It’s not often that a new beauty release gets me terribly excited, don’t get me wrong I LOVE make-up but more often than not, the shiny glossy releases are well out of my price bracket and I have to wait for them to become less popular OR find a drugstore dupe.
The new Juicy Shakers from Lancome were the only releases so far this year that really interested me when I saw them popping up on beauty blogs. Perhaps its my adoration for Lisa Eldridge, the new Lancome creative director of make-up, or the truly wonderful vintage looking packaging in the shape of a cocktail shaker? I’m not sure, but I love the concept. 
A few weeks ago I had won a competition to try a a juicy shaker but unfortunately it never arrived *le sigh* i’m hoping it wasn’t just a marketing stunt to widen the Lancome email database however, my chance to own a juicy shaker was to be successful. Recently, my lovely landlord and friend Jody had left me something in my pigeon hole to try that she thought might be useful for this very blog. Little did I know it was a juicy shaker!
I have the shade ‘Berry Tale’ which is a gorgeous, punchy pink. I’ve read that most of the Juicy Shakers are pretty indifferent when it comes to shade variation but they are incredibly moisturising and lovely to wear on the lips. They aren’t gloopy, or sticky, and despite being part oil based, they don’t make your lips feel greasy, they are just comfortable and dare I say create the illusion of, your lips but better. 
The cushion applicator is pretty lovely too. Ruth Crilly of ‘A Model Recommends’ describes it as like applying the formula with “a teddy bears nose or a marshmallow” which is SO true and makes applying your gloss super lovely.
To purchase they are Β£18 which I wouldn’t normally pay for a lipgloss / lipbalm hybrid however, I do think that I would have invested in a Juicy Shaker, had I not received one for free, as I love everything about them. 

Have you tried a Lancome Juicy Shaker?

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