Holland And Barrett ‘Mega Vitamins for the hair’ // Do they work?

Holland And Barrett 'Mega Vitamins for the hair'
It’s no secret that I absolutely royally ruined my hair a few summers ago when I decided to bleach it blonde. Now don’t get me wrong when it looked it’s best, it looked pretty darn awesome but keeping up with super dark roots and an obsession with achieving an ‘ice white’ blonde, my hair like many others soon fell into serious disrepair. 
I openly admit that I am addicted to hair dye and it’s an issue, far more complex than getting bored easily, changing my hair colour is a real obsession, to which my hair has suffered…badly. 
These days I am really trying to become a reformed character. (lol) I visit a salon every 6 weeks for a trim and a semi-permanent colour ‘glossing’ – you can read more about the salon I go to in this post.  I do not tinker with hair dye in-between!
The colour I have glossed is more or less a match to my natural colour (minus the greys wtf I’m 22!?) on the root and I flitter between a warm chestnut / Auburn on the tips where my ombre once was. Since the beginning of the year, my hair is in much better condition already but I knew I wanted to do whatever it took to grow my hair longer. 
I’ve been on a hair growth programme before with Viviscal and my hair grew like grass! I’ve always had a fast growing hair as have my Mum and Dad, but the breakage and damage has caused my hair growth to slow considerably. I headed into Holland and Barrett to see if there was a natural way to revitalise my hair in some way.
I found the Holland and Barrett ‘Mega vitamins for the hair’ tablets and was super intrigued, I knew that they wouldn’t suddenly make my hair grow to my ankles, but for condition, promotion of new growth and restoration, they were worth a punt.
They weren’t massively cheap at around Β£15 for 90 capsules and you can take 3 every day for a month. I took my tablets with breakfast (along with my other daily supplements) lunch and dinner which is recommended on the bottle and they are hefty things if you have trouble with swallowing tablets this is definitely something to be aware of!
I’m not going to pretend to get science-y so for a full list of ingredients in the vitamins, visit the Holland & Barrett site here… I will note though and I apologise if this is TMI, because of the presence of vitamin B2, these supplements make your wee look a little radioactive! Think Mountain Dew…lol!
So have I noticed any difference? 
In hair growth? Not any more than normal…. In the condition of my hair? 100% yes! I had a lot of breakage around my temples and at the side of my hair. This breakage has now grown thicker with loads and loads of new hair growth. My hair feels considerably softer, it’s super, super shiny and the overall lustre and strength of every strand has improved. Even my hairdresser Zowie told me that she could notice a difference in the quality and condition of my hair…before I told her what i’d been taking. 
I have decided to continue with the supplements, though I found taking 3 a day a little bit much so I bought the ‘normal’ variant of the same vitamins by which you take 1 a day and cost around Β£7.= for 60 tablets. I will report back onceI’vee completed another month or so of taking the supplements to show you any results i’ve noted.
Do you take supplements to promote healthy hair?


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