I know, I know i'm the most fickle girl in the land...One minute i'm telling you how much I love my auburn red hair, the next i'm shaking it up for something completely different. 

I've recently been on a pinning spree on my 'hair' board and found some super lush pictures of purple hair. I felt really inspired to help my dark roots blend in a little better with my artificial colour and decided to switch up my orange red, for a purple red.

The colour I used is the Schwarzkopf 'Live' Intense Colour in the shade 'Pure Purple' - I've tried to dye my hair purple before using a L'Oreal Feria colour which was an absolute fail. NEVER use the purple dye from L'Oreal, it give zero effect and when I complained to L'Oreal directly that the colorant had zero effect on my hair, the procedure to resolve the issue was farcical...but that's a whole other story for another time.

I have used LIVE colour on and off for as long as i've been dying my hair and I knew I could rely on the brand to give me some lovely results...Especially when it came to choosing a bold colour. As my hair was already pretty red, the colourant took well and left me with a deep, burgundy purple shade which inspired me to buy some clip in hair extensions to match.

I had to cut my hair when I went through a stage of being addicted to bleach blonde locks and since then i've been very slowly gaining millimetres of length. As my works Christmas party was upcoming, I bought 8 pieces of real hair from a shop in Liverpool to give a fuller head of hair a whirl. The colour match is pretty perfect for the colour the LIVE dye turned my hair and I couldn't be happier with the result. 

To top up my deep burgundy/purple hair I have been using 'Dark Tulip' by Directions, the semi permanent dye is perfect for adding to conditioner to refresh your colour between dye jobs and is the perfect match for both my extensions and my natural hair.