Four of my favourite corners in my Liverpool studio flat

Four of my favourite corners in my Liverpool studio flat

It’s been a little while since a ‘4 corners of my room’  post adorned your screens – in-fact it was back in 2013 when I showed you around my bedroom. Ah, so much nostalgia I loved that little place, painted Opiate purple with gold coving. These days I live in my own flat, so there a few more corners to show you. I’ve picked four of my favourites to show you today.

1. The first corner holds my bed, my flat came fully furnished therefore I didn’t have a choice about the furniture, my bed head isn’t too bad but I figured it would look better with scattered fairy lights. You may remember that I used them in my studio when I lived in London, they’re from Ikea and give a red, warm glow when lit at nighttime.

My cushions are a little miss matchy at the moment as they were bought for my old place. My bedding (which you can see a better picture of here) is from TK Maxx and is a colourful spread featuring Indian elephants and Asian prints. My canopy is there to create a cost nest and of course features a dream catcher for all of those nasty nightmares.

2. The second corner is a little slice of my kitchen, one of my favourite places when i’m washing up or making a brew aside the light from the huge sash windows. I have covered some of my cupboards with a selection of my favourite people. 

There’s everybody from my Nan to my fellow internship buddies all reminding me of good times, people and places. I have a random selection of bits and bats hanging around this area, there’s a vintage, silver teapot and a shopping list from the 1970’s that belonging to my Nan. A lemon Yankee Candle sits on top of my coffee pot and can anybody spot the Yorkshire tea?
3. Across to my sofa, a little leather number that I decided to make more colourful by spreading a sheet I bought in Ibiza over the top. My cushions were an investment I made a few years ago and are from India. They’re scattered cushions more than for snuggling into but I love them. Cosmo magazine sitting there is a must along with my favourite eucalyptus and sage candle and incense stick box, also a little treat from Ibiza. 
4. Finally, my favourite corner that houses my best trinkets. If you read the original ‘Four corners’ piece you may remember some of my vintage teacups. Having had them in storage for a year or so, it’s so good to have them out on display again and for use with Sunday brunch of course. A little fact for you, the two yellow ones at the front belonged to Mary Portas when her agency was ‘Yellowdoor.’ The next shelf down holds my perfumes and a Fortnum and Mason jar holding my incense sticks. The lights strung from the arch are from Primark and are battery operated to avoid any ugly wiring. 

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