Okay, I know these guys look suspiciously similar to some products that you might have seen before but let me take the time to give them the benefit of the doubt – packaging aside these four are awesome and I shall tell you why.
They are brought to all hair care fiends by Carino beauty which is available at Aldi I have been giving both the Moisture range* and the Mighty range* a whirl. As most of you know since deciding to give up the hair colour saga and stay brunette I have been focusing on my hair condition and have been trying to use as many products as possible to care for my hair to help it grow healthily. 
The Moisturise products contain native macadamia oil from Australia which adds shine and nourishment to the hair. Both the shampoo and conditioner of this range contain Aloe Vera and are intended for dry and damaged hair. Starting with the shampoo it lathers nicely and isn’t too heavy in the hair it smells pretty fruity too. The conditioner is a medium density consistency that again isn’t too heavy in the hair and when left on for 15 minutes leaves the hair incredibly soft. 
The Mighty products contain extract of kangaroo paw flower to add life and shine to the hair, they are intended for everyday use and great for anybody with normal, natural hair that needs some extra shine added in every wash. Again the consistency of the products aren’t weighty and because of this I like to mix the two conditioners together for extra shine and softness.
If you’re looking for an ‘Aussie’ dupe for a seriously affordable price I highly recommend both of these Carino hair care ranges. 

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