The day before my year 9 school portrait I decided to 'do something about' the thick, full brows that framed my face. To me, they were like caterpillars, square and straight... not defined and arched like those of the popular girls who all wore hoop earrings and lipgloss.

I sneaked into my Mum's bedroom, sourced her tweezers and got to work. What I ended up with was a pair of very harsh, thin eyebrows which looked a little something like this. 

[Me and my friend Charlotte aged 14 - I hope she won't mind me showing you this SUPER sassy pic for deterrent purposes!]

Ever since that day some 8 years ago i've been trying to undo my handy work and grow my brows back to some kind of shape and thickness. It hasn't exactly helped that fuller brows 'ala' Cara Delevigne have been all the rage for the past year or two.

My eyebrow routine is a large part of my make-up and I like to spend time making my brows look somewhat presentable, so when the Benito eyebrow specialists housed in Debenhams, Liverpool invited me to try their High Definition service* I jumped at the opportunity. 

The service is designed to create a bespoke brow service tailored to you, depending on what you want to achieve with your brows. For me it was all about creating shape and promoting growth.

Top Left: My natural brows before the treatment 

Top Right: My natural brows filled in 

Bottom Left: My natural brows after the treatment 

Bottom Right: My natural brows after the treatment + filled in

I wore a patch test in the crook of my arm for 3 days before my treatment which was a little annoying especially if like me you are a sweaty gym goer, but I understand it is an important precaution to avoid a reaction to the treatment.

After 3 days, the lovely Benito consultant Shada took care of me on my visit, beginning with a consultation on what I wanted to get out of the service. I was then laid down horizontally waiting for my brows to be transformed. The effects of the treatment lasts around 4-5 weeks and is around £30 per treatment.

Shada started by tinting my brows dark brown before getting to work waxing. I found the waxing process pretty painless, though more tender around the top of my brows as opposed to underneath. It was then time to trim, tweeze and thread my brows to whip them into shape. I don't find threading unpleasant but it was quite nippy for me, again around the top of my brows.

With so much time and attention focused on my brows I was slightly nervous about what they'd look like throughout the whole process which took around 1 hour. The final stage of the treatment was make-up which was probably my least favourite part of the process. To me, only I can style my brows how I like them to look and I think they were made up a little too square and strong for my liking so be mindful of this stage, your expectations of the result may be skewed by the make-up. Wait until you get home and take off your make-up to reveal the real results.

As you can see from my before and after pictures, there is a noticeable result with my brows looking much more tidy and striking. I love how natural they look without product and having the option of whether I actually want to fill them in on a morning is great. As this is a process, it may be that you need 3 or even 4 visits to enhance your brows into the style you really want, but as a first treatment i'm really happy.

My only note on having the treatment done was that a day later I unfortunately had a huge breakout all over the area that had been worked on. You can kind of see in the pictures that red and white blotchy bumps that look like acne cysts popped up on my brow and have yet to clear. I don't have sensitive skin, and this seems to be a reaction I have had only when i've had eyebrow treatments, so i'm not sure it's directly linked to my treatment but is something to be aware of if you also have similar reactions.

To maintain my brows I have been using High Definition products the 'Brow Define pencil*' in 'Foxy' which is a gorgeous, soft pencil for drawing tiny stokes to emulate hairs where they are sparse. To set my brows I have been using 'Brow Color Fix*' in 'Vamp' which distributes colour through your brows whilst keeping them set. I have been really enjoying these products and will be talking more about them next week in my June beauty favourites. 

Have you ever tried High Definition brows?