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This week I officially started my life in London.
Sunday kicked things off with afternoon drinks at the DoubleTree Hilton in Tower Hill, it was here that I met my fellow interns and generally got a feel for what was going to happen over the next few weeks, bonuses were that somebody told me I looked like Lauren Conrad and the copious amounts of complementary wine – I’ll take that!
I then headed for a beautiful dinner at Sketch which is just off Regent Street, If you’re ever in London you must make a note to check this place out, the food is delicious and odd as it may sound, the toilets are so outrageous.
Monday morning work began and I have to say that I am blessed to have such a lovely boss and colleague I am certain that they will both teach me so much.
Aside from catching up with my friends in London I headed for afterwork drinks at the Trafalgar Vista Skybar which was amazing, I have quite a love affair with London and to watch the sunset from up in the sky was fantastic.
The rest of the week I have spent here, there and everywhere with Saturday spent at my favourite place in London, Portobello market followed by hot drinks to warm up from the rain at The Bluebird in Chelsea and finally watching the sun go down t from the Southbank with good friends and a gin and tonic.
Today I think a trip to Camden market is on the cards, I wrote a piece about Camden a few years ago, you can find that HERE.
I am going to be marking the day as it is a year since my Nana died which is very scary to think she has not been in my life for a whole 12 months. 
I do think about her all the time though and I hope she is watching all of this crazyness I am getting up to this summer and I know that she will be shaking her head and worrying about me!
‘Until next week.

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