My week through Instagram: @goodgollymisshollie Sunbathing | Cocktails @ The Folly | My darker shade of blonde | Milk Bubble Tea | My favourite store in the whole world | Studio set up in Shoreditch | #shaveorstyle at the Michael John salon Knightsbridge  | Sunbathing in Hyde Park
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This week my face melted. Literally.
With the temperature’s sky high in London town there was no way anybody could avoid the sweaty upper lip and sticky back.
Monday saw my friends 23rd birthday and a group of us spent it at The Folly just off London Bridge, the food was okay but the cocktails were better, I went for a ‘Princess Sparkles’ which came complete with prosecco, vanilla and blackberry.
The rest of the week was spent working, except for Friday which I spent the entire day in Hyde Park  soaking up the sun before escaping to the air conditioning in Topshop.
Yesterday I was invited by Macmillan to join in their #shaveorstyle campaign where I headed to the Michael John Salon in Knightbridge to give my hair a super style that you can easily re-create, look out on GGMH. tomorrow for a post all about that.
This weekend I am joined with my family from across the pond, last night we headed to The Prince of Wales Theatre to see ‘The Book of Mormon’ which although is incredibly un PC it is hilarious.
‘Till next week

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