20 October 2015


[After applying Colour on, rinsing and leaving hair to dry naturally]

Whenever i'm pulled to Superdrug by my addiction to hair dye, I always try to lessen the blow by picking up a conditioner, or a new heat protectant anything to stop colour chemicals being applied to my scalp and hair. As you all know I have a serious problem with hair colouring and I would go as far as saying I have somewhat of a problem that needs addressing.

On one of my episodes a few weeks ago, I found myself in the hair dye aisle with a box of red dye in my hand. Whilst scouring the shelves I discovered the Colour On Semi permanent hair toner collection which is new to Superdrug. Intrigued, I was eager to learn more and picked up the red variant (There's a toner for brunette and blonde hair also.) The box states that the product has no ammonia or peroxide and is gentle on the hair.

That night I followed the instructions on the box which was the apply the formula to shampooed hair, though next time for an even more vibrant result i'm tempted to apply it to dry hair as instructed by every hair dresser i've ever met. I left the product on for 40 mins before rinsing.

I was really pleased with the result which left me with a plummy, pink toned all over red which has lasted all week without any major fading. I really love the product but I have one criticism, it retails at around £7 and is essentially a tubed version of the infamous Directions Paint Pots which you can pick up for as little as £1. With this in mind, I probably wouldn't buy this toner again but i'm certainly glad that I gave it a try as one tube has lasted me over three weeks already.

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