Beauty products i’ve been loving in the month of June…

S K I N: I am really enjoying using lighter products on my skin at the moment, gone are the days whereby I would blur out my features (A term nicely put by Wendy Rowe in her ‘In the bathroom interview with Sali Hughes) with a heavy coverage mousse foundation, Dream Matte Mousse anyone? I have been using the medium variant Clean + Clear ‘Hint of tint’  pretty much everyday this month and have really been enjoying the light texture with a hint of glow. I just top it up with some mascara and bronzer to create a fresh everyday look.
L I P S: I’m not ashamed to tell you that I acquired the super lush ‘No Competition’ lippy by Benefit at a Kings College ball I attended years ago when a girl gave it to me because ‘it looked better with my dress than hers.’ Ever since then, the plummy hues of ‘No Competition’ have been my go to choice when I want to make a statement with my lips and go for a vampy make-up look. The formula is super comfortable to wear, almost too creamy on the lips, it can get a little messy if you don’t blot.
E Y E S: In the August edition of ‘Red Magazine’ we were treated to a Rodial ‘Smokey Eye Pen’ eyeliner duo in black and brown. To me, this is the best freebie i’ve ever seen stuck on the front of a magazine as these eyeliners are absolutely incredible, super creamy and pigmented and are perfect for smudging out for that classic Bardot bedroom eye look.
N A I L S: When it comes to the time of year whereby it’s acceptable (ish) to get out my horrendous feet, I like to make them look at least somewhat presentable with a pop of colourful nail varnish. The same goes for my fingernails i’m a natural biter but I go through phases of growing them when my mental psyche is healthy. I have been loving the Collection 60 Second ‘Hot Looks’ polish in ’65 Scorched’ it is a gorgeous burnt orange shade with flecks of gold. A real summery shade.
B R O W S: If you read my post on my experience with High Definition brows you’ll have seen me briefly touching upon the ‘Brow Color Fix’ in the shade ‘Vamp’ – a brow fixer that distributes colour through your brows whilst keeping them set. It is a little messy but I tend to pop a smudge of the product on the back of my hand before setting my brows with the spooley to avoid any excess product clumping.
What beauty products have you been loving this month?

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