Steve Whatley Zhuzh Tan Accelerator Review

Steve Whatley Zhuzh Tan Accelerator
Above (right): my arm starts with fake tan, down to natural tan with help of Zhuzh in the middle to no tan at all.)

Last week, on my day off I took a good book, some fruit juice, a bottle of suncream and my tan accelerator to Hyde Park. The sun was super hot and the grass was comfortable, my intention to become a bronze goddess and I would say that's what I became after a few hours in the sun.

As a natural pale lady, it takes me weeks to get any colour, I remember heading back from Zante one summer and somebody at work actually asking me if I had been away yet!

The Zhuzh Tanning Accelerator* is fused with shea butter and works by boosting the natural pigment in your skin to deliver a natural, long-lasting tan.  By speeding up the process you don't have to be in the sun as long. Of course, this product isn't a sunscreen so don't use it alone before hitting the rays but I was amazed at the way my skin tanned up after only three hours outside.
The scent of this product is gorgeous too and it blends really easily into the skin.

I am really impressed with how moisturised this leaves my skin and if like me you struggle to tan, it is definitely one for you to try this summer.

Have you ever tried a tan accelerator?