After jewellery, handbags are my jam. There is few things as satisfying as rocking a new piece of arm candy and taking my time transferring the contents from one bag to another, sad? Probably, but for me it’s therapeutic and oh so satisfying. Today i’m chatting handbags, the four that I am currently using the most. 
[ F O R  T H E  E S S E N T I A LS ]
The little red number you see above you, is my current favourite ‘going out bag’ it’s made from plastic and it smells soooo good. I was taken in by the Chanel-esc style complete with quilting, hook lock and gold chain. It’s actually from a vintage shop in Haworth  called the ‘Rose and Co Apothecary’ and fits in just the right amount of the essential possessions for a dinner out, a night out or even a wander around the shops.
[ F O R  E V E R Y D A Y]

This bag needs to introduction and whilst it has a whole post dedicated to it it is definitely worth a mention here as it is, my favourite handbag. I use my Mulberry Roxanne day to day for work and whilst I am a little afraid of battering it, I think a few (minor) scuffs add to its rustic vibe. My only qualm with this baby is that it gets super heavy really easily and isn’t the most comfortable to carry…It’s a legend though so I can’t be too picky.
[ F O R  T R I P S  A B R O A D]

I found this beauty in River Island a few years ago and it was ridiculously priced a few weeks later it was reduced as some of the sequins had come off and I snapped it up. To me it is the perfect summer, boho shoulder bag complete with crazy amounts of fringing. I like to sling this over my shoulder when wandering a market or heading out for cocktails by the beach. I used it loads in Ibiza  and on a few trips in the years previously. When this bag comes out, you know it’s holiday time.

[ F O R  T R A V E L L I N G]

I never thought that I would see the day that I became a backpack lover…But it happened and i’m so glad it did. I found this pleather backpack in TK MAXX, it had replaced a cheapy one i’d had from Primark and the handles snapped. I use this much sturdier version for when i’m heading down to London overnight or headed back to my parents’ house for a few nights. It fits in all of my essentials when packed effectively and is super comfy to wear.

Which is your favourite?

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