There comes a day in October when you step outside and it suddenly feels like winter.
The air is chillier and your trust leather jacket just isn’t keeping you warm.

My vintage, leopard print coat is my official winter coat however, with 3/4 sleeves and no proper fastening, it is great for when I want to look dapper in the wintertime and it’s cold enough to seriously layer up but not so practically on my daily commute to uni and work. I needed something easy to throw on that would keep me warm without the effort of planning my outfit underneath it.
All hail Topshop with their leather jacket/faux fur coat hybrid. This jacket is perfect for if you don’t want to loose your leather jacket altogether in the winter time but need to feel snuggly and warm. Better still, my ultimate girl crush at the moment – Sammi from ‘Beauty Crush’ has the same jacket in her Autumn/Winter wardrobe.


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