An Introduction To KORE Skincare

My skin is so unpredictable, that after so long a stable cleansing routine results in break-outs, dry patches, oily patches and the whole thing looks a mess. In the run up to my graduation I wanted my skin to look its best for the all important picture for the mantlepiece holding that fake scroll. 
I was recently introduced to KORE skincare, an Australian brand that has recently launched here in the UK. Having had press coverage in The Times and attracted the interest of few beauty bloggers, I wanted to try the ‘superior skincare’ that is blended with a ‘KORE complex,’ natural ingredients, is paraben free and developed without any form of animal testing. 
KORE introduced me to their ‘Luxury starter travel pack*’‘ aka the KORE ‘7 wonders’ which includes the Foaming cleanser, Pearl Optimal repair cream, Pearl intensive serum, Restorative day cream, Repairing eye cream and the Pearl Revitalising toner. Each miniature contains enough products for 14 days worth of use and I have to say i’ve managed to squeeze almost 20 days out of my minis. 
I really like the handy informational booklet that comes alongside the products to give you a wealth of information about the brand and the science behind the products.
The gentle exfoliator: Once a week I like to use an exfoliator to really scrub my skin and shed any dead skin to keep my face looking radiant and bright. The KORE Pearl exfoliator is not one of those overly abrasive products that scrub your skin aggressively. Instead it is made up of very fine granuels that gently exfoliate the face.
The foaming cleanser: I start my daily KORE skincare routine by cleansing my face with a clean, warm flannel and the ‘Foaming cleanser.’ I’m not sure why this product is labeled as a ‘foaming’ cleanser as in my opinion it is more of a creamy product that sinks smoothly into the skin with no foam at all. Foaming cleansers get a lot of bad press since the rise of Caroline Hirons opinions in the beauty blogging sphere and this one certainly doesn’t have the over drying characteristics of a foaming cleanser. It is refreshing and light. 
The revitalising toner: This is my favourite product in the pack and smells delicious, in some ways the whole range should be scented like this as it is just so fresh. As the second step in my daily skincare I spritz the product directly onto my face and massage in or sometimes use it in the day to give my make-up a re-fresh. This is the only KORE product that contains alcohol. 
The Pearl intensive serum: Serums have become my ‘thing’ at the moment I love the intensive hydration that they provide especially for dehydrated skin. Containing magic ingredient ‘Hyaluronic Acid’ it is a great weapon for combatting signs of premature ageing. 
The repairing eye cream: I haven’t found myself as into eye creams as I probably should have now that i’ve hit my early 20’s. The eye cream is instantly hydrating, especially when layered over the Pearl intensive serum and is super a nourishing serum for application around the delicate eye area. A tiny amount of this particular product is required as a little goes a long way.
The Pearl optimal repair cream: This moisturiser is best suited to more mature skin as it is super, super nourishing and rich. You can really tell there’s some punch and power behind it. This is one of the KORE hero products and it certainly doesn’t disappoint. 
The restorative day cream: Probably more suited to my younger skin, this moisturiser was another highlight product of the range. It is less rich than the Optimal repair cream and is more oilier when sinking into the skin. It contains my favourite ingredient Vitamin E which helps to keep the skin hydrated and soft.
I really wish the ‘7 wonders’ kit was available to buy directly from KORE as it is the perfect skincare treat for whilst on holiday. Instead, the kit is only available as a gift when you spend over £100 on KORE products and is worth £62. 
Overall, These premium products are extremely worthy rivals amongst their French counterparts in the skincare market. They contain a range of ingredients to suit all ages and skin types which is a diversity I really like. KORE also write a heavily informative blog about skincare which covers everything from how to use your products, to blemish busting and breaking down skincare jargon.

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