There was once a time some five years ago when I would use my Sony Walkman phone to take a picture of a lipstick propped up against my window ledge – no thought was given about lighting, clarity or positioning, it was just a picture of something I wanted to talk about. 
As the years have passed, GGMH grew from a blog that only my Grandad read, to fairly popular, to not very popular at all as the shiny, polished and aspirational URLs whizzed passed me. Blogging has become extremely big business for brands and bloggers alike, i’ve heard through the grapevine that some bloggers are charging up to £2,000 to feature a sample product! 
There was a time when I blogged every day – all whilst juggling A Levels and then later on a degree and I loved it however, I always had a mental note stashed away in my mind that once I had landed a full time job I would pack it all in. Well, these days I am working full time and I still can’t bring myself to never click ‘write new post’ again. There’s just something about my little online diary documenting my life from being 17 to 21 that comforts me, if I gave up on GGMH i’d be giving up a whole chunk of myself too. I’ve had some amazing experiences come my way through my blog and met some fantastic people – if I were to give up today, I might be throwing away 100 more opportunities. 
Since the end of my third year of uni loomed and I started full time work, I’ve scaled my blog down to four posts a week, three beauty and fashion based and one more personal in the format of ‘The Week’ – it really has become a more quality over quantity concept. I want you guys to have something decent to read that I have enjoyed writing rather than whacking something up to compete with the daily bloggers. 
The truth is, blogging isn’t my full time job, it doesn’t pay me a penny. I just write for those who like to check back and read and I write for myself to keep my writing sharp. I write a lot of blogs for a living and sometimes the last thing I feel like doing at 7pm at night is start writing my own. 
To manage my time I take all of my blog pictures on a Saturday morning and write a few posts after work in the week so that my weekends are free’d up to not actually be hammering the keyboard as much. In the past I have become stressed that I am not tending to my blog in my every spare minute however, these days i’m more relaxed about it. 
At the end of the day i’m hardly a Zoella of the world whereby people get annoyed if I miss a day and I guess the point here is, if you’ve realised (like myself) that your blog is never going to become your meal ticket  – chill out about it and keep it fun like it used to be.


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