Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Care // The Nourishing Repairer + Marvellous Transformer

Garnier Ultimate Blends Hair Care // The Nourishing Repairer + Marvellous Transformer
I have wanted to try the new(ish) Garnier ‘Ultimate Blends’ shampoo and conditioner range ever since the models auburn hair on the TV advert wowed me. Of course, using these products isn’t going to give me burnt orange locks (been there done that) but I was interested to see if the ‘up to 48 hours shine’ claims were true when using The marvellous transformer shampoo and The nourishing repairer conditioner. 

At heart, I am a bit of a branding geek and I have to say I love the curvy, almost clumsy packaging and 1960s style font. I am also a fan of clear packaging, so thumbs up Garnier for that. I bought each product for £1.98 at ASDA for 400ml of product which will last me up to 8 weeks now that I am only washing my hair once or twice a week.

 T H E   P R O D U C T S

The shampoo that I bought from the range is the paraben free marvellous transformer which aims to transform dry, dull hair using argan and camellia oils which have shine restoring properties. The product itself is scented lightly of soap and lathers nicely into the scalp.

The Nourishing Repairer conditioner is the real star of the two in my opinion, not only does it smell delicious, a mixture of avocado oil and shea butter but the consistency resembles a thick, moisturising body butter but for people with fine hair may be too much. I left the conditioner on for 30 minutes before rinsing enabling the product to get to work on immersing my damaged hair.  Upon blow drying my hair, it felt soft and nourished, looked incredibly shiny and frizz free.

Overall, I really like both of these products from the ‘Ultimate Blends’ range and I am interested to try the other options for various hair ‘issues’, in particular, The colour illuminator.


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