For the best part of two years I waved goodbye to my fake tan addiction and kept my skin pretty porcelain. Since I became a full time blondey some six months ago, the fake tan came back. My favourite high end fake tan is the ‘Glam Tan’ by Lauren’s Way but I find that it is a little bit too pricey to repurchase over and over to use regularly. 

There are so many bargainous fake tans that you can buy for under a fiver that work just as well as the high end fake tans. A few of peoples favourites come from St Moriz and Sunkissed which can be found at stores such as Home Bargains and Wilko’s. 
I recently headed into TJ Hughes, a department store on Liverpool’s London Road where they sell a lot of discounted beauty products. Amongst the familiar brands I came across the ‘Ibiza Honey’ tan retailing at £1.99. I decided to give it a go.
Uncannily it is almost identical in everyway to St Moriz, everything down to the packaging and mousse consistency.
Upon first use you have to shake the bottle very well as an abundance of dark brown liquid spills out all over the place when you first press down on the pump applicator. 
The mousse is scented of suncream, and vanilla but that soon subsides to the usual fake tan scent of biscuits. The colour is super dark which darkens over time, by morning time it is safe to say you look like you’ve been wrestling with a lump of coal. 
The colour payoff is nice although if you apply to much you can look a little dirty so make sure you rinse off as much of the baseline tan as you can.
Overall for a super bargainous fake tan, Ibiza Honey comes recommended. If like myself you are on a student budget, this will keep you looking bronzed for nights out without breaking the bank.

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