacup and saucer.
Finally, a fail safe way to add a little comfort to any room - a candle.
Mine is a vanilla scented candle from Ikea which I bought for a bargainous 50p.

How do you make somewhere feel more like home?
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