Liverpool Fashion Week 2014 // Closing Night

Friday night saw Liverpool Fashion Week come to a close.
I apologise for this post being so late up, it was supposed to go live on Saturday however, due to a crazy storm on Friday evening when I got home – my internet shut off completely.
Closing night was the turn of the junior models and the pets. Now we all know what people say about working with children and animals but these little ‘ens were pros on the catwalk.

Collections came from sponsor’s ‘Childsplay clothing’,  Vertbaudet, Do Wah Diddy, Lego Europe and dogs clothing brand Pawabella which is actually owned by the youngest entrepreneur in the country, 11 year old Angel Thomas. 
I managed to grab 5 minutes with Angel and her mum Anita who told me that the dogs on the catwalk looked all the better for wearing Pawabella, Anita said: “I think there is a place for dogs on the catwalk, they’re a big part of the family, some people love them more than they love their kids so they should get spoiled like models just the same. It’s been fantastic this week but we wouldn’t have been here though if it wasn’t for Amanda Moss who supported local businesses and supported such a fantastic campaign, we really appreciate the support and would love to return next year.”
Angel, who’s luxury dog boutique has attracted attention from One Direction’s Harry Styles and the wider media told me that her favourite part of the show was: “The dogs all walking down the catwalk at the end, i’d do it again but I was scared when I walked down.”
After the show, I headed backstage to see how the make-up and hair artists felt after five days of styling and powdering. This year, hair and make-up was created by award winning MUA Jane Bellis and her Bellisimo team. Jane has the coolest lilac hair and sleeve tattoo so I was really excited to go and have a chat with her, she said: ” “It’s been Absolutely fantastic, it been a long time trying to get my profile up to try and be involved with a show like this.”
“My favourite night was Thursday night because it was international fusion, a very creative night, the team got to be involved with some really wild make-up and the pressure was on because we then had to change them back to a really natural face for the last show, it was about six minutes per body. I’m absolutely exhausted but we would all do it again tomorrow, we’ve loved every minute.”
Jane’s right hand man and head MUA of Liverpool fashion week, Michael Perks said: “This week went amazing, it’s been crazy, crazy busy, hopefully if we can come back next year I will be a creative director which is so exciting.”
And with that, the curtain was down and the fifth Liverpool Fashion Week was over, With Amanda already planning 2015’s edition I can’t wait to see details leaking about next year’s show.


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