The creative team at George Northwood had already encountered my drab barnet when I attended their #lfw front row ready event a few weeks ago. It was amongst a lot of glitter, truffle pizza slices and refreshing gin that I met GN colourist Amy Fish and stylist Lotte O’Shea. Both of the girls told me that something could certainly be done with my hair to salvage some sort of style and colour if only they could get their hands on me.
On Tuesday afternoon I found myself back on the train down the London, I had quickly realised that no amount of home tinkering and tweaking would rectify my chemical damaged, colour faded hair. The ends were severely damaged, breaking off in to a dodgy mullet and the colour faded between Fanta orange and canary yellow.
                                                                   GN bathroom: Pinterest worthy

When I arrived at Georges’ Wells Street salon, I headed downstairs into the colouring department and met with Amy who looked super stylish in her sleeveless leather biker jacket and chunky earrings and we got chatting about hair colour. I told Amy that I missed the brightness of being blonde and she agreed that going lighter was the way forward. Amy began by applying bleach to sporadic sections of my hair and due to lots of my locks being fairly light in colour she knew that my miss-match shade would lift well. After rinsing the bleach she applied a gloss toner which helped to keep any brassiness at bay and conditioned my hair like never before.
After dabbling with colour, I headed upstairs to Lotte who was in charge of the cutting. I have recently been pinning like a mad woman on my ‘hair inspiration’ board and after seeing one photograph of model, Jourdan Dunn rocking a super short do I thought why not? Everybody from the likes of Taylor Swift, Lauren Conrad and more recently Cheryl Cole have been chopping their tresses so this was a great excuse to rid my scalp of damaged hair in the expert hands of Lotte who suggested an Emma Stone inspired chop with a soft fringe to frame the face.  Bye Bye dry hair. 
I am so pleased with the finished result, I haven’t had such short hair in around five years and usually I feel really un feminine with shorter locks however, this time I am made up with the style which can be worn straight and sleek or curled and messy. I now have a defined shape to my hair and a lot more volume at the roots. The GN team stuck to their word and delivered me the perfect bob for springtime, thank-you Amy and Lotte! If you want to experience hair magic at the hands of George and his fabulous hair wizards you can find them on FacebookTwitter and Instagram or visit the GN website  for more info about what the style dream team can do for your hair. 

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